I am ALLENSMITH. I am a blogger from USA. I have done BSCS . I love to share knowledge and the best way to do so is through blogging. Computer, technology and internet are according to me the essence of life. Without these the life would be boring. It is important to have good knowledge of these. For that purpose I created a website of this sort.


After completing BSCS I worked as a software engineer in a reputed company and with that continued working on different blogs. I worked on different IT related projects.


My aim is to spread the knowledge of computer and internet among people so that there be no one left who is illiterate of this knowledge. I want people to know about the computer world


I love blogging and have a passion for it. Writing articles is my hobby. This is the need of time.


If you want to accomplish any goal the you should be aware of latest technologies of completing a task.


 I want to become a computer problem solver, one who has complete knowledge of this online world. I want to educate people and want to make them aware of the facts about this awesome invention.

There are many websites and blogs of the sort on internet but how is mine different from all these. Even I don’t know but I would always strive my best to provide you with the knowledge of computers and internet. I don’t want any appreciation just want to educate you all. This is all I want to accomplish.

I will keep updating this website from time to time to provide you knowledge and the solution of latest problems related to this are.


This website will help you solving different problems that you face on internet during your routine life. You can find the solutions easily. In addition to these you can get awesome knowledge of some of the great things of this field.

I welcome you all to this site and enjoy the awesome knowledge.