Learn About WiFi Internet Connection.

WiFi Wireless Network


This article is for those who need to learn about the WIFI, who are keen to know about it’s working issues faced by people in this regard, its settings and much more.

Some of the points explained are:

  • WiFi definition
  • Its username, password, and other settings.
  • WiFi calling
  • Hotspots
  • Extending the range of wireless network.

What is Wireless Internet Technology? Explain WIFI Connection.

What is Wireless Technology? Explain WIFI

  • This name was put forward in around 1999.
  • It is a wireless network.
  • The connections, in this case, are not visible. You can’t see them as they are not wired.

In modern times this context is being used in all devices.

Do you think that if a device is on this wireless network than it is impossible to bring it to a wired network?

Well if you think like this, then you are wrong at this point.

They can do it quickly through WAP (which stands for wireless access point).

Many people have wifi in their homes, but they don’t know How does WIFI work?

The devices must be in its range to get a real connection.


This wireless connection has many advantages.

  • Communication has become much more comfortable because of this excellent technology.
  • To what extent will it be growing shortly is just beyond your thoughts.
  • As this connection is wireless, so the devices are independent in this case. Means we do not need to keep our devices attach to any wire for internet connection, we can use anywhere within a WiFi range.
  • Whether we are standing, sitting or walking we can enjoy it quickly. Just one thing to be kept in mind. One should be in its range to experience the connection.

Phone Calls Over WiFi:

wireless calling

  • As explained earlier it helps with communication.
  • You can quickly make calls and text your friends using such apps. You would not be charged, even not a penny for this.
  • To use the Calling feature on your Android phone, you can enable it from the setting quickly. There are many apps for such purpose.
  • You can even communicate with your relatives or friends who are living in foreign countries free of cost. You can share your pics with them. You can wish your friends a happy birthday also.

In this technology cellular packets are transferred, Isn’t it a cool thing!!

Its importance is also realized when the mobile networks are off or are not providing you with sound signals.

At this moment you might be thinking, Is WIFI calling better?.

The answer is apparently yes; you can experience it by yourself also.

I bet you would enjoy it a lot.

Many people already use this.

Dish WiFi Internet Connection:

It allows you to watch your television shows, movies and other things that you watch on television quite quickly.

You would have no issues with enjoying your shows by dish network wifi.

Video lovers like you, me or anyone else will enjoy a lot by using this service.

To connect to broadband, you will have to do some settings.

The settings are not much complicated.

You can do them quickly without any issue, and when done with these settings you will have what you desired.

Well, one thing I forgot to tell you is that you don’t need to be concerned about the speed of this service. It is much good, and I believe you would be quite satisfied with using it.

Thus It provides you with a better source of entertainment.

You can also avail the discounted bundles with it at a very much affordable price.

What you might be thinking is dish network WIFI excellent.

Well, the answer you could get by testing it yourself, and I believe that it would not be a no.

How to Boost WiFi Speed?

speed wireless network

While using this connection the problem which many of us witness is the speed.

We experience slow wifi speed almost every other day.still we don’t know the reason behind this.

This slow connection irritates us a lot. Slow or no connection problem while working online causes many hindrances in our business.

This issue not only irritates you on your PC but your android phones also.

You can’t communicate online via WIFI because of this issue. We can’t use messenger apps like whats app, messenger, etc.

We don’t think what the cause of this problem is.

Much significant work gets stuck in between because of the connection problem.

You can quickly diagnose this issue there could be many reasons for this slow connection.

You will have to troubleshoot those problems to get rid of this headache.

To learn more about it visit: Why is my WiFi so slow?

Wifi Password Recovery:

Wifi Password Recovery

Another problem you face while using this connection is when you forget your wifi password.

It happens a lot that you have connected to the WiFi on a device, and after some time when you are in need of connecting another device, you forget the password.

Thus you do not know what to do in this case.

According to my knowledge, these are the possible solutions to this issue.

  • First one is finding the password from the control panel and the second one is going into the wireless connection settings and changing the password.
  • In addition to this, you can modify the username also in wireless connection settings. Managing these settings could help you from the security point of view too.
  • Sometimes default settings are saved, you must check them also for safety purpose. You must know what SSID number is and for what purpose it is used.

To learn more about it do visit: how to Change wifi router name and password?

Portable WiFi Device:

You might be thinking what’s the use of WIFI if we need to be in its range.

Can we use it outside our home?

Can we use it on the road or anywhere else?

Well, it’s time to cheer because the answer to this question is yes.

You can efficiently use it by hot-spots.

They allow to use it anywhere where the hotspot device is present.

  • Your smartphones can also act as hotspot devices.
  • You can turn on the mobile data and allow your device to become a hotspot device. In this way, you can connect other devices to the internet.
  • Not only this you can also change the name of the hot spot from the device you are using it.
  • You will find it mostly in public areas like the internet cafe.
  • Many hotspot apps are being introduced; you can go for them also.
  • To use them you must have good knowledge of them; you must know What are mobile WIFI hotspots? And other related settings.

Best hotspot device is, of course, the one that proves to be a better communicating source.

Wireless Network Analyzer:

Have you ever thought how data is transmitted and received by wifi?

How does it work?

  • If you have many channels available at the moment, then you must connect to the one that is the best regarding connection strength.
  • This is done through wireless channel scanners you must scan first which one is least used and compare to that one, by doing this you will surely get a good signal because you scanned and got attached to the one with less traffic.
  • In this way, it eliminates an excellent source of interference in your signal by allowing you to connect to the best one available,

There are many apps for such purpose also.

They have the feature to connect to the best available one, by these thus the whole process is done automatically by such apps.

To learn more visit the post: how to find out what WiFi channels are being used?

Wireless Range Extender:

You have always heard that to enjoy right wifi signals, you must be within its range.

What if the range is not so big?

This might be a headache for you.

Have you ever thought of extending this range?

  • You could enjoy many benefits by exceeding its range.
  • You can do it using wifi range extenders.
  • They boost the signal range and provide you with a better connection even in that area where it was not possible to have when you were not using an extender.
  • Here you will need to keep one thing in mind, as said above it boost the signal but before extending the signal range you must check whether the signal is high or not, it does not test the strength, it just raises the signal whether it be healthy or a weak signal.

You must be thinking about whether you can use two or multiple wifi extenders? 

The answer is yes, it is possible quite easily,

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Thus it has provided great ease for us in connecting online.

Shortly, we shall witness some more impressive smarter technologies of the sort that will make our lives easier and much better.


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