What Is An Internet Troll? Internet Troll Meaning Explained


What does trolling the internet mean? Are you looking for an answer to this question? Then you have landed at the right place. In this article you will find excellent knowledge about it. You will get introduced to new ways how people are being its victim online. You will also witness some advices to keep yourself safe from being it’s victim. Some of topics discussed in this articles are listed below:

  • Definition of internet trolling.
  • What is trolling on the internet?
  • What is an online troll?
  • Where do the online trolls happen?
  • How to be safe from it?

What is internet troll mean ?

what is trolling on the internet

It refers to posting something on internet about someone for fun or to insult someone. It can be also referred to as a psychological torture. There are no rules and regulations to it. They do their work the way they like. An online discussion or an online chat can also take it’s form.

Sometimes it is done on internet just by starting arguments. It can be done through social media or any other source on internet.

Now a day’s social media especially face book, twitter and instagram are chosen to target. This is because of large number of users of these websites. A picture becomes viral on whole social media and everyone keep enjoying then next day they forget about it and a new issue is taken.

What is trolling on the internet?

There are done in many ways. Some are discussed below:

  • To insult a newbie:

Sometimes they are done to insult any newbie on a forum, blog or on any other place on internet. Others are then encouraged to participate in the it.

  • To affect someone’s reputation:

Sometimes online they are done just to decrease reputation of a person / company /agency. There is no need to gather others in this type. Main purpose of such type is to create anger on the opposite side. You can understand it as a form of revenge.

  • Sneaky trolls:

They done to create doubt in the mind of public. Such type can be seen most commonly in politics. For example I like MR ABC but do you think he will be able to complete his duty as senior manager/ minister. In this way everyone will doubt on their decision to choose that person as their head. They are called sneaky trolls.

  • Colluding troll:

Another type is colluding. In this case one group post something online and another member of same group comments on it as an anonymous person. This is done to create hatred between 2 communities.

  • Griefers:

Another type of is griefers. Their main concern is to create nuisance. They might login to some game and change the data. Insult other players and do cheating.

  • Strategic trolls:

There are also strategic trolls. In such case opposing member takes weeks even months to make up a plan to troll someone online. He comes out with a proper plan to get succeed on his opponent

Where do the online trolls happen?

There are many ways to humiliate others online. Some of them  are discussed below:

  • Comments:

Comments are done to humiliate people .These may be done on:

1)YouTube videos:

youtube videos comments

You can find the worst comments on YouTube videos. People enjoy making fun of YouTube videos. Sometimes the haters of the one who has posted video on YouTube comment to insult that guy.


2)Face book:

This social networking site needs no introduction at all. You all are quite aware of face book comments. This is the place where youth takes part actively. In fact most of them are done by youth. They enjoy insulting and making fun.



comments on twitter

People also enjoy trolling on twitter comments. They also tweet for fun and then those are shared by others to spread them.



Trolling can be done on blog comments. For this reason some bloggers keep comments off on their blogs.


  • Instagram:

Here people make fun of each other by posting their pictures. Instagram is a public platform.

Reaction of people on Internet slang troll:

Although they create trouble for some people, but telling you the truth social media is alive due to such trolls. They enjoy them. They are welcomed by public. Mostly teenagers on social media eacpecillay face book take them as fun

How to tackle such online trolls?

  • Unfortunately there is no device so called anti online troll invented. So in order to avoid such trolls you may need to keep yourself reserve.
  • They might flatter you to find investigate about something form you , so be aware.
  • You can block their IP addresses.
  • Avoid commenting a lot online. Trolls can target you through comments.
  • You may try your best but you can’t run form such trolls. Just take them as fun. Don’t take them to heart. Laugh at them for a moment and forget them that are the main reason they are for. Don’t think about them again and again

People self identified as Troll:

Some get fame and popularity online because of trolls. They do trolling for fun. These guys get much fame because they make others laugh by their trolls.

A common man who is indulged in between the problems of daily life when reads/listens to such trolls, gets a smile on his face. This is main purpose of such people i.e. to make others happy by their acts. People also enjoy them.

Some people do trolling to get attention of people. Some people do trolling to show how smart they are than others. Trolling works as a therapy. For this reason teenagers are seen online on face book every hour because they enjoy such trolls.

Nature of people who troll other:

internet troll meaning

Modern researches show that guys who post inflammatory comments to troll someone are likely to have sadism. Some of them have bad languages and character, but not all. They have psychopath. They troll to create trouble for others

Final words:

Trolls can use your online addresses also to insult you, so be aware of them. There can be many hidden reasons behind trolling someone on internet that you might not know. Just ignore such trolls, take them as fun and enjoy your life as before. Enjoy your life. Have fun …