What Is The Internet Of Things Definition And Application?

 internet of things definition


If you are looking for internet of things definition, then you have come to the right place.  In this article you will get amazing knowledge about internet of things. You will read about the use of latest technology and how it has changed our lives. You will also witness how they are playing their role in leading a country to the road of progress and prosperity.

Some of the topics discussed in this article are listed below:

  • What does IoT mean?
  • It’s Evolution
  • What modern research says?
  • Safety and Security
  • IoT applications

Definition of the internet of things:

Internet of things (written as IoT) refers to the devices that are connected with each other and make it possible to interact with each other and the things around them. IoT basically refers to a system of such things. They are electronic devices which are embedded with firmware, trackers and sensors

They are expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices and systems. They have ability t o collect large amount of information easily.

what does internet of things mean?

what is the internet of things

To simplify you may say that IoT means to connect devices with each other so they may interact with each other. Internets of things are the things around you. You can see them also. You use most of them in your everyday life and they have now become a part of your daily life.

Evolution of internet of things:

The ideas of Internet of things was first put forward by  Peter T. Lewis in 1985. This idea was put forward for the communication of devices and to make things easier for people.  He was in favor of remote monitoring devices. He wanted to see the evolution of devices that used sensors and were able to communicate.

What modern research says?

research of internet

The current era can no doubly be called the era of technology. As per modern researches and innovations, in almost 8-10 years more than 20 billion devices will be of the type of internet of things. The advancement in technology has made this much easier. New inventions are being done. Scientists are also playing their role in this regard.

There will be advancement in networking in few years. In future discoveries will be done to develop IoT to such extent that they may be able to do networking independently. Such devices will be used that will be integrated with internet. This means they will use IP address for their identification.

Changes will also be made in computers to support modern technology. Thus the demand of technical people having a good knowledge of advanced technology wills also increase in the upcoming years.

Safety and Security:

Although IoT  technology is leading us toward the road of advancement and technology but they can be dangerous. This is because they contain very sensitive data about people. Because of this technology, cyber attacks are quite easily to occur. Anyone having knowledge of hacking can spy on you by using such this technology. This technology is being also used by criminal in many acts of criminalist. They use it to threat people and to rob them.

Internet of things applications:

nternet of things iot applications

Their applications are uncountable. They are now being used in almost all fields. By almost ever professional guy. A few examples include:

  • Farmers using sensors in farm for detection of crops.
  • People use smart meter in their homes.
  • They are also used in security
  • Heart monitoring implant are being used in hospitals
  • Use of fitness band in gyms
  • Automobiles are now being introduced that contain built in sensor.
  • People use smart watches
  • Smart pills are introduced in market
  • Smart bands developed by Intel are also being used in hospitals which are used in curing diseases of patients
  • DNA analysis device are being introduced.
  • Smart fridges in your home provide you the best food.
  • They are used as trackers in different companies to track the behavior of different products
  • Radio frequency identifications are also being used.
  • Networked airframes are being built for aero planes to send data
  • We have sensor monitors which can track all sorts of data.
  • We use cloud based apps that translate data for us.
  • They are being used as sensors to measure the quality of water and soil.
  • Smart traffic control has made the life of people quite safe and easy.
  • Due to this technology sensors are being used to track radio frequency identification


Purpose of IoT technology:

 internet of everything

They are expected to generate large amount of data from one place to another. They have affected our daily life and have made industry work easier. They can easily complete the task, which human used to do in month, in few hours. People should think of developing more things like these. They can play a vital role if used in a wise manner

Leading to the road of progress:

internet success stories

They have played and are still playing an important role in bringing a country’s economical condition towards betterment. Different processes in industries are now being fast because of the use of sensors and trackers. Heavy objects can be controlled easily.

Fault in products can be easily determined. The time to complete big tasks is being reduced. They are also playing an important role in discovering energy resources. New technologies are being developed and implemented for networking with modern devices.

They have also reduced the power consumption which directly affects a country’s economy. Sensors are being used to keep an eye on the power use. In this way any misuse of energy can be easily detected and a large amount of wasted resources can be recovered. They can sense unpredictable situations very quickly. In this way they have also played their part in saving us from harmful and accidental situations.

Final words:

Internet of things internet of things simple definition  tells that they provide best communication areas to people by using latest technologies. IoT concept is not a new one. This technology has been used for years and still people are using it.

They can bring  a remarkable change in our life if used in the best possible way. It is the most significant of all technology trends occurring in present. It has opened doors to new opportunities. It is not wrong to say that in the upcoming years the earth will be covers with an electronic skin and technology will prevail like energy resources.