The Ultimate Guide to Network Web Server

network web server

If you are interested in learning about the web servers, then this article will provide you with all that you are in search of.

It fascinatingly explains about web servers.

Some of the points discussed are:

  • apache
  • SQL Server
  • DNS
  • domain and hosting

Web Servers:

Web servers display you that you request online.

It runs websites also.

You can make your computer a web server very quickly.

For this you will have to install a software and that software will help you in this regard.

Apache Web Server:

You have most probably heard of Apache, do you know what it is?  It’s software. This is a web server software. Its many versions have been introduced.

In its newer versions, speed is very much good.

Have you ever thought why its name is Apache?

This story is very much interesting.

It was given by a tribe of people who were called Apache.

Apache Spark is also very much value-able.

It provides support to programmers.

Apache Camel is a framework. It is helpful also.

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Smtp Server:

It is used for sending emails online. It was introduced in 1982. It is quite secure.

It used in building communication between the email sender and the receiver.

Remote processing is its excellent feature.

You can get the name of SMTP server from settings.

A real SMTP server ultimately holds the responsibility of transmitting your emails and guarantees you for the completion of this task.

A real SMTP server ultimately holds the responsibility of transmitting your emails and guarantees you for the completion of this task.

It works just like your postman who holds the responsibility of safely delivering your letter.

Port 25 is used for sending the email.

Many applications use it for both sending and receiving emails while some rely on it only for sending emails. Such emails depend on the pop server for the receiving process.

Full form of pop is post office protocol.

Its many versions have been introduced.

The version 2 is written as pop3.

Its first release, i.e. pop1 was developed in 1984.

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SQL Server:

sql server

It is concerned with the data storage.

MYSQL and Oracle provide other services for data storage.

Its many editions have been developed for its users.

One of the most popular version includes SQL server express.

You can easily download it and use for the data storage.

  •  You can easily download it and use for the data storage. It is available online for free.
  • You can also use it on another computer with the help of a network. You can also use it to analyze data and to generate reports of the data. Its two components include server and workstation components.
  • You can also use it to analyze data and to generate reports of the data.
  • Its two components include server and workstation components.
  • It has a query optimizer that takes the query and provides you with its output.
  • It provides many different services. It reporting services provide you with the feature of generating the report of the data

If you use it, then you must have heard of the instance, do you what the instance, really is.

It refers to the installation of this server.

If you install it three times, then three instances will be there.

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NTP Server:


It holds the responsibility of clock synchronization i.e.; it synchronized the time.

Such server makes use of a software that shows time.

To distribute the workload, they use different servers.

They also have algorithms which help them calculate the exact time.

This concept was introduced in around 1980.

It consists of stratum also. These are the levels in the hierarchy.

It uses very less bandwidth. Some common platforms  which it support are:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Linux
  4. Unix

It works on accuracy also. Its different versions have been introduced.

There are two tiers of NTP.

The process to activate time servers is very easy, you can do it from the command prompt.

Default on your machine installs a timeserver.

One more thing you must understand and don’t get confused with the term synchronization.

It synchronizes your clock, not your system.

In a nutshell, you will have to install the software and then connect to the network to get Network Timing Protocol server work.

Gmail Server:


The process that works behind the scene when we send or receive an email is very much exciting. It all happens in a blink of an eye.

Physically it looks like we send an email and in 4-5 seconds it is received on the other side.

But this is not the only things that happen, behind the curtains much more is done that need to be understood by us.

Considering the example of Gmail users. Its incoming server is pop3 and IMAP  while outgoing mail server is SMTP. As you know, you will have to set up a Gmail account to send email from Gmail.

If you intend to check the settings, you can do that also from Gmail settings. The port 995 is to pop while the port 465 is for the SMTP.

By default, your Gmail username and password are also saved the SMTP username and password.

You can go into settings and then go to forwarding to reveal  Gmail SMTP email server settings and some more features.

DNS Server:


It works as a translator whose responsibility is to get IP addresses from the domain name.

Everything on the web is done through IP address.

You type the domain its IP address is fetched, and your requested page is displayed to you.

You can easily find the DNS server address by going into your command prompt and typing a command.

You can also get it from the router configurations.

Google also has public DNS server.

It is much more secure and faster.

It has the capability to provide the correct answers to the queries of the users.

You might be thinking what would happen if a domain name is sent and the DNS server does not get its IP address?

In this case, it asks the other one to get its IP address; they work in a network.

The alternate DNS server has very much importance.

The difference between preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server is that if the primary one is working alright then no Need to go to the alternate one.

Clear DNS Cache:

clear cache

When you visit any site online, its copy gets saved in the cache. It was so very much essential for the visitor as when the next time the visitor visit the web-page it takes much less time to load.

Apart from this, it has some disadvantages also.

For which the cache must be cleared from time to time.

One main disadvantage is that it takes the storage area of your device.

Another one is that if a site is moved to the new address, then your DNS cache will have its old address saved and Will show you an error when you visit that site again.

This is because it will fetch that old one from the cache.

You can explain it by typing specific command in the command prompt.

This command is different based on the platform you are using.

Windows user will use one command while Linux users will use the other one.

Register DNS command is also useful regarding cache.

Domain Names:



These works as an identifier for the IP address.

You buy them online for your websites. It has top level, second level, and third level domains also.

While choosing any domain name, you must check the rules that are set for domain names. Some specific characters are not allowed to be in the domain names.

You might be thinking that domain name and URL are the same things, well they are not.

There is a difference between the two. Along with the domain name, you also buy webs hosting.

While choosing the domain, you must choose the one that has not more than 3-4 word and is easy to memorize by the people.

In this way, it would be very much easy for the visitors to remember it and they would come to your site gain by that domain name.

It is very much necessary for promoting a business online and for the marketing of a brand.

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Buying a Domain:

buy domain

As stated above it plays a significant role in promoting your business.

So you must be very much careful in buying it.

The process of buying t is very much simple.

You will have to register it first.

You can also go for the private registration, in this case, the identity of domain holder will be kept behind the curtains.

It is good for safety also.

If you are buying it for any business website, then don’t forget to create email id on that domain. It will give a good and a professional touch to your business.

You must also work for its security.

Get SSL that will convert HTTP of the domain name to HTTPS and will add a security layer.

One more important thing don’t forget to renew it before its expiry time. Otherwise, you may lose a good one domain.

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Google Web Hosting:

hosting web

After buying the domain name, are you looking forward to buying hosting?

You might be worried about its higher prices.

Well, you must be glad to know that Google web hosting is available for free. You can use it to build a website. You can use blogger also with your domain. You can use it for writing excellent blog posts.

Google drive can also be used as a web host for your site.

Paid Web Hostings:

Many paid hosting are available for your also. You can try them to see the one that is best.

Many of them offer special bundles on some specific events.

You can avail those discount to get the one at a cheaper rate.

While choosing a web hosting, keep one thing in mind, don’t go for the one that is too much expensive or the one that is too much cheap.

You must focus on the one that fulfills your need.

And that’s what you need.

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I hope that now you have gone through different servers and have a good knowledge of them.

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