What Speed Internet Do I Need? How Fast Should My Internet Be?

What speed internet do I need.Introduction:

Speed is a very important issue for any internet user. In this article you will get answer to the most common question people ask .i.e. what speed internet do I need. How fast does my internet need to be? Some topics covered in this article are enlisted below:

  • Units
  • How fast of internet do you need.
  • What to keep in mind while choosing any internet plan.
  • Factors affected in this regard.

The modern era is the era of networking and technology. People tend to build greater networks. The internet speed is measured by your ISP in Mbps (Mega bit per seconds). It affects a lot of factors. Similarly it also depends on many things. Internet speed comparison has a great affect on what you want to do on internet.

Speed is a very significant decision when choosing any internet package. As  Your uploading and downloading speed may affect several factors. It can be severe headache for you, if your uploading and downloading speed is slow. For every user the speed requirements will be different depending on his/her needs.


Let us discuss some of measurable units. They are categorized as:

  • Kbps
  • Mbps
  • MBps
  • Gbps
  1. Kbps: It stands for kilo bits per second. It is used for slow speed DSL.
  2. Mbps: It stands for mega bit per second. now a days this unit is mostly used.
  3. MBps: It stands for Mega bytes per second. This is not for residential areas
  4. Gbps: It stands for Giga byte per second. Their cost is very high, that’s why they are not much used in internet plan / services.

Your internet speed is measured in Mbps, which is mega bit per second. One mega bit is equal to 1 million bits.  Let us first discuss about Mbps i.e what Mbps is? Mbps denotes speed. The more you have it, the faster your internet will be. It refers to data transfer rate.


Don’t get confused between MBps and Mbps. They are quite different thing .In MBps ‘B’ is BYTES and MB refers to file size, while in Mbps ‘b’ is bits and ‘Mb’ refers to downloading and uploading speed. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits.

Still confused???

Ok no Problem…Consider these examples:


If you have 8 Mbps speed then you can download 1 MB file.


If you want to download a 50 MB video and your internet speed is 16 Mbps

16Mbps(speed) / 8 (BITS) = 2 MBps

50 Mbps(size of video you want to download) / 2 (speed in MBps) = 25 seconds.

Thus it will take approximately 25 seconds to download that 50 MB video with the sped of 16 Mbps.

This shows downloading time depends on your internet speed and file size.

A higher Mbps results in faster downloading. So you should choose a higher Mbps when considering any internet package/service.

Some common terminologies:

Before determining internet speed let us look at some of the common terminologies. These are:

  • Streaming
  • Downloading
  • Uploading
  • Bandwidth
  • Packets
  • Network Latency
  1. Streaming:   This term is used when your are doing any work online such as watching videos. It keeps streaming from some other places.
  1. Downloading:     Downloading means transfer of data from one place to another. You download movies. Educational stuff etc.
  1. Uploading: it means copy of data from one place to another. You upload pictures. Videos games etc.
  1. Bandwidth: It specifies how much data can be transmitted in as fixed amount of time.
  1. Network Latency: this measure the time to transfer a packet of data from one place to another.
  1. Packets: On internet the data you send / receive is broken down into bytes by your network. These are called packets.

How many mbps do I need?

  • For online gaming and emails 10 Mbps will be enough.
  • For high video streaming online 10 Mbps-40 Mbps will be enough
  • If you want to download with a large number of devices connected with each other than 40+Mbps will be suitable.

It may also vary from time of the day. Means at a specific time you may having a very good streaming, at some time of day your it my go slow.

What is a good internet speed?

You may use online  speed checker to be aware about your current internet pace and how fast it needs to be. Don;t neglect this important thing considering it as a useless, because it may affect your work online.

How fast does my internet need to be?

how fast my internet need to be

You will have to also pay higher for a high speed. So it can be costly for you . Try to be with that is according to your needs only.  Another way to check it, is through the website of your ISP.

What internet speed do I need for streaming video?

internet speed required for streaming video

This is most common reason for which people use internet. People have now moved from television to watching videos online. For a smooth flow it demands high speed.

Minimum online speed for streaming is 0.5 Mbps but if you want to watch in HD, it may require upto 5 Mbps and for high ultra high definition you may have an internet with 25 Mbps or more.


There are many factors that affect it and  a lot many that are affected by change in it. Some of these are described below:


  • It may happen that you have a high speed i.e. you can download greater amount of data but from the site you are downloading has some restrictions. The remote server may have limited download speed.
  • A good speed may result in a better web browsing also.


  • Bad internet cables may also affect your speed.
  • Your streaming speed may also depend on whether you are having a wireless internet or Ethernet.
  • It may also depend on your location.
  • It may also very because of number of users.


Before asking the question, what speed internet do I need, You must keep in mind about your requirements when choosing any plan, if you demand high speed than your requirements then you may be paying high amount than what actually is required to pay and if you choose low speed then you may have difficulties in working online and may be struggling all the time.