5G network: Do You Really Need It? Know Here [Infographic]

5g network technology

Technology has always been quite successful in transforming the way how networks and networking work.
Keeping in mind the increase of online mobile users, the 5G network comes with some awesome and powerful features.

5g networks is that mobile network generation that will completely transform the way the web is used.

The infographic below highlights some important thing about 5g.

5g network infographic

Mobile Networking:

It is basically a technology that allows us to enable data connectivity by wireless means. In the olden times, circuit switching was used to transmit voice on any network.

Mobile Network Generations:

These networks have been introduced so that people may surf and browse online with ease


It supported the analogue transmission


It supported digital transmission. Different standards were also used in this regard.

The main services provide by 2g were:

  • browsing
  • online messaging


It used some high-frequency band to transmit the data.

The main service that it provides include:

  • GPRS
  • Mobile TV
  • Vidoe conference


It enables the users to enjoy HD videos and High gaming.

What is the 5G Internet?

5G refers to upcoming mobile network generation. This awesome cellular network technology will most probably be deployed by 2020.

Some new technologies will be used in 5g that will make it much more significant than the older mobile network generations.

Mobile Data Traffic:

It is predicted that mobile data traffic will increase by a significant rate in the upcoming years.

Benefits of the 5G Network Technology:

Some main benefits of the 5G network are:

5G and the Internet of Things (IoT):

5G will benefit internet of things applications a lot.

  • Because of its faster speed, it would be easier for companies to deploy more and more connected devices.
  • 5g will be able to connect almost 5 times more objects than the older mobile network generations. Use of smart devices would be easier also.
  • Smart homes and smart vehicles would make our life easier.

Final Words:

wireless spectrum and the use of small cells will make 5G more and more powerful. In 2020 you will experience a much better internet connectivity by the name of 5G.