What Is Apache, PHP And HTTPD Web Server? All You Need To Know

 what is apache


what are Apache web server and corporation news? So you are here with these questions in your mind. I bet you will get some amazing knowledge in this article about your desired topics. Some of the points discussed in this article are listed below:

  • web server
  • What is Apache and what does it mean?
  • Apache Camel and storm

What is a web server?

It uses hypertext transfer protocol to respond to the client’s request. In this process, client/server model is involved. This is necessary for a computer to have a server that intends to host a website. Some of the common are:

While choosing for a server first see its working. How well it works is quite important. Web servers support PHP and many other scripting languages. Each of them has a load limit. It can handle a specific amount of load from the client at a time. In the case of overload, there is a delay in the processing of the request. Thus it becomes very important to manage network traffic.

What does Apache mean?

This name was chosen in accordance with an American Indian tribe because of their outstanding strategic skills of war and their endurance. They came to South America many centuries ago. They divided themselves into a group of people and fought for their independence. They were composed of independent groups. Their politics, society and culture were just awesome. That why the group of programmers who developed this was also named as Apache group which is a Spanish word which meaning ‘enemy’.

What is Apache web server?

It was developed by a group of 20 programmers. Its first version was released in 1995. It runs on more than 65% web servers all over the world. Most common reason for its popularity is that it is free and reliable. Word press hosting providers mostly use it. Word press supports many other servers also, but this the most preferred one. It consists of a library in which add-ons are present. It runs on many platforms. These are the most common web server

  1. HTTP server
  2. Tomcat

HTTP server:

One of the popular web servers. It provides many features to its users. Some of them are:

  • It supports Windows, Linux and many other operating systems. It supports many programming languages and is used to provide virtual hosting.
  • Used by more than 55% websites.
  • An Apache installation has the capability to host many websites.
  • comfortable with many graphical user interfaces.
  • It works for both static and dynamic websites.
  • extensible, efficient and customization.
  • It has the very simple format of its configuration files.
  • reliable and stable.

What is HTTPd?

 what IS HTTPD

You would have also come across this word. Its full form is hypertext transfer protocol daemon. It is none other than Apache HTTP server.

What is httpd.conf?

It is a configuration file in which different configuration properties are kept. The server looks for the properties here. You can easily find it in settings.

tomcat server:

Its connector component is the coyote. Tomcat’s JSP engine is JASPER. A component in Tomcat performs the role of managing the large application. That component is known as a cluster. It has awesome availability features that look after the scheduling of system upgrades. Tomcat is written in Java whereas HTTP server is in C. It provides services to Java technologies. If you are making any java application then your first preference should be tomcat.

What is a spark?

What is spark

A data processing framework developed in 2009.

  • Gives its user a comprehensive framework for data processing.
  • Speeds up the writing of Java applications and helps to write Java application quickly.
  • Quickly optimises big data queries.
  • A general purpose engine used for data processing.
  • JVM language.
  • Best for interactive analysis.
  • Flexible in solving transformation problems.
  • Provides I/O functionalities also.
  • With Apache Spark, developers can easily make applications.
  • very easy to use and runs everywhere.

It contains many libraries. Some of them are e:

  • Spark SQL
  • Spark Streaming
  • Spark GraphX

Thus it’s a unified engine and is much easy to run on your machine. After it’s installation you will have to connect to it through Spark shell. Its speed is faster than other.

What is Apache Camel?

It is a Java framework that provides services for its user to write Java applications effectively and easily. It provides connectivity to many API’s. It provides you debugging tools also. It consists of Java libraries, is simple and is that’s why very easy to use. It also helps in transformation and monitoring.

By default, there is a set of components in this framework and is best for you if you intend to integrate applications with different protocols. It has good error handling. It has good automatic testing services.

What is Apache storm?

  • For many years it was not more than any idea but now has become very popular because of its good features.
  • Its framework is also attractive.
  • A computation system.
  • Used for real-time processing.
  • It integrates with your database technologies.
  • Easy to grasp.
  • Used for analysing big data.
  • Flexible and can be used with any programming language
  • It also plays an important role in telecommunication.
  • It provides an awesome data processing platform to its users.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • It helps in normalising and analysing a large amount of data.

There are 2 types of nodes on storm cluster. These are:

  1. Master node
  2. Worker node

Storm uses the special library for inter-processing communication. The entry point in stream tool is called spout. It is used in connection with the data source.


what is PHP

Its full form is hypertext preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language which is primarily used on Linux. It works as an alternative to ASP technology of Microsoft. The PHP code is embedded in HTML code of a page. It’s syntax matches with many other languages. Some of them include c and Perl.


Now you know what is Apache. Thus this invention is serving its users in the best possible way and in its every project it produces something for the ease of its user. This technology has been serving people for years and this will continue in making the life of developers easier.


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