Who Created The Internet And How Was Internet Invented?

who created the internet


If you are searching for some sort of information, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will be introduced to some great minds behind the invention of internet. Some topics covered in this article are listed below:

  • who made the internet:
  • how was internet invented
  • world wide web
  • Internet today:
  • Internet connectivity
  • Evolution of internet
  • search engines

Who created the internet and where was this?

Internet is a network that connects the world. The internet we see today is not the hard work of any one guy. The internet was created by many people. Many researches were made and a lot of inventions played their role in the invention of the internet we see today.

Who made the internet?

First computer were invented then the need arose for internet and now internet has become an essential part of not only computers but cell phones also.

There were many reasons in front of people who invented internet and those who keep introducing technologies and innovative ideas to make internet much more helpful for people. Internet is a world full of knowledge.

who made the internet

Now you don’t need to keep searching for expensive books, you can find the information you need through just one click. You can also find those books online which are not available anywhere else. Many of them are free while some are paid.

New technologies were invented to make it simpler and easier for people.Many people put forward their contributions in it. Some of them are listed below:

  • John von Neumann:

He put forward his contribution for ED-VAC. He also played his role on artificial intelligence.

  • Claude Shannon:

    He played his role in communication channels. He also contributed in information theory. From this reason he is called the  “Father of information theory”

  • Paul Baron:

He played his role in networking. He did research about communication networks

  • Charles M. Herzfeld:

He did his BS from America and completed his PhD from the university of Chicago. He was a scientist from America. He played his role in ARPANET.

  • Louis Pouzin:

He played his role in communication networks. His design were quite helpful in the development of ARPANET.

  • Peter Kirstein:

He played his role in ARPANET. He also contributed in projects which were a source of satellite based internet access.

  • Radia Joy Perlman:

She was a network engineer who played her role in network bridges. Her mother was also a computer programmer.

How was internet invented?

Packet switching networks:

Computers were invented in 1950 and then in 1960 packet switching networks were developed. They consisted of large number of communication protocols.


tcp ip protocol suite

In 1982 TCP/IP was introduced. In 1989 limited private connections prevailed in America. Thus it was not a bad start.

World Wide Web:

world wide web

WWW (World Wide Web) came into existence in 1980 due to a research of a great computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee . From 1990 internet used different technologies and become a source of rise in electronic communication through email, voice calls, online shopping platforms, forums and blogs.

Internet today:

the internet today

Today internet has grown to its extremism and still researches are going on by our great computer scientists for its betterment. Internet opened doors to social networking.

Fundamental theory on data transmission:

Fundamental theory on data transmission was put forward in the 20th century by these 3 great people:

  • Claude Shannon,
  • Harry Nyquist
  • Ralph Hartley

Internet connectivity:

Earlier computers were connected to internet through Ethernet cables. They were connected through LAN. Then came WAN. After that people started connecting their devices to internet through WiFi. And now they use 3-G and 4-G. They can connect to internet anywhere through 3-G and 4-G.

Donald Davies ‘s hard work:

Donald Davies put forward a data network in 1965 which was base on packet switching. This idea was rejected at that time. In 1970 he designed Mark I network and by 1976 more than 10 computers and almost 75 terminal devices were connected to it. The first two networks to use packet switching in the world were:

  2. NPL

Internet in space:

Internet was introduced in space in 2010 when an astronaut T. J. Creamer  made some updates in his twitter account. This was considered to be something remarkable.

First internet search engine:

The first search engine was Archie search engine . it was introduced in 1990

Some other common search engines introduced are:

most popular search engines worldwide

  • Yahoo was founded in 1994
  • Google was introduced in 1998
  • AltaVista was founded in 1995

 Tim Berners-Lee:

sir tim berners lee

  • This great man is the inventor of WWW (World wide web)
  • He was also honored in 2004 by queen Elizabeth for his outstanding work
  • He was born in England. After graduation he started working in a telecommunication company
  • In 2009 he launched World Wide Web Foundation  for improvements in internet
  • He receive the Order of Merit award,

Evolution of internet:

  • The term ‘internet’ was first used in 1974 interchangeably as internet working. Different network technologies played their part in improving internet.
  • Firs Internet service Provider Company was formed in 1980. Then different such companies were introduced to provide internet access

When was the internet created?

Some more information relating to invention of internet is described below:

  • IETF which stands for internet engineering task force provides details about internet architecture and researches.
  • E-mail which stands for electronic mail was introduced in 1965 for the purpose of communication.
  • In 1993 much advancement were made in WWW for indexing of data. These were made so that people might search easily for their required data
  • In 1985 FTP( File transfer Protocol) was introduced for the purpose of file sharing ,Some other file sharing tools were also introduced. They were also useful in sharing images, videos games etc
  • The first cell phone with internet connection was developed by Nokia in 1990. Internet service availability was limited at that time on cell phones
  • HTML known as Hypertext markup language was developed in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee
  • JavaScript was introduced in 1995
  • Two great people also played an important role in the invention of internet.

These were:

1.   Vinton Cerf

2.   Robert Kahn.

  • Internet was created with aim to provide people latest communication modes.
  • The first web page address was:



Thus internet has passed through many phases and still different researches are going on for its betterment. Internet and new technologies can take us to the road of success. If we want our country to prosper then we should play our role in the betterment of internet like other countries are making efforts in this case. Thus internet has always been a source of ease for human beings.