How Many People Use The Internet? Internet World Usage Stats.

how many poeple use the internet


By looking at the internet usage statistics we can easily tell how many people use internet. In this article you will get some informative knowledge about internet world stats. You will be amazed to know about the global internet access. Some of the topics discussed in this article are listed below:

  • Internet usage statistics
  • How many people are on the internet
  • Most used browser, website and search engine:
  • How many people use the internet daily
  • Top most language on internet

How many people use the internet?

Every day we open internet, do our work and just close it. Have you ever thought that there are how many people like you who do the same i.e. rely on internet for their work to be done. Have you ever imagined how many people are on the internet?


The numbers of internet users have increased by more than 500% from 2000. There are more than 3 billion internet users worldwide.There are almost 1 billion internet users in Asia.

Internet world usage statistics :

Top 20 countries of the world have more than 75% internet users of the total population. From this no one can deny the importance of internet.

To be among too 20 countries or to be well developed country  usage of latest technology is very important and for that internet is the first thing you will need to know , understand and make a part of your daily life. Whether it be research work, shopping, travelling, informative search or banking internet is used every day.

Top most language on internet:

English is the top most language spoken on internet. Then comes Chinese and then Spanish and Japanese.Russian and Portuguese are also much popular.

Internet users below 18:

internet usage stats

There are large numbers of internet users who are children. Today’s children are very smart because they use technology. They are smarter than a 30-40 year old guy who has no knowledge of new technologies. Children in large number are on social media. They have well understood the need of internet and are using it.

How many people use the internet daily?

  • There are almost 20,000,000 people who use internet daily.
  • More than 8 new people start using internet every other second.
  •   Many of the internet users who use internet daily are mobile phone users.
  • More than 30% of internet users are on the on internet through their  mobile phones. People usually log in to their social media profile and email id though their smart phones daily to see new updates.

Total number of websites on internet:

websites on the internet

There are almost 1 billion websites on internet till now. No one can say how much they would increase in number after 3-5 years, but we are sure that there will be rapid increase in number of websites. There would be more websites and more blogs on internet. They provide people with information.

Most used browser, website and search engine:

what is the most popular search engine

Google chrome is the most used web browser and Google is the most used website by people every day. On second number comes internet explorer.

Most popular search engine is Google. There are almost 3,000,000,000 Google searches daily. Thus Google is much loved by people. After Google come YouTube, yahoo and face book. They also have a large number of users.

Social networking sites Users:

top social networking sites


An average of 3 hours is spent every day on internet by a social media user. On top of these social networking sites stands face book which has almost 1000 million users. More than 34 % of People aged between 17-34 check face books even before getting out of their bed.  Then comes YouTube which has 800 million users.

Instagram and twitter also have many users. These all combined provide a great social media platform to people, due to which people come online every day to check updates on their profiles. This increase the total number of internet users every day.

Choice of career:

make a career online

From internet world stats you have seen that a large number of people in the world are on the internet, thus a choice of career in this area would be quite safe because internet would never go down.

Just imagine you wake up one day and see no internet, it may seem a nightmare for you and really it would be because internet would never shut down for long. So your career in this field in quite safe.

Internet marketing for small business:


One reason why it has so  much users today is  marketing. Product awareness is created among people through it, due to which the brand recognition gets faster thus increasing the number of sales of product. Special offers are made to customers online so that they show their interest in purchasing the product.

How many people use the internet in the United States?

Of total population almost 88% people in USA are internet users. This makes up of 8% of total internet users all over the world i.e. among worldwide internet users 8% are in USA. This shows that they have well understood the secret of success.

How many people are on the internet?

Internet usage stats show that there are more than 3 billion internet users worldwide. If more than 3 billion people are internet users than more than 3 billion people would be left that don’t have access to internet. Because the world’s population makes up to a total of 7 billion approximately.

It is quite understood that these people would be from underdeveloped parts of the world. That’s why they don’t have internet access.

Nobody knows how their life would be. On what goals they would be living. If they get internet access then it would not be difficult for them to make themselves count among the developed parts of the world.

Final words:

Thus there was a race between science and technology and it is still going on. Although we think how many people use the internet but on the other hand we almost forget that how many people have access to the internet. Have you ever though what would be that remaining population of the world be doing right now that do not have internet access.

Perhaps they would be considering knowledge of medical science as their main objective. They would be playing their role in a country’s progress form that part. Thus whatever it be, science or technology both are playing and have always played a major role in bring a country on the path of success an prosperity.