What is a Dual CPU Server Motherboard for Gaming?

dual cpu motherboard


Do you intend to know what is the dual CPU motherboard and can it be used for gaming purpose? Well, you will get some amazing knowledge about it and more related to it. Some of the topics discussed in this article are:

  • Details about the motherboard
  • How to find out what do motherboard I have
  • Types of motherboard
  • Difference between dual core and dual processor
  • Dual CPU server motherboard for gaming
  • Hyper threading technology

What is a Motherboard?

What is a Motherboard

There are many components on a computer. The motherboard is responsible for communication between different peripherals of the computer.

It is considered as one of the most important parts of the computer. It is basically a printed circuit board. Not only a PCB (printed circuit board) but one of the most important PCB of the computer.

Your computer will not work if no motherboard is present in it.

It’s some other names include:

  • PWB(printed wired board)
  • Main board
  • System board

They are of different sizes.

What does a Motherboard Consist of?

It is called mother board because it is regarded as the mother of all the components that are attached to it. It consists of:

  • Connector for other boards
  • Expansion slots
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Controllers
  • Ports

These chips that are present on the board and are collectively referred to as the motherboard chipset.

How to Find out What Motherboard do I have?

Do you need to know about it? Well you can find it easily by the methods explained below:

  • By windows
  • By the documentations.

How to get Motherboard Information in Windows 7?

  1. In windows 7 you can check it by going to the start menu
  2. From start menu open the accessories
  3. Then go to system tools then to system information

Information about your PC is present in utility.

You will see the manufacturer and its model details in the system summary screen. This is the information you need to check.

To get this information in windows 8 and 10 follow these steps:

  1. open the run menu. To open the run menu press the Win key and X at a time.
  2. You will see a menu then open the run menu from there.
  3. In the run type msinfo32 and then press enter to get the information.

By documentation:

You can also get these details from the documentations. Get these documents from the website of the company from where you bought your computer.

Types of the Motherboard:

Following are it’s types:



  • Its full form is extended technology.
  • They are old modelled.
  • They don’t have ports.
  • Connectors are present.
  • Some examples include Pentium I and Pentium II



  • Its full form is advanced technology.
  • They have the PGA sockets.
  • PGA stands for pin grid array.
  • An example is the Pentium III processor

3)Baby AT:

Baby AT

  • They are considered as the combined form of XT and the AT.
  • They have both types of ram slots and the processor socket.
  • An example is of Pentium IV processor.

4) ATX:


  • Its full form is advanced technology extended.
  • They contain MPGA processor sockets.
  • SATA connectors are also present.
  • Some examples include the dual core and the quad core processor.

What is a Dual CPU Motherboard?

In such system 2 processors are present and they work together. It is quite effective in improving the performance and processing of your PC.

One thing you must keep in mind is that is not supported by every OS. Some older OS is in such category that does not support this processing.

Before looking forward to buying it you must first see what your requirements are. Check what your needs are and if they can be handled by a dual one then buy it.

Difference between Dual Core and the Dual Processor:

Dual Core

Many people think that dual core and dual processor are same. This, in reality, is wrong.

Dual core is different from the dual processing. In dual core, a single processor present that has 2 cores.

In dual core, all work is on the single CPU. A single CU holds the responsibility of handling the entire stress.

Dual CPU Gaming Motherboard:

dual cpu motherboard for gaming

You should invest in graphics card if you intend to go for gaming. Well, you can surely use the dual processor for gaming but in reality, there are not many games that need more than a single CPU.

SO if you are buying a dual processor for gaming only then you must overlook your decision.

Confused?  Ok, I will clear your concepts with an example.

Have you ever thought of doing shopping with a formula one racing car?

I guess a normal guy won’t think of doing this. It is like wasting the extra power. We all know that racing car is for racing and not for shopping although you may have a try doing shopping with it.

Same is the case when you use a dual processor motherboard for gaming. If the game can be played with a single processor without any issue then you are wasting the power.

If you are playing a multiplayer game on a server then you might think of doing this.

Dual CPU server motherboard for gaming:

Server motherboard refers to the computer that will function as a server. Having a dual CPU is explained earlier.

There will be more ports and sockets presence in such motherboard. Their bus speed is also quite fast. The main reason for having such fast bus speed is that they have to respond to the request they receive.

Buses in the computer are responsible for the transfer of data between different components of the computer. If this bus speed is fast then the data will transfer quickly.

Thus you can also use it for the purpose of gaming.

How to Choose a Motherboard?

No doubt it is most important part of your PC. So you might be careful while buying it.

Following are some of the things that you must keep in mind while buying it.

  1. The type of motherboard that your CPU uses is quite important to consider in this regard. This is because the 2 sockets should be identical i.e. they should match.
  2. The chipset type. Motherboards have various chipset and each has its own unique feature.
  3. The number of graphic cards you desire to use
  4. The non-graphic cards.
  5. Ports
  6. The audio connections
  7. Memory modules
  8. Network connections
  9. check whether the board can support over clocking (in case you desire to do over clocking)

Quad Channel Motherboard:

A quad channel has the following feature:

  • It has four RAM sticks at a time.
  • It is responsible for transmitting data over 4 channels at a time.
  • It is much faster.
  • The bandwidth increases which in turns increase the data transferring speed.

Hyper threading technology:

Some microprocessor use this awesome technology. By using this technology a microprocessor can work as two microprocessors separately Thus it can perform the execution of two instruction threads.

You can work more efficiently in this case. With a single processor, you Wil be able to do a single task at a time

For example, you open google chrome and the Microsoft word at a time. You are using only a single processor in this regard You think that you are multitasking but in reality, you are not.

Actually, the processor completes a single instruction at a time. The completion of the instruction is so quick that the delay is not much visible.

Thus the OS sees 2 microprocessors in this case. Multitasking is the main benefit of this technology. Also, heavy apps can work best with this technology.

The performance increases a lot, approximately by 30%.

Some people think that hyper threading refers to increasing the cores on a single processor which is a totally wrong concept in this regard.

Final words:

No doubt dual CPU server motherboard can be used for gaming also but your work can be done with a single processor also. Games mostly use dual core. They are mostly used for professional and industrial works. Gaming will not be much benefit from this dual processor.