What is Ethernet? How to Convert WiFi to Ethernet?

How to Convert WIFI to Ethernet

If you know how to convert WIFI to Ethernet connection, then you can easily enjoy the perks of a wired connection even though you have a wireless connection in your home/office.

Wireless bridging is used to turn a wireless connection to a wired one.

In this article, you will get all the knowledge and information you need to know of this sort.

Some of the topics covered in this article are listed below:

  • What is Ethernet cable and how does it work.
  • WIFI to Ethernet ports, adapters, and cables.
  • Straight-through and crossover cables
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
  • Uplink and downlink.

What is an Ethernet Cable?

What is Ethernet cable
This cable is used to connect multiple devices to a network.

  • It was introduced in 1973.
  • Now fast Ethernet is available that has increased the data rate.
  • The cable has an RJ45 connector on each end.
  • It is used for wired networking but from time to time due to advanced technologies it has been replaced by wireless networks.
  • This cable plugs into an ethernet port.
  • Such ports are more significant than the phone cable ports.
  • The motherboard on a computer makes this port accessible to the network by ethernet card.
    Mostly they are grey.

How Does the Ethernet Work?

How does the Ethernet work
It works as a transmission medium.

It enables networked devices to send data from one place to another.

It reduces the need for having multiple networks for communication and allows a computer on the same servers to connect with each other.

It’s components are:

  1. Ethernet cable
  2. Hub
  3. Crossover cable
  4. Router

Types of Ethernet Networks:

It is in 3 categories.

These are:

  1. Hub Network
  2. Crossover network
  3. Router and shared connections

Types of Ethernet Cables:

They usually come in the following two forms:

1) Straight-Through Cable:

This cable consists of the same wiring on its both ends.

It is used to connect the following devices:

  • Router to switch
  • Router to hub
  • Computer to hub
  • Computer to switch

In simpler words, this cable is used to connect different devices to each other.

2) Crossover Cable:

It is used to connect similar devices, i.e., the devices that use the same wires to send the data and in the same way that use the same cables to receive the data too.

  • If you intend to connect two computer, then you will be in need of this cable.
  • In this cable, the swapping of wire pairs is done.
  • Different pins are connected here.

What is an Ethernet Cable Splitter?

If you want two or more PCs to use the internet simultaneously then you can use this splitter as it can easily split a single internet connection.

You can also use it to create additional connections for other PCs in the network.

It actually saves cable as it creates two traffic lanes from a single cable.

Splitters are used in pairs.

If you will buy just one splitter then it won’t work for you.

This is because the traffic that is going in and out of cables needs to be merged before going in and splitting on the other end.

How to Connect to it?

  1. Insert one end of this splitter into the ethernet port of the device which provides the internet connection.
  2. Then insert the cables from the device that you intend to connect to into the splitter.
  3. Test the connection to check if the devices are connected to the network resources or not.

What is Wireless Bridge Adapter?

It is used to connect two or more LAN segment thus forming a single network.

Many smart devices come can be connected only with the wired connection.

For example a DVD player, TV, etc

If your internet modem is near those devices, then there is no issue but if that’s not the case then connecting these devices to a wireless network can be a big issue.

Well, you can use a wireless adapter to connect them to the wireless connection.

You can also use a wireless bridge to connect them.

The bridge works as a client, logs into the router and gets the internet connection.

Then it passes this connection to the device.

Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adaptor:

Through it, you can quickly get you Ethernet connection monitors attached to a WIFI connection.

It usually comes along with the following things:

  • USB power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adaptor

Wireless Ethernet Bridge:

Using this device you can have your wired Ethernet device on WIFI.

They support many Ethernet-based equipment and Computers.

  • It works like wireless client mode.
  • The difference is in configuring the subnets.
  • In the client mode the administrative rights to the router arent much necessary but with the wireless bridge they are much recommended to have.

The access point bridging can be enabled by the configuration settings.

If MAC addresses are set as the configuration parameter, then the APs can easily discover each other via this address.

How to Convert WIFI to Ethernet?


  • To do this, you will need a bridge device.
  • Its work will be to take in WIFI signal and output an Ethernet signal. Some routers can also do the same.
  • The other way to do so is to get a Firmware that will be flexible on your hardware and will allow you to achieve this.
  • Another way is to take a USB WIFI adaptor.
  • A WIFI station can also be quite beneficial in this case whose job will be to adapt WIFI to Ethernet.

Remeber one thing. Only convert wireless connection to ethernet if you have a robust wireless connection.

If the WIFI signals are weak, then they are of no use in this case.

How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection via WiFi?

Well, this considered to be a perfect solution to share your computer’s WIFI with other devices through the ethernet cable.

You can also use this method to connect WIFI radios, X-Box and PS3 too.

In this method, we will use ICS functionality.

What is Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)?

This is a windows service that allows a computer that has an internet connection enabled on it to share its internet with other devices through the ethernet connection.

The PC sharing the connection works as a gateway.

This means that internet traffic to the other PCs goes through this computer that shares its connection.

Method to Share WiFi From Laptop:

I will explain it using Windows 7 settings.

The primary method is almost the same for all windows versions.

  1. From the windows icon type and search ‘view network connections.’
  2. You will see windows appear that shows the wireless connection to which you are connected.
  3. Right click on your wireless internet connection from the window opened.
  4. Select properties.
  5. Goto the sharing tab.
  6. Then tick the first checkbox that allows other networks to connect through your internet connection.
  7. Then from the drop down just below it select LAN.
  8. Press OK, and you are done with the settings

What is WiFi to Ethernet Bridge?

Regarding computer networking, a bridge can be referred to as the thing that holds the responsibility of joining two networks together.

The wireless bridge device works in the layer two, i.e., the data link layer.

802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11a/b/g standards are supported for bridging.

  • They are used for internetworking.
  • Wireless to ethernet bridge is hardware by which WIFI clients can easily connect to the ethernet connection.
  • This hardware consists of WIFI WPA (Wireless Access Points).

Other Types:

Some different hardware types that support the network bridging are:

a) WiFi to WiFi:

It connects the WiFi networks.

This is mainly done to increase the WiFi hotspot coverage area.

b) Bluetooth to WiFi:

It interfaces with the wireless home network after communicating with the Bluetooth gadgets.

Benefits of Network Bridging:

Some benefits of the bridge are:

a) No Need for Drivers:

With the layer two switch(bridge), you can easily convert a device on an ethernet connection to a wireless network. No drivers are needed in this process.

b) Reduction in the Cable Work:

Its configurations are simple and reduce the cable work.

c) Prevention of Bandwidth Wastage:

  • It manages the incoming traffic and then stops the additional data flow between the network segments.
  • In this way, it prevents the bandwidth waste which results in an increase in performance in the network.
  • You can think of it as traffic police that controls the data flow and disallows the unnecessary traffic.
  • Bandwidth waste slows down the network performance. This is because it results in unnecessary delays in the network.

Thus the bridge works as the bandwidth monitor and increases the bandwidth by discarding the irrelevant data.

d) Links Dissimilar Network Segments:

Network bridging can also connect the dissimilar network segments.

LAN segments can be easily connected with a WLAN.

e) Network Length:

Bridging connects individual LAN segments.

In this way, it increases the network length.

  • Thus there is no need to bring together the LAN by using a router or creating IP subnets.
  • No hardware equipment is needed in this process.

What is an Ethernet Port?

These are mostly found in built-in PCs.

They are used to connect the PC to a wired network. This port is also found on routers.

Some consumer products also provide this facility for networking.

How to Convert Ethernet to WIFI?

Many Ethernet users are in need of using WIFI services.

They will be taught here how to get this.

Some routers contain a wireless access point.

First, you will have to set up a wireless access point.

Setup Wireless Bridge:

A wireless bridge connects behaves as a client to your wireless adapter and acts as a bridge to Ethernet devices.

Some of them already have instructions to do this.

Here you will get a general method to set up.

  1. First, connect your computer to any LAN Ethernet port. You will find it at the back of your PC. Don’t make a mistake by linking to WAN.
  2. Open the browser, log in to your router information.
  3. If your device appears to be configurable then in settings make it working as a bridge.
  4. In the case of a router, this means disabling the AP functions.
  5. For wireless access point remember to use bridge mode.
  6. Then select the WIFI network you want and enter the information (password and username).
  7. Apply the settings

Now your device is ready to work as a wireless bridge.

WIFI Ethernet Adaptor:

WIFI Ethernet adaptor

It helps you to make your wired connection wireless.

You can efficiently use it on your PC and desktop computers.

You will be able to use the wireless connection on your device quite quickly.

What is Dongle?

It is a device usually as a size of a USB that is plugged into a computer. They are also used for security purposes. Many adaptors are also called dongles.

Many of these provide wireless functionalities.

Ethernet Cable vs. WIFI:

So you are confused between the two. Which one to choose and which one to ignore.

  • Both of them have their benefits.
  • Both of them give flexibility.

Although WIFI is more preferred by people now when it comes to speed Ethernet serves its best.

You can use WIFI on you Mobile, tablet or laptop but I bet you would prefer using an Ethernet connection on a PC.

1) Speed and Data Transfer:

The rate of an Ethernet connection is dependent on the type of the cable you are using.

If you want to transfer files within a same are, for example within the same house or classroom then you would prefer Ethernet connection over WIFI.

If you are still confused about which one to choose to try performing the same task with both WIFI and Ethernet and then to check the speed.

The one which is fastest is the one you should go with.

2) Latency:

Latency is also an important factor and is entirely reduced when using an Ethernet connection.

To check latency use ping command when on WIFI and when using an Ethernet connection and then you may see the results by yourself.

3) Interference:

With WIFI you can have the intervention.

The signals may vary from place to place. They may be good at a position but be even worst at any other.

While that’s not the case with the other one.

4) Security:

Security is also an essential factor. Many people prefer WIFI but let me tell you here that you are much secured and safe while using an Ethernet connection.

This is because a WIFI connection you are open to threats.

Anyone with a knowledge of hacking can interfere with your connection whereas in an Ethernet connection only those get benefit who plug-in to the router.

How to Turn a Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

  • Windows 10 users can do this by doing just a few clicks.
  • You can do this as long as you have the installed updates windows 10.
  • macOS users can do this by using built-in tools
  • For Windows 7 and eight users, a program known as the virtual router will be quite helpful in this regard.

What are Uplink and Downlink?



It is a connection that is made from ground to satellite. It is also the connection that is used for communicating from LAN to WAN


  • This term is opposite to that of the one discussed earlier, i.e., uplink.
  • It is a connection that is from satellite to ground.

Bidirectional Connection:

In modern computers there are cables, and wireless links that support both uplink and downlink means there is no need for a separate link.

The two terms discussed earlier, in this case, will refer to from which end the data is transferred.


By now I am pretty much sure you would have good knowledge of how to convert WIFI to Ethernet, wireless to Ethernet adaptor, bridges, ports and other related terms of this sort.

They all have made communication more accessible by providing the best possible ways for connections


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