How do I get my Wireless Printer Online in Windows 7,8,10 and Mac?

how do i get my printer online


Is your printer not working perfectly? Are you here with the question how do I get my wireless printer online in windows and Mac?

Well if it is showing an offline status then no need to worry anymore. This article will let you know how to fix it.

Some of the topics explained are:

  • Printer showing offline.
  • How to fix it?
  • SNMP status enabled
  • Drivers’ settings
  • Restarting and resetting the printer.
  • Getting crooked printing.
  • What is digital document
  • Hard copy vs soft copy

Why Does My Printer Show Offline?

Why Does My Printer Show Offline

Sometimes you might have seen that your PC connects easily with other devices but has some issues in connecting to your printer. It shows an offline status.

Well if your PC shows this status then it means that your PC won’t be able to communicate with your printer. This connectivity issue can be solved easily.

You might be thinking that this issue could be relating to IP address but believe me it’s much easier and simpler than that.

It might also be due to any hardware failure.

How do I get my printer online from offline?

Some important works that you must do first when facing this issue are:

  • Turn it off and then turn it on again.
  • Check whether it is plugged into your computer or there is some wire breakage at any end.

How do I get my Printer Online Again in Windows 7, 8 and 10?

If you still see the offline status then follow the troubleshooting steps explained in this article ahead to solve the issue.

1-SNMP Status Enabled:

SNMP Status Enabled

In windows, one main cause of this issue is when Window is unable to receive notification from SNMP.

SNMP refers to Simple network management protocol. If this is the case then you must do settings in your windows so that it should not get SNMP in between when connecting with the printer.

To do this follow Right click on the printer and open the settings of configuration ports. From their disable the SNMP settings.

You can try solving this issue in windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 by the method explained above.

2-Firewall Settings :

What’s a Firewall

A firewall may also be a cause of this issue.

What’s a Firewall? What Does Firewall Do?

It is basically for the security of a network. Its responsibility is to keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing traffic. It can also block the traffic that is not good for security purposes.

You can follow these steps to get this issue solved:

  1. From the start menu open the ‘devices and printer’.
  2. Then right click the printer and select the option saying ‘see what’s printing…’
  3. Then select the option saying ‘use printer offline’.
  4. Then close this window.
  5. From your browser download the drivers required for printing. Remember one thing. Download the latest drivers.
  6. Install it.
  7. From the control panel do the troubleshooting if the issue remains unsolved.

3-Uninstalling Printer Driver:

You can also try uninstalling its software and then install it again to get rid of the issue.

How to Remove Printer Drivers?

  1. Open the Run window by pressing the Win +R keys together
  2. Then enter the command ‘’
  3. You will see the installing programs screen. You can also open it from the control panel
  4. From there select the drivers and uninstall them.
  5. After the process of uninstalling the drivers is completed don’t forget to restart your computer

How do I get my Printer Online Windows 10?

Windows 10 users may install the windows update also.

How do I get my HP Wireless Printer Online?

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Unpack your device
  2. Plug in the cords
  3. Turn on the printer
  4. Install its software

Don’t forget to read your it’s manual for guidance in this case.

How do I get my Printer Online Mac? Printer Not Responding:

It might happen that when you try to print something from your MAC OS displays a message that ‘printer not responding’. This means it is offline.

This is message is mostly seen when your Device is switched off or when there is no proper connection.

Following these methods can help you in getting back the connection.

1-Restarting the printer and the PC:

  1. If you see it in the printer list in your PC then it indicates that is connected to your PC.
  2. Restart your printer
  3. Wait for a minute and then restart your router. To do this remove the power cord, wait for almost 30 seconds and then plug it in the router.
  4. When your PC has done with the restarting process then open the system preferences.
  5. Open the printer list by clicking on the option saying ‘print and scan’ or something of the sort ‘print and fax’.
  6. If you see it in the list that is displayed to you then it means the network connection is established and you can start orienting your documents.

2-Resetting the Printer:

  1. To solve this connection issue you may go ahead with the resetting process.
  2. When it is on, remove the power cord.
  3. Also, remove the power cord from the socket.
  4. After waiting for a minute plug in the power cord to the power source (socket).
  5. Then connect the cord to the printer.
  6. Then turn it on by pressing the power button and start printing.

Other Troubleshooting Steps:

Some other troubleshooting steps in Mac include:

  • Check if there is any paper jammed in it.
  • You can also solve it by adding a second printer and getting it online.
  • Disconnect it from a host network and connect it directly to the computer with the WIFI-direct
  • Sometimes there might be an issue with your Mac. So try connecting another Mac to check for printing.
  • Check whether your router supports multicasting or not

Printer Status Error:

Printer Status Error

Do you most often see this error message when you are trying to print?

This issue is not so much difficult to get rid of.

  1. First, check the connection.
  2. If the issue is due to the parallel port then open the port settings from the device manager.
  3. You will see an option there saying ‘never use interrupt’.
  4. You just need to change it to ‘use other option.

Printer Printing Crooked:

Printer Printing Crooked

To solve this issue you will need to use the alignment process. If trying the alignment process does not solve the issue then solve it using a duplexer.

For this, you will need to remove it and then put it back again. In this way, you will get straight prints.

What is a Digital Document?

What is a Digital Document

Digital documents are the soft copy. They help you go paperless.

Managing the records is pretty much easy in this case. It is quite easy to access the document in this case. You can keep the backup of your most important work in the digital document format.

You can save your digital document on cloud storage and get it back whenever you want. Sharing the documents also become very much easier.

Hard Copy vs. Soft Copy:

Hard Copy vs. Soft Copy

  • In soft copy, the storage space occupied is much smaller than the hard copy occupied space
  • If you want to provide any signature document or a document to any authorized institution then sometimes it is mandatory to provide the hard copy. For providing any evidence hard copy is needed.
  • Soft copy is not much expensive as compared to the hard copy
  • You can keep the soft copy for a long time but in case of a hard copy, it is quite difficult to reserve it for a long time.
  • In terms of readability, hard copy wins the game. You might have experienced that it is much easier to read from a book in hard copy than reading it on your cell phone or laptop Sometimes special software are required to read a soft copy.

Final Words:

Although now we use the digital documents its importance can never be neglected. Hard copies are required in many cases. Whether it is student or a businessman everyone will feel its need in getting a hard copy of any document

I am pretty much sure that you have now got an answer to your question how do I get my printer online. This issue is caused mostly when the printer driver is unavailable in windows 7, 8 and 10. You must know how to fix it as this machine is very much beneficial for us.