Why Is My WIFI Suddenly So Slow? How To Speed Up WIFI?

why is my wifi so slow


The world is moving with the technology.

Now many of us use the wireless internet instead of Ethernet connection on our PC.

Whereas laptops, tablets, and mobiles are connected to wireless internet only.

Due to increase in the use of this wireless technology, some problems are also being experienced by the user, and one keeps asking why is my WIFI so slow all of a sudden?

If you are one of them, no need to be depressed now.

You will find the solution to those and other related problems here in this article.

Some of the points discussed in this article are:

  • Wireless speed slow
  • What to do when the wireless connection is slow
  • Reason for slow internet
  • Connection problems

Why is My WiFi So Slow All of a Sudden?

Why is My WiFi So Slow All of a Sudden

The wireless network is mostly used in modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

It provides ease to its users to use the internet without the need of any cable connected from his device.

But when this network does not fulfill your requirements, the user gets upset.

The slow Wireless network makes your life worst.

It is a moment of patience for the user because he can’t do anything when his wireless network goes down or is unable to connect.

Good WiFi Speed:

Good WiFi Speed

So you need to know what a good speed is in this case.

It is defined according to the bandwidth also.

If it does not meet your requirement and is unable to fulfill your need than it is not a good one for you, so you should upgrade your package.

Thus if it allows you to work online smoothly, it is right for you otherwise it is meant to be replaceable.

WIFI Connection Problems:

WIFI Connection Problems

These problems arise because of many causes.

Some of them are discussed below:

  • It may be due to the position of the router.
  • Its position may not be correct which interrupts in receiving signal.
  • Note where you have kept your router. If it is in a place such that it is maintained behind some object or is located downward, then you must change its position and make it as high as possible, so that signal spread widely.
  • The range is also an essential factor.
  • You should not be too far from your router.
  • Keep in mind the range of your network and try to be within it.
  • Noises can weaken your signals.
  • Also, some other wireless interferences prove to be a cause of distraction.
  • Try to keep the connection device, on which Bluetooth is on, at some distance from router because they can cause interference in signals.
  • Downloading a large and cumbersome file can cause signals to be weak on other devices Keep in mind how much download capacity your connection provides to you and be in it.
  • It also gets weaken when there are a large number of users.
  • It depends on devices also.
  • Some devices connect better to the internet through wireless connection while some provide excellent performance in case of Ethernet wires.

Why is My WiFi Connection Download Speed So Slow?

Why is My WiFi Connection Download Speed So Slow

Life becomes quite miserable for an internet user when he has a good upload speed but can’t download anything fast. But now the solution to this problem is no more hidden.

Let me tell you how to get this issue solved.

Log into your router settings, and from there you just need to disable WMM support and now right to go with your download speed.

Now I am pretty much sure you think what WMM is?

It is a feature that prioritizes traffic that is time-dependent.

If it is enabled then your download speed will be slow, disable it first to get a good download speed along with fast upload speed.

Some other attempts to solve this problem may include:

  • Changing wireless channel
  • Modifying security settings
  • Setting the router
  • Checking the DNS host
  • Check the ipv6 settings whether they are correct or not.
  • Shut down your all network, unplug your modem and then plug in it again.

Google Play Store Not Working on WiFi:

The possible solutions to this are:

  • Go to connection settings of the device in which this problem arose, then go to more, choose the option saying smart network and switch it off.
  • You may try to solve this by clearing the cache.
  • There may be any data stored on a cache that might be the cause of this issue.
  • Log out of your Google account and then log in it again.
  • Check your date and time from settings.
  • Remove proxy.
  • Uninstall any update that is of no concern to you.
  • Check which version of Google play store you have and try installing the latest one.
  • Restart your device.

Why is My WiFi so Slow on My iPhone?

The issue is critical to be solved. The solution is not much complicated.

First, try to switch off your cell phone and switch to it again and then check the speed.

If the issue is not solved, then go to further actions.

  • Press the home and power button at a time for almost 10-15 seconds and then release it when you see the apple logo. Set the network once more.
  • Turn off the mobile data from cellular data setting if you are not using it. This might solve this issue very fast.
  • Installing IOS 8 may also be helpful in this case.
  • Another cause may be that you installed an app that might be causing this issue.
  • Just figure out after installation of which app/software this problem begin and delete it if it is of less or no use.

Connection Problems in Windows 8.1:

To solve this go to network adaptor settings and from there update the driver software and then restart the device.

Another way to address this is from the command prompt.

You need to enter some specific command to disable the settings of TCP/IP.

Funny WiFi Network Names:

Funny wifi network names

After some excellent piece of knowledge let us freshen our mind with some good gossips.

Now I will introduce to you some of the funny networks names which people keep just for fun.

In this busy life, these small pieces of fun are worth much.

Some of the names of such sort are:

  1. Silence of LAN
  2. Router? Who is she?
  3. 404 errors
  4. Network not found
  5. I am behind you
  6. I am your daddy
  7. Virus found
  8. You can’t see me
  9. Pay my network
  10. Go home you are drunk
  11. I want this one
  12. Busy now


You better have got a solution to the question why is my WiFi so slow is and how to speed up internet connection.

By following the guidance in the article above you will surely get slow wireless speed issue resolved.

Do let me inform in comments below if this article solved your problem or you need any more help.

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