What Is Social Networking Definition And It’s Pros And Cons?

social networking definition


Hello mate! Do you want to know what is social networking definition, it’s advantages and much more about it? Then just take a deep breath because this article is full of some superb information of the sort. Some of the points discussed are:

  • Types of social media.
  • Its pros and cons.
  • Social networking services, sites and apps.

what is social networking definition?

what is social networking definition

It is basically a platform where people can interact and communicate with each  other. It is the main cause in uniting people. People communicate with each other, in this way the understanding among them increases which proves to be quite better for building a good society.

Social media interaction is increasing for business purposes also. If people don’t know each other then they would obviously hesitate in doing any sort of business with each other.

types of social media:

types of social media

Apart from social networking it has some more types. Popular ones are disclosed below:

1)News network:

It is the main source of spreading news. The news can be related to anything. People love to be updated about the happenings in other part of world so they like this network .

2)sharing Media and other similar stuff:

In this network you can share pictures and other similar stuff. On some sites you are asked to make an account before doing so. People share information by the help of pictures in this network.


It refers to writing blog. They are quite informative.

4)Online forms:

Here people are allowed to have discussion on various topic. They can also find solution to their unanswered questions easily by posting their questions on forums.

social network services and examples:

It refers to an online service that allow people to communicate with each other. These services are provide by websites and different app. The applications are not only offline, they are online also.

social network apps:

social network apps

As mobile users are increasing quite rapidly form time to time so the need for co-axial networking apps arose. For this reason many apps are serving their best in this regard and providing awesome services to their users so that the long distances become shorter and people are able to communicate with each other easily.

Some most popular ones are listed below:

  • Whats app
  • VIber
  • Messenger
  • Insatgram
  • QQchat
  • Snap-chat

social networking sites:

As there are many internet users so these sites also have a large number of users. Some popular sites of the sort are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Linked-in
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Quora
  6. Stumble-upon

People enjoy while being on these sites

history of social networking:

history of social networking

It is quite difficult for a human being to survive alone. We always want someone to talk to. Living a life alone is a great pain. People have always been intended to be in connection with their relatives and family. In olden days it was very much difficult because the technology was not much introduced in those days.

People had to visit themselves to their relatives and loved ones in order to talk to them. In staring they used many methods to keep in touch with their loved ones. They used pigeons and telegraphs.

Then in 1971 a big change came when first email was sent. The message in this email was from the first row of your keyboard I.e ‘qwertyuiop’.

Then browsers were introduced in 1984 the every first social networking site was introduced. After that the process continued and many more site of such category were introduced. Some site got much fame while some didn’t get any sort of success.Well it all depend upon the users and their needs.

In 2003 linked-in was introduced It got much success. In 2004 a site got launched and the fame it got is quite huge. The site is non other than Facebook. This site changed the way how people used to communicate and made quite easier for them to do so. It has more than 140 million users across the world.

social media statistics:

  • You would be quite amazed to know that before the start of 2017 more than 2.8 billion people became social media users.
  • Mobile social media users have also been increasing form time to time. From 2016 thy increased by almost 20%
  • In each of the countries USA and UK more than 70 percent people have account on social media sites.
  • Facebook, the most popular website of the sort, has more than 1 billion active users on it each day.
  • Almost 2,5 billion comments are commented on Facebook each day.
  • Twitter more than 80% users that are active from their mobile hones.
  • Snap-chat, that has become the next most popular website after face-book has almost 100 million active users that are seen on it each day.
  • You-tube, the video sharing and watching website, has almost 1 billion users.
  • More than 30% percent of people who use Internet use you-tube also ad thus are its users.
  • According to 2017 statistics of face-book almost 70 %of people of Australia population use Facebook monthly.
  • Facebook has almost 75 % of total males who use internet while more than 80% of females who are internet users use this social media site.

advantages and disadvantages of social networking:


  • They help yo to communicate with your friends, family and other people you want to be connected quite easily. You can easily get in touch with the people you meet 5-10 years ago with these sites.
  • You can follow the people you like on twitter and other similar sites to to remain updated of the happenings in their life. You can follow famous personalities on such sites also and learn a lot from them.
  • It is a source of spreading knowledge. Many online courses are conducted on Facebook, Skype and other similar platforms so that people may easily learn at the ease of sitting at their home.
  • On such sites you will find discussion about the latest topics and views of people about them.
  • You can take a topic and debate easily with many people on it using these sites.
  • You can remain updated about latest happenings of different parts of world whether you may be present  at that location or not but you can get the happenings of that location on social sites quite easily.
  • It is a great source for outsourcing businesses. Businessmen use it to promote  their products among people.
  • Thus it is a source of great joy. People enjoy being on such sites.


  • There are privacy issue on such sites.
  • Young generation instead of giving time to their studies spend much time on it.
  • There are fraudulent people everywhere, thus while using such site one should be quite careful.


Social networking definition is quite vast. It refers to the interaction among people online by some platforms. The way people communicate is changing from time to time because of introduction of some new technologies. In the near future our lives would be completely influenced by such technologies.


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