Facebook vs Twitter. Who is the Real Star? [Infographic]

facebook vs twitter

No doubt social networking sites are the heart of the internet world.

They have played a significant role in increasing the total number of online users worldwide.

While exploring the social media world online, you might be a bit confused initially because of a large number of social networking websites found online.

The two most popular ones are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter

In this article, you will get to know the differences between the two great social networking websites of the world.

Facebook vs. Twitter – Infographic:

The infographic below explains the differences between the two in a superb way.

You can have a look at this visual to understand the critical differences between the two.

facebook vs twitter infographic

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Key Differences:

Some main differences between the two include:

  1. Main Idea
  2. Programming Language
  3. Revenue
  4. Features
  5. Global Rank
  6. Advertising
  7. Daily active users.
  8. The social friendship. i.e., Facebook is for making the social connection while Twitter is used to follow ideas and personalities.

Facebook vs. Twitter for Business:

Well, its a bit tough decision for any marketer as which social site to choose for the business purpose.

  • Actually what matters are your goals.
  • You should go with the one that suits best to your goals. Thus the question of using any one of them for the business purpose remains unanswered.

Below are some statistics on the two site that will help you decide which one can be better for you.

i) Global Rank:

Global rank of Facebook is three while the twitter has a global rank of 13.

ii) Average Monthly Users:

Facebook has almost 2 billion users monthly while Twitter has 330 million on average.

iii) Revenue:

The revenue that Facebook generated in 2017 is nearly 40 billion dollars while Twitter made an income of 2.1 billion dollars in the same year.

Facebook vs Twitter Marketing Strategy:

facebook vs twitter marketting strategy

  • Facebook does not limit the length of the content posted so its a better place for your brand’s storytelling while at twitter you can promote your product through short bursts of information.
  • For real tome content, Twitter is the best.

Who is the Real Star?

Well, you might be thinking that until now we haven’t disclosed the result, i.e., who is the real star.

Both these sites are loved by people. What makes any of these special for you is based on how you intend to use it.

It all depends upon your usage.


If you intend to build social connections, then Facebook is what you need to have while if you want to follow some excellent personalities and ideas, then Twitter is a better place.

Final Words:

Thus both of these sites are among the top websites of the world and have a played significant rise in socializing.

If you are unable to decide which one to go with, then you can use a combination of the two.ie. use both

Use both the sites and enjoy multiple benefits.

You can test them both and then compare the results to see which one benefits you the most.


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