Mind-Blowing Stats About Internet Users Worldwide [Infographic]

Like many other people, you also use it on a daily basis. Have you ever thought that how many people on the list of worldwide internet users?

Well, more than 40% of the total world’s population has access to the online world and use it to get their tasks done.

  • As the applications of the internet are growing day by day, similarly the number of its users are also increasing.
  • These users have increased a lot int he past 15-17 years.
  • Back in 2000, there were only 738 million internet users.
  • Then in 2015, they increase to 3.2 billion.
  • Almost 2 billion users are the people who are living in the developed countries.

The Continent with the Greater Number of Internet Users:

  • Asia is the continent that stands on the first position in this regard. More than 50% of the world wide web users are Asians.
  • Europe has taken the second position in this regard. It has almost 17% of the total worldwide internet users.

The Country with the Highest Number of Internet Users:

China is the country with the highest number of people using it.

Almost 25% of the people using internet worldwide are from China.

Well, you might be surprised to know that this account for almost twice of the total US population.

Mobile Connectivity:

Mobile broadband has played a significant role in increasing the number of internet users. Mobile technologies allow people to use the web and surf it at their fingertips.

By 2020, it is expected that mobile internet users would be increased by almost 41%.

Primary Internet Usage:

Primary reasons for its usage are:

If you are bored at your home or anywhere else, then it can provide many things to kill your boredom online. Many people also use it for fun. They love trolling online.

Social Media Internet Users:

There are a most 2.78 people who are using social media at present. Facebook accounts for almost 2.09 billion active users who are active on this website.


The infographic below will let you know more about it.

Final Words:

If you are internet addict, then no need to be much surprised about it. As almost half of the world is using it, so you are not the only one who loves to spend time online.

It has helped us to complete the complex task in short span of time very efficiently.

It has helped a lot in reshaping our lives. If it is used wisely, then it can prove to be much beneficial.


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