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how to create a web page


Hey! Do you want to know how to create a web page for free and some excellent details relating to it?

Then go through this article.

All this and some more excellent information is given in this article.

Some of the points explained in detail in this article are:

  • How to change the site in google chrome?
  • Embed Google form on the site.
  • Google sites.
  • Why is google chrome not opening website?
  • Blogger vs. word-press.

How to Create a Web Page for Free?

How to Create a Web Page for Free

Do you want to create it for free? No doubt you Can easily do that.

Following are some of the ways to achieve this:

  • Create it in a web programming language and host it on any free hosting or Google drive.
  • Make free sites using Google web pages.
  • Make free site using free hosting on a content management system like word-press.

How to Create a Web page for Free on Google?

You can do it using Google website.

Thus you can quickly make your site using it.

You don’t need any money in doing it.

The only thing that will be required in this process is a Google email (Gmail) account.

How to Create My Google Sites Web Page?

Create my google sites

  1. For this, you will have to first sign in to
  2. Choose any theme of your choice.
  3. Then you will add your web page’s title and description there.
  4. Then enter the captcha.
  5. And then click Create site.
  6. Thus your site will be created quite quickly.


Some of its advantages are listed below:

  • It is free to use.
  • Take very little time to create a site.  Thus it’s time-saving.
  • You can update it quite quickly, and at any time you desire.
  • It is best for those who want to post any schedule.
  • No software or any other programming skill needed.

How to Change the Site in Google Chrome?

How to Change the Site in Google Chrome

It can be done, but temporarily, i.e., the changes made will be shown to you only until you reload the page.

The changes you’ve done, in this case, would not be shown to other users.

You can do it using inspect element quite easily.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open any site on Chrome
  2. Then right-click on the page and select Inspect Element.
  3. Now you can do the changes in the code shown to you.

Google Web Site Translate:

Google Web Site Translate

It allows you to translate your site into other languages. More than 100 languages are available in this case.

You can add easily by adding your site’s URL in

Thus people of foreign countries, speaking different languages could easily understand the content on your website because of this translation.

How to Increase the Size of the Website in Google Chrome?

  • You can quickly do this. Just click on the three vertical dot icon present on the upper right of your browser, and then you can increase the size by zoom in or decrease the size by zooming out as per your desire.
  • This can also be done using the keyword, the shortcut keys for this purpose are Ctrl and +. Press both of them at a time.

Delete Google Site Page:

To do this on your site first then go to more action, from there click on manage then go to general and from there you can delete the site.

Add Google Calendar to the Website:

Add Google Calendar to the Website

Follow these simple steps to add it:

  1. Go to Google Calendar page.
  2. Click on settings.
  3. Then open the calendar tab.
  4. From the available choices, choose the calendar that you desire to embed in your site.
  5. From there copy the code to be embedded on your site.

Google Sites for Teachers:

They have many users.

  • They are used by teachers to manage sites for students.
  • Teachers use them to share the course material with their students.
  • Even students also use them to build their portfolio and for other works.

Thus in this way communication becomes quite more comfortable.

Why is Google Chrome Not Opening Website?

There could be many reasons for this.

  • First one is virus or firmware. There could be any virus on your device.
  • Clean it first then try again.
  • Try resetting the chrome, close it and then open it again.
  • Reset the chrome from settings.
  • Try it by restarting your device.

How to Make a WordPress Website?

How to Make a WordPress Website

Another way to create a free website is by using a content management system like word-press.

This method is explained briefly below:

  1. Just take any free web hosting and domain online. Remember free ones are not for long time use.
  2. Then install word-press. You will be asked to enter some details there. After installation of word-press.
  3. Then choose your desired theme and create your site.
  4. You can use many free plugins to add different functions to your site.
  5. Create HTML website.
  6. Another way to get free site to create a website using HTML and other web programming languages and host them on any free host or Google Drive.

You can also make WordPress themes and plugins.

What is Google Blogger?

Google blogger is also included on free methods to create a site online.

You Can use free hosting of Google in this case.

If you intend to do blogging without expending single money, then you must go through blogger.

Thus you can use it for many proposes.

  • You can use for sharing any stuff with your friends and family.
  • For any educational purposes.
  • Create you’re any personal site.

How Does Google Blogger Work?

It operates straightforwardly.

  1. You have to setup your account
  2. Choose the theme.
  3. Do the remaining settings, and your blog would be ready for you.

You can efficiently use multiple blogs on a single account.

Blogger vs.WordPress:

Blogger vs.WordPress

I bet now you are a little bit confused among the two and you think which one to go with.

Well, let me solve you this issue by explaining them a little bit more and in comparison to one another.

  • In using blogger, you won’t be charged for any hosting, but if you intend to create a website using word-press, then you will have to play for the domain and hosting.
  • Blogger is not owned by you; Google holds it while on buying a paid hosting in word-press it will be conducted by you.
  • If you use blogger, then you might not worry about the security of your site as it is on Google it is safe and secured.
  • Blogging becomes quite easy when working with blogger
  • Blogger is quite easy to learn as compared to word-press.

Final Words:

Thus this articles explains in detail how to create a web page and delete them.

Making websites on a small budget has become quite more accessible because of the introduction of new technologies and software from time to time.

If you want any more information related to it, then do leave your queries in the comments section below.


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