What Is Intranet And World Wide Web? Internet vs. Intranet

what is intranet


SO you are here looking for the answers to question what is intranet, and what is the difference between internet and intranet and others of the sort. In this article you will get what you are looking for and all you need d to know. Some of the points discussed in this article are listed below:

  • history of internet
  • how does the internet work
  • world wide web
  • internet vs. intranet vs. extranet

History of internet:

It’s history starts with the invention of electronic computers. Computers were developed in 1950. Then in 1960 networking protocols were introduced. Then ARPANET was introduced. Donald Davies was the guy behind the invention of a packet switched network.

Arpanet was accessible to people by the end of 1980 and then TCP/IP came into action I 1982. Then In 1989 a great man Tim Berners Lee introduced WWW.

Definition of internet:

It is basically a network of computers that are connected with each other. It is the thing that brought human form old age to this era of technology.

How internet works?

IP have numbers from 0 to 255. When you connect to it through an ISP you use an IP address for that duration. In order to check that whether your computer is alive online or not, you may use ping command. The message you send online is converted into electronic signals. The protocol used is TCP/IP.  There are many large networks which serve as a backbone to it. Networks use router.

who invented the world wide web:

who invented the world wide web

www  was invented by a great man Time Berners Lee in 1989. He was the guy with the great mind who wrote the first computer program in 1990. He was born in London and was a British scientist. He graduated from Oxford University

World Wide Web definition:

world wide web definition


WWW is an information space where the web resources can be accessed by their URL. It is used by people to communicate online. It allows you to get into the sea of information online and take benefits from the resources. It is a global source of data and information.

internet vs. world wide web

You will be wrong if you consider WWW as a synonym for internet. It is basically it’s subset and is a source of sharing information online. It works as a medium. Information is made accessible through different browsers.

how does the world wide web work?

You can view a page on WWW just by typing in its URL. When you type the URL, your browser converts that into IP address using the DNS (Domain Name System). The browser then sends a HTTP request. The port used by HTTP Protocol is mostly 80

definition of intranet:

definition of intranet

A private network using some technologies which is accessible to only an organization staff. It was established using the technologies of WAN(wide area network) and LAN( local area network). It requires authentication to access and is thus protected from unauthenticated access.

what is an intranet used for?

  • It is used to share the information of an organization among its staff. Thus used for internal communication
  • used for meeting and discussion.
  • It can be used to publish some important announcements.
  • mostly used by HR departments ads system administrators of organizations.
  • time saving and cost effective also.
  • You can get access to immediate updates easily.

What is extranet?

A network that is accessible to the people outside organization but is not accessible to public. It grants access to people outside a company without allowing the staff of its own company to see it. This information is hidden from public. You can access it only if you have the required user name and password. It is quite expensive to implement

what is extranet used for?

  • used to connect and communicate with other companies.
  • It allows vendors a, customers to gain information about a company and is used to exchange large volume of data.
  • helpful in sharing data with the business partners.
  • It is also used in discussion forums online. Here people may give their suggestions.

What is the difference between internet intranet and extranet?

internet vs. intranet:

Following are some of the point that show the difference between the two.

  • Internet is a public area while intranet is a private connection
  • Intranet may be protected by passwords
  • You can access intranet from internet
  • Within a company the server of intranet will respond more quickly than that of internet because the internet server has much things on it.
  • The number of users in intranet are limited where as there is no such condition for internet users.
  • The traffic of intranet is limited also while there is no restriction for the internet traffic
  • Intranet contains limited information. It contains information related to a particular organization only whereas internet is an ocean of information.
  • Internet is not much secure as compare to intranet. This is because intranet is accessible to limited people thus there are less chances of security threats on it.

extranet and internet:

This concept is quite easy to understand; Internet is available to everyone and is used by people on daily basis. It has become a part of our daily life. A person that is connected to it can  get access to  public information about anyone in the world. While extra-net is available to people outside the organization (for example: vendors).  Extranet is connected to internet and  is not much secured.

Extranet vs. intranet:

So now you are confused between these two terms They are not so difficult to understand as you think Let me clear the concepts for you.

Extranet is used to exchange information between organizations whereas internet is used to communicate within an organization. It is used to communicate by the staff of an organization.It is enable through a VPN whereas intranet is made accessible by the system administrator.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

It basically spreads out a private network along a public network. It is used to communicate securely. Online users can easily secure their online transactions through VPN. It can be established by using dedicated connections. It is made by building a virtual connection. We can classify such system by the security level and some other factors.


By now you would have understood what is intranet and what does intranet mean. Thus internet is benefiting us in every category, whether it be extranet or intranet advantages of internet are uncountable. It’s history is just marvelous. They are making communication much easier, simpler and cheaper. For a business to grow and presser use of these technologies is quite necessary.





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