What Does WiFi Stand For? Definition of WiFi

what does wifi stand for


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Some of the topics covered in this article are:

  • Meaning of WIFI
  • Its invention, security, and uses.
  • LAN
  • GPS
  • HDMI

What Does WIFI Stand For?

Uses of WIFI

What Does ‘Fi’ in WIFI Stand For?

FI stands for a word known as FIDIBILITY.

  • In sound systems you would have mostly come across the phrase HI-FI  FI in the WIFI is same as that in HI-FI.
  • The full form of WIFI is WIRELESS FIDIBILITY.
  • It is a brand name for using products and is a trademark.

What Does WIFI Stand For in Computer Terms?

Apart from its real name, there is some more name by which it is known in computer-related fields.

Some of them are listed below:

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Wire Free Internet
  2. Wireless File

Definition of WIFI:

It is a technology of wireless local area network.

It allows you to enjoy being on the internet very quickly. You don’t need to have Ethernet cables in this case.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the device that provides WIFI signals should be held in range otherwise you won’t get proper signals

When Was WIFI Invented?

  • The idea was coined in 1992.
  • It was created by some great minds. Dr. John was the head of this team.
  • Vic Hayes is known as the father of this remarkable technology which we call WIFI.

How Does WIFI Work?

How does WIFI work

The principle is same as that is used by other wireless devices.

Radio frequencies are used to send signals between devices.

Don’t confuse them with the wavelengths emitted by radios or cell phones.

Hotspots are created with the help of WIFI adaptors.

A router is used to decode the signals. You can get connected.

The signal depends on radio power output, antenna and frequency band.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Using WIFI:


It proves to be quite useful in many areas where a wired network may give up.

Some benefits are:

  • You can get connected to the internet from anywhere. You can enjoy WIFI at the place you wish, but there should be WIFI signals at that location.
  • The network can serve a large number of clients.
  • Many people can get the benefit at a time from it.
  • This technology is not so expensive. It proves to be quite cost saving.
  • If you want to connect a new device to WIFI you need to do some simple settings are you are done with it. It is unlike to that of wire network configuration in which a complete process is required in this regard.


  • Security is the central issue in this case.
  • You are at the risk of being hacked. Hackers can steal your information.
  • Another issue is a range. To access the signals, you should be in the field. If you go out of the spectrum, the signal should be weaker or even may diminish.
  • Two WIFI channels of very high density in the same area may cause a problem with each other.

Uses of WIFI:

  • Your device can work as a remote control.
  • You can quickly send files/documents from a location where the signal is available.
  • You can easily tether your phone to your computer.
  • You can enjoy movies and songs
  • Get information from the web quickly.

How to Use a Secured WIFI Network?

Your security is the most important thing when using the internet.

This security is at significant risk when you are using a WIFI or lets me correct, a public WIFI.

In such cases, your data is being shared with hundreds of people.

Following the guidance below you can be secured while using it.

  • It is quite common to have settings enabled on the home network to share and receive files from other devices on the same network, but when using a public network, you should switch off the settings.
  • From your security settings enable the firewall.
  • You should keep SSL enabled while access to applications.
  • Don’t forget to write https before a web address. In this case, your privacy will be safe from evil hands.
  • It is standard practice to enable WIFI on a home network even when there is no use of it, but when being on a public network switch off the WIFI if there is no need of using it.
  • Try to use a virtual private network. VPN is the most secure way.
  • Check your antivirus. Switch it on and  Don’t forget to keep it up to date.
  • Avoid doing any work on a public network which involves sending of any sensitive data.
  • Don’t forget to log out from your account when your work is finish.

What is a Hotspot?

What is hotspot

  • It is the area in which the WIFI is accessible.
  • It can be public or any closed network.
  • You can make a device a hotspot and can connect another device to the internet by that instrument.

What Does GPS Stand For?

What does GPS stands for

Full form of GPS is global positioning system.

It measures the travel time of radio receiver.

It uses a system to find your location.

It is employed in cars, cell phones, and many devices.

This system can tell you where you are and how much you have traveled.

These trackers prove to be a source of good security

How Does GPS Work?

how does gps work

GPS comprises of three things.

These include:

  • Satellites
  • Ground Station
  • Receiver

It is a network of 30 satellites. These satellites keep orbiting around the earth.

These satellites are at a distance of about 20,000km from the surface of the earth.

They make almost two orbits in a day.

When we turn on GPS on our phones, it doesn’t send any signals.

The GPS receiver receives the signal from the satellites.

It gets two types of data.

a) Almanac

b) Ephemeris

The data is sent continuously by satellite and received on the other end by the GPS receiver.

a) Almanac:

It contains the orbital information.

b) Ephemeris:

This gives the precise orbital information.

This data is updated after every 2 hours.

Your location is determined in a way that the satellites send the data about you considering you to be on a sphere.

Then with two satellites, your position will be where the two spheres meet.

Similarly, three satellite signals can be combined to get your exact location.

Trilateration GPS:

Finding your location by this procedure is termed as trilateration.

What Does HDMI Stand For?

  • Its full form is high definition multimedia interface.
  • The idea got famous in 2002.
  • It is used for connecting devices.
  • It is an interface through which you can transfer data.
  • An HDMI cable is used.
  • Its many versions are available. But the similarity between all of them is that all use the same cable.

What Does LAN Stand For?

What does LAN stands for

Its full form is local area network.

  • It is used to connect computers within a limited area.
  • Ethernet cables are used.
  • Unlike WIFI its speed does not depend on range.
  • It is mostly used in desktop computers. It is an excellent source of networking in a small area.

What Do AM and FM Stand For?

Within a radio broadcasting, the signal travel in the two paths.

These are:

1) AM:


  • Full form of am is amplitude modulation.
  • In this, the amplitude of radio waves is used to encode data.

2) FM:


  • Full form of FM is frequency modulation.
  • In this, the information is encoded with the variation in the rate. In FM a little change in amplitude will have no significant effect.


Until now I am pretty much sure you would have understood that what does WIFI stand for, how does it work and who invented it.

This wireless technology has made connecting to the internet much more comfortable.


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