Why Is My Internet Slow? How To Fix Slow Internet Speed?

why is my internet slow


Online connectivity problem is the worst nightmare for any online user. The user experiences his net connection very slow, due to which he cannot do his online work. He asks himself, Why Is My Internet slow? In this article, you will go through such problems and their solutions. Some of the topics covered in this article are enlisted below:

  • What is a slow online connection speed?
  • How to fix it?

What is a slow internet speed?

This is the speed that is one which is not equal to the speed promised by your service provider. It is less than that. There is nothing much disheartening for an online user than a slow speed. You have once in your life experienced this frustrating moment. It is caused by many factors.

Being an online user, you should know how to troubleshoot it. It may be the fault of your service provider, while sometimes you are your own culprit. Your some carelessness may result in this problem.

The solution of this problem is not impossible now. Sometimes there may be a problem with your browser also. By checking and changing some settings you can easily overcome this problem.

why is my internet so slow all of a sudden?

Does your PC net slow down at some moments? Does it take the time to load Web Pages, download or upload data? Don’t underestimate these problems considering them less important. They can result in slowing your net speed permanently. Determine the factors behind these and try solving them.

Internet connection very slow:

This is the worst headache for any online user. We use the computer almost every day.  It is also becoming a need of every computer user regardless of his/her age, work or profession but when a user is unable to connect to it then he becomes worried about it.

Why is my internet speed so slow?

There may be many factors that may slow down your connection, some are described below:

  1. Geographical problems:

It may be slow due to your location. At some location, the signals are quite slow.

  1. The increase in the number of users:

It may be also slow due to increase in the number of users. For example, in your office, many workers try connecting to it at the same time.

  1. Hardware restrictions:

Some hardware restriction may also be a cause of slow speed. The age of your PC may also be the factor in slowing down your work online.

  1. A problem on a Website’s server:

It might also happen that a website’s server may be having some problems and you keep thinking why is my connection running slow. In this case, the problem is not on your side. It is on the website’s server’s side.

  1. Multiple programs running in the background:

Running multiple programs may also be a cause of slow connection. Similarly paused games in background may also cause problem

  1. Hard disk full:

It may happen that your hard disk is full. Due to this your connection may be slow.

  1. Cyber attacks:

cyber attack map

A cyber attack may also be the cause of slowing it down. You don’t know when it occurs.

  1. Data encryption:

Data encryption rate on your device may be a cause of slow one.

  1. DNS:

It may also be caused by the DNS. A DNS with limited cache slows it down also. Try some other DNS.

why is my internet so slow all of a sudden? How to fix slow internet?

my internet is very slow what should i do

By following the points described below you can overcome this problem

  • Internet configuration:

Check your Ethernet cable and configuration. Try running windows network diagnostic.

Sometimes there may be a fault in the network in your area. Check that. Ask your neighbours are they facing the same issue or you the only one facing this problem.

  • Virus:

There may be some software error on your PC, try removing it. Run security scans

  • why is internet explorer so slow? Check Browser settings:

  1. Check your browser setting. Try reloading a website on different browsers, and then compare the time to reload them, and then use the one which was fastest.
  2. Clear cache from browser settings
  3. Try deleting cookies
  • Broadband data limit:

This problem may also be caused by your broadband data limit. Try checking it.

  • Speed test:

Perform an online speed test. For an accurate result, try checking your it from different websites

  • Proxy:

Check the proxy and firewall. If you are using a proxy, try closing it and then try to connect to it. A proxy may also be a cause of this problem.

  • Cable, router and modem:

  1. Check whether your cable, router and modem are working perfectly.
  2. The length of your cable may also be a factor in slowing down your work. The length of approximately 45m-50m is good but if your cable’s length is greater in size than this than most probably it may create some problem in connectivity. Avoid bending the cable as it affects the performance of the cable.
  3. Check your home phone whether it is working fine or not
  • Troubleshooting:

  1. Open start window then go to control panel then click Troubleshooting, in the network and the internet go to connect to the internet. In this way, you can troubleshoot your connection.
  2. Try checking network interface card
  • Reboot:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. IE requires some amount of computing power and disk space to work perfectly. Every website being viewed is downloaded and saved in a temporary area. Remove some items to create space on disk.
  • Background apps:

Some background apps may also be slowing it down. File sharing applications/software like Torrent may also slow it down. They take the time to download a huge amount of data files. In this way, they may take your internet speed. Close them and then try to connect.

There may be a window open that is for some user request and you may be unaware of it. Many windows may be open in the background that may be slowing your connection. Try closing them first.

  • Device’s setting:

  1. Check software updates on your device
  2. Check the date and time of your PC. Is it accurate? Check whether AM / PM settings are fine in time.
  3. Try disconnecting some devices
  • Multiple devices on the same network:

Many of us have multiple devices connected to the internet like phones, laptop etc try closing connection on these then connect to it. The hindrance may be caused by electromagnetic interference by these devices

  • Username and Password:

Do check the internet password. If you enter the wrong password then it may result in no online connection problems. Type the correct username and password

why is the internet so slow on my iPad?

Well, this is very much irritating, changing the wireless channel can help you in this regard. There might be some signal issues.


Still, if you may see people complaining,’Why is my internet slow?’ tell them about these troubleshooting solutions. If you have tried above all methods, still you can’t figure out why is your internet speed so slow, then you should try moving to a new ISP. This might help you in having a good connection. Also, try using some new technologies. You can also see some other online problems in the article internet problems