What Is Cached Data And Cache Memory? How To Clear Cache?

what is cached data


So you are looking for information about cache.In this article you will get all you need to know about it. Some of the points discussed are listed below:

  • What is cache memory?
  • What does cached data mean and how to clear it?
  • What is cached data on your phone?
  • How to get rid of it on phone?
  • How to get more phone storage?

What is cache?

Pronounced as cash. It is a storage mechanism. It can work as a part of memory or as an independent storage device. It is saved because when the user asks next time for something, he could be served in a faster way, his request could be completed in a faster mode.

It has 2 main types .These are:

  1. Disk Cache
  2. Memory cache

What is cache memory?

What is cache memory


This is a part of memory that works as a storage device. It stores from different programs and is the fastest component of a computer. It keeps storing until the computer is switched off.. It is a temporary storage area found on the motherboard. There are L1,L2 ,L3 levels of it on motherboard.

What does cached data mean?

This is the information that comes from intent when you access a website and is stored on your device. This happens so that when the next time you ask for something, your request could be completed in a faster way.


  • When you visit a website , that information is stored on your device, so when the next time you want to visit that website, your device will not take much time to load as it already has a copy of that information saved.


  • Useless for the websites which you do not like to visit again.
  • stored on your device, in this way it takes much space which may slow down your device, decreasing its processing speed.

What are cache files?

The file of data where the downloaded information from a website is saved on the memory and is stored temporarily. These are used in further visits by user.

Database caching strategies:

Database caching strategies

Database caching is the process that generates data on demand. It occupies a special place in a computer’s architecture. It improves availability of  information and is also used to give flexibility to user when searching for a something.

What is cached data on my phone?

When you use any app on your phone, its information is saved in your phone. You may need to delete it from time to time; otherwise your phone will have problems in working. You will witness your phone having a slow speed

what is clearing cache?

This means you are a file from cache. The file which was stored in cache because of installation of any app or visiting any webpage on internet. You are removing it means you are also wiping out its settings and it will behave as if is freshly installed.

what happens when you clear cache?

When you installed an app its data was saved  or when you visited a webpage it was saved in cache so that it wont take more time to load  when you visit it again. so if you remove it then it will surely take much time to load because its are saved details are removed. There is no  need to manually mange these settings in case of an android device. Your phone manages it all, but if it is slower you are advised to free some space.

So I recommend you not to delete it until and unless that particular app is not frequently used by you. If you are facing slow speed in your device then  first try to empty the download folder. Move its content to memory cad in case of a cell phone.

How to clear cache on phone / android phone?

How to clear cache on phone / android phone

Sometimes you may see that your phone’s speed becomes slow. Some app. that were working perfectly, suddenly stopped working.. This is because of information stored in cache on your phone. It occupies much storage on your phone. To get free of this data form your follow the following guidelines:

  • From settings of your phone, open app settings
  • Then from app setting, open the app that is causing the problem
  • Open app info section.
  • Scroll to the cache option.
  • Then select clear cache and you are done with clearing it form your phone.
  • Then try to run the application again, if you still experience some problem in the app then from app info in app settings select both clear data and cache.

browser cache:

You should also clear it form your browser. This will prevent your browser form having a slow speed and will keep you browser secure also. Following examples show clearing it form your browser.

How to clear cache on chrome?

  • Select the menu key, which is at the top right of the browser. (present in the form of 3 vertical dots )
  • Then click on settings
  • Then choose privacy ant then select clear browsing data
  • Then tick beside the option saying clear the cache.
  • Select clear

In this way you can also clear auto saved passwords , history of your browser and cookies.

How to clear cache on safari?

Follow these points and you can easily clear this it from safari browser.

  • Click safari on the upper left side of the safari browser
  • Click preference
  • From the privacy tab select ‘remove all website data’.
  • Then click remove now

How to clear cache on internet explorer?

  • Open internet explorer.
  • From tools select internet options (this is present on the upper right corner)
  • Go to general tab under browsing history and Click delete.
  • Unchecked and check on the options as per your requirement. If you want to delete the websites you saved as favorites, clear cookies. , History and other options of this sort. So check and uncheck in the requirement keeping your requirements in front of you.
  • After finishing click OK
  • Then restart the internet explorer .i.e. close it and then open it again

How to clear cache on Firefox?

  • Open the history menu.
  • Then select clear recent history.

(In order to make the menu bar visible tit h user, you may press ALT)

  • From ‘time range to …’ menu delete cache, then select every thing
  • After that click clear
  • Close the browser and open it again.

How to get more phone storage?

How to get more phone storage

In order to get more storage on your phone first thing you need to do is to get rid of cached data. Then you may check from app setting, which apps are consuming more space and delete them then delete the useless photos. You may use apps to store backup of you files, Videos. Audio file and photos.


In saving it, a new technology is used through which your required data can be easily provided to you. Like other things it also has some disadvantages. As by now you have well understood about this data but there may be people who may not know about this and keep asking what is cached data on my phone? How to clear cache?  By having good solution and knowledge of these questions you can makes your device work faster.

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