What Is Cellular Data And How To Check Data Usage On Iphone?


what is cellular data

If I am not wrong you want to know what is cellular data, roaming and other related terms. So cheers!! you will get all that here. I am sure you wont be bore by reading this article as it covers all the things you are looking for. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • How to save phone data?
  • Cellular vs roaming.
  • What does turning off cellular network do?
  • Advantages and future of cellular network.

What is cellular data?

It means a communication system in which each and every connection has its own frequency. There are 2 ways to go online from your cell phone. The first one is by using WIFI and the other one is by using cellular data. It makes use of the network by which you make phone calls. You are also charged for it’s usage therefore you should  keep checking it’s usage.

what does cellular network mean?

It is sort of communication network which is distributed over cells and each of them has a base station. They have ability to track the data of their users. They have a large coverage area.


An example of such network is mobile phone network. You can make and receive calls quiet easily through it. Signals are transmitted by radio waves.

how to save phone data?

As discussed earlier you are charged some amount for using it to get access to internet. Therefore you must be careful while using it and try to use it less to avoid extra charges. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Streaming videos uses most of it. Try not to watch them until and unless it is necessary.
  • Check whether there is any app running in background that might be using it. Close them.
  • Search for some apps that use less of it and run them in case of any need. In this way you will be able to save some good amount of money.
  • You can use messaging apps online like messenger, whats-app etc. They use less of it.
  • Try not to update apps, software or any other thing of this sort when using cellular it.
  • There is an option in some smart phone where you can set limits for it’s usage and in this way it wont exceed the limit.
  • Try using offline apps and software when you don’t have WIFI access.
  • Make use of usage alert apps. So that they may notify you at certain usage.
  • From settings you can see which apps are consuming more of it and switch them off.

turning it off:

If you are annoyed by it’s charges then I advice you to turn it off completely. If it automatically gets on then from connection settings do the settings for switching it off. You can disable it completely from APN settings.

cellular network vs roaming:

cellular data vs data roaming

Roaming means that your device uses the network that is not it’s own to send and receive information. Thus your mobile phone uses  another network in this case apart from its own. It comes into action when you are in a different location and you can have access to your network. You can switch it off from cellular settings.

While the cellular network is used for going online. You can use internet by it when you cant connect to WIFI. There is no need of being in a different location or a country to use it.

what happens when you turn off cellular data?

There won’t be any big effect. You can also use WIFI connection for going online but if you don’t have WIFI connection available and you switched it off too then some your apps that were using it wont work. Remember it has nothing to do with sending messages and making phone calls offline. You will still be able to do that.

 get free cellular data:

Telling you the truth, there is no way to get it. However you can get it in cheaper rates by some ways. The first one is by using apps. There are some apps that allow you to use it for cheaper rates. The other method is using packages from your network service providers.there are daily, weekly and monthly packages that allow yo to do so.

advantages of cellular network:

One of the biggest advantage is speed and availability. They work as backup when you don’t have access to internet especially for travelling purposes. You can use it anywhere. When in need of going online, you do not need to wait for the WiFi networks now. Just turn it on and enjoy.

Iphone data roaming:

When you travel to some other country, you will be charged for it.  The question arises here is how to know whether the roaming has started. You will see that your network that is on your iPhone’s screen on the top area will be changed to some local network. By default this option is not enabled. It is switched off.

save usage on iPhone:

The bests way to do is to make use of  information stored in cache. Another way is to use good browsers and use data compression apps.

network latency

It is referred to as a delay in data communication. When a packet is sent and received at the other end latency is measured. High latency is responsible for decreasing the bandwidth of commutation. Errors in router or any storage delay may be a cause of latency.

If you want to test it you cm use ping command. Thus by it you can determine how much time a packet took in travelling from a source to its destination.

Future of cellular network:

So be ready in upcoming years you will see some big changes in this area. 5-G is no more than a dream and it will be in your cell phones soon. Thus the wireless industry will surely surprise you by some good products. Users will be given much more flexibility than ever. In short this technology will give you the benefits which you have have never thought of.


By now I am sure you have known what is cellular data, its usage and other related terms. This technology will be at much higher levels in upcoming years and you will surely experience some changes in the lifestyle by technologies.


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