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How to Get the Best WiFi Connection


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Some of the topics described are:

  • What are wireless channels?
  • Find best WiFi channel.
  • Wireless channel frequencies and width.
  • It’s advantages.
  • Signal strength test Mac.

What are Wireless Channels?

WiFi Channel Scanner

In the settings of your network, you would have gone through this word ‘channel’ many times.

A wireless network uses it for sending and receiving the information and data.

Different WiFi Channels:

There are many of them so it may also happen that two networks may use the same one, so before connecting to any of them, you must know which one to use them.

You must use a wider one because you will get a benefit in this case as more data would be transmitted efficiently.

How to Find Out What WiFi Channels are Being Used?

How to Find Out What WiFi Channels are being Used

It mostly happens with people when they need to use the internet, but they don’t have WiFi around them.

So they are in need of some scanner in this situation that would scan the channels and provide the information by which they may decide which channel to use.

WiFi Channel Scanner:

  • It holds the responsibility of detecting the hot-spots around you.
  • It can be quite useful as it provides data and information on the channels.
  • Also, the signal quality can also be determined by using it.
  • To use it you need to download  and then run it

WiFi Network and Wireless Signal Analyzer:

If you are facing any problem with your wireless connection, then you can quickly detect them using it.


1) Free:

It is free to use

2) Accuracy:

It provides accurate data to some extent. Thus you can trust it without any doubt.

3) Change WiFi Channel:

To modify or switch the wireless channel you will be in need of a scanner that would tell to which channel is best to use. This is where the channel scanners comes-into-play

App for WiFi Channel Scanner:

App for WiFi Channel Scanner

You can use apps to get the better connection.

There are some apps for such purpose also.

Some of them are:

a) Network Analyzer lite:

Thus you can view the information about the links in a network by using it.

b) WiFi Analyzer:

This Android app allows you to search for the best channel to be connected. Rating of channels can also be seen.

Some tools used on Mac for such purpose are:

  1. Wireless diagnostic
  2. WiFi scanner

Web-Based WiFi Channel Scanner and Analyser:

They are also available for using online.

You can use them from there also.

Thus you can see them in your browser quite easily.

WiFi Channel Frequencies:

The band consists of the upper limit and the lower one.

A signal is allowed to be in a range of particular frequency.

Least Used WiFi Channel:

It is better to see the one that is being used least by other people to avoid interference in the signal.

By this, you would enjoy the real connection.

Channel Width WiFi:

It is one of the most important things to be considered because it decides how much data to be transferred.

By using the large channel width more significant amount of data could be easily transferred.

As discussed above greater width could allow more data to be transferred, but if more data would be coming on a single Channel, then there could be a collision.

What is Spread Spectrum in Wireless Communication?

The primary purpose of this using this technology was security.

Using this technology the wireless communication is separating the sets.

Thus the frequency of the signal that is sent is changed.

Due to this the bandwidth increases which was not possible if the rate was not changed.

If the frequency of a signal remains same, then there can be many problems.

To minimize them the frequency of the signal is changed on transmission.

For this purpose, hopping is also used.

Wireless Spectrum Analyser:

Wireless Spectrum Analyser

It analyses the radio frequency of the signal.

It will first take all the messages and then search for any interference. Many things are to be considered when doing this.

The shape of the signal is some of this stuff.

The spectrum analyzer was first introduced in 1960.

Its types are:

  1. Fast Fourier transform analyzer
  2. Wept turned analyzer

Test WiFi Signal Strength Mac:

If you are on a Mac and you intend to test the strength of the signal then no need to worry.

The method is pretty much straightforward.

Using some latest tools you can check the power of a signal on Mac quickly.

You can check the problems in connection with such devices also.

You will be asked to enter some details about your network in such tools, and your desired results would be displayed to you.

Following apps can get your desired data to you:

  1. Netspot
  2. iStumbler or Mac
  3. WIFI Explorer
  4. KisMac

How to Get the Best WiFi Connection?

What if your device automatically connects to the best WiFi network available whenever it gets any strong one.

This can surely be done. You need to set the aggressiveness settings to the highest.

In the case of an Android phone, You must try WiFi manager; it has an option of connecting to the best one to the available networks.

There is also an option of avoiding the wrong connection in the settings of an Android phone.

You can use that one also.

It would switch to another network when the signals strength gets low.

So you don’t have to suffer the lousy message in any case now.

Final Words:

Thus WiFi channel scanner makes it quite easy for you to find the best WiFi channel for a better connection.

In this way, you can enjoy your work online without any interference.

IOS WiFi analyzer is also available for your ease.

You can do your online works without connection blocking now.


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