Why is The End of The Internet Expected to be Soon?

end of the internet


So you are very mush horrified about the news of the end of the internet. Well, this is very much true. So be ready for this. You might be thinking what to do to be ready for this. This article will let you know all about it.

Be sad or happy at the news of the end of the internet?

sad or happy at the end of the internet

Now turning down the curtain I reveal the good news to you. You thought that the internet would go down, it would disappear, and you might not be able to see it again. You just imagined for a moment how could your life be without the internet, the internet that has completely changed how we live, eat, study and do everything, it has made our life simpler and has helped in doing complicated tasks in a short passage of time.

So what’s the right news about the end of the internet?

It was said by a chairman of a big company that it would disappear. Oh, your are surprised by knowing that the internet would go!!! You might be thinking from where will you the search for information and do your task that has made you dependent on the web. Wait Wait. Here is what he meant by saying this.

He was asked a question related to the future of the web. He very straightforwardly answered that the internet would disappear. By this, he meant that it will go and will become a part of your living. You will wear things that have sensors and much more; your life would be quite quickly by this change, considering yourself entering into a room that is dynamic. WHOO!! it sounds very much amazing.

How would be the future technologies?


Thus the upcoming future would be a much better one. You will get a chance to get in touch with the things you had never seen before. He further said that right now 40% of the world’s  population are internet users. They will undoubtedly increase, this means you will see a real change, i.e. an increase in internet usage statistics in future time.

In a nutshell, he doesn’t mean that it would disappear, but he intended to say that we would sense it differently. Some things become so familiar in our daily life that we don’t notice them. We only get notified when they are not there.

Okay, Now I will explain you this with an example.

For example:

We use cars and other means of transportation, they were not available in the olden times. So they would have much greater value for the people of that time who have not seen them. But now we so commonly use them that we don’t notice them. We only know them when they are not available. They have become an essential part of our daily life.

There was a time when internet connection was very much difficult, a lot of effort was needed to connect to the web, but now the connecting process has become very much easier. It has become so easier that we don’t even notice.  We will be covered by many smart technologies. Thus the internet is going toward the much more mature state.

The role of Internet of things:


Internet of things will play an important part in this regard. Objects will have a connection with the cloud. By using this many works would be easier you will know where a thing is required and it could be made present there as soon as possible by these technologies.

He further claimed that due to this emerging technologies new job opportunities would be there for people. It was predicted that the internet would disappear within ten years. We will undoubtedly witness new and advanced technologies. Most probably by 2025, we shall see them.

What new technologies would surround us by 2025?

Now let you have a look at some of the technologies that are predicted to surround us in 2025.

Food shortage issue:

This would not be major issue; technology will help to create more and more crop to solve this problem,

Data storage:

A large number of population of the world would have access to free data storage


Everything would be connected to the internet as explained above. Even your clothes would also be attached to the web.

3D printing:

3d printing technology is also going towards advancement you would surely witness 3d printed cars.

Data collection techniques:

New data collection methods would surprise you shortly.

Eyeglass technology:

You would wear eye glass that would be connected to the internet.

Artificial intelligence:

AI would go towards such extent that a significant number of audits would be made possible by AI.

Self-driving cars:

You will witness self-driving cars; many big companies are working on it.

Advanced Apps:

There would be new and advanced apps that would fulfil our needs to the fullest.

Cure some significant disease:

Technology would help us to treat some of the great diseases. It would be very much easy for people to take care of their health themselves. This digital world would help them in this regard. This would reduce many expenses.

Blockchain technology:

Blockchain technology would also be used in many areas.it has already helped us in making online transaction and has done their verification easier

Face recognition technology:

It will go to more advanced. You will have no need to remember the name as this technology will help you in this regard.

The energy storage:

Your home appliances would be intelligent enough to know about your presence. They would know whether you are present or not and shut down the things that are not in your use at that particular time.

The devices in your home will be made capable of tracking the time you spent on doing anything. For example, you used to wake up at 7 am in morning. So at this time, the lights of your room would automatically turn on indicating its time to wake up.


By now I am pretty much sure that you must be quite glad by knowing the real meaning about the disappearance of the internet. The technology was, is and would be a vital part of our daily life. Living a life without internet and technology seems to be quite meaningless. It has relieved us from many burdens and helped us in completing tasks more easily and simply.


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