How to Check the CPU Temperature in Windows, Linux and Mac?

check cpu temp



You might be worried about the excessive heating of your PC. High temperature can damage your CPU which in turn affects our PC. You must check your CPU temperature from time to time.

Well, no need to worry about it now. This article will let you know in depth about it.

This article targets not only one OS. You will know how to check the CPU temperature in Windows, Linux and Mac. In this way, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your PC.

Some of the topics discussed in this article are:

  • Check CPU temperature with and without bios
  • Software to check it.
  • Check laptop temperature.
  • Maximum CPU temp
  • Lower CPU temperature
  • Motherboard information

How to check CPU temp windows Vista, 7,10,8?

Details about the CPU temp is provided to your OS by BIOS. It is displayed in Celsius and not in Fahrenheit.

Check CPU temperature bios:

Check CPU temperature bios

You can check it from BIOS. BIOS stands for the basic input-output system. It refers to software in your motherboard that allows you to access different settings.

From bios, you can control different settings of your PC. You will need to restart your device to go into the bios settings. Follow these steps to get the info you want:

  1. First, reboot your PC.
  2. When the screen opens up press the bios key to getting into the bios settings.
  3. From the bios settings go into the hardware monitor.
  4. Here you can check the details you desired.

how to check CPU temp without bios?

If your motherboard has a built-in capability for checking it then you can check it easily from your computer but if that’s not the case then you will need to get a third-party software installed on your PC.

software to check the temperature of CPU:

software to check the temperature of CPU

A Much free software is available for this purpose. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Speedfan
  • Speccy
  • Core Temp (Use the latest version)
  • (OHM)Open Hardware Monitor
  • AIDA64
  • Realtemp
  • CPU thermometer
  • Battery care

This software is pretty much easy to use. You just need to download any of these. Then extract them. Install the software.

After the installation is finished just run the software and all your desired details will be displayed to you.

check CPU temp Mac :

A free app to for this purpose Is fanny. You just need to download it and a menu bar icon will be displayed to you by the app. This contains the information you need.

Some other apps that you can use for this purpose are:

  • Istat
  • Mac fan control
  • Temperature monitor

how to check CPU temperature in Linux?

You can do it by using Linux monitoring sensors. The software is free to use. Modern Linux OS have this software installed already.

After the installation process is completed type in the following command for its configuration.


You might be thinking that what does this sensor detect? It is a program that detects the hardware installed. It also recommends some module. After this enter the command


Now the details that you need to know about your CPU will be displayed to you. In order to observe the real time information type the command ‘Watch sensors’

 how to check laptop temp?

If the fan of your laptop is continuously running then most probably it is an indication that your laptop’s temperature is quite high.

This overheating can damage your laptop. Check the laptop’s fan, any dust in it can also cause a problem.

Some issues that you might face in this case are listed below.

  • In such case of overheating your laptop screen might start freezing frequently. It may also shut down at some random time.
  • Due to overheating you may also see some unexpected error in your laptop.
  • Its speed will decrease and the laptop will work slowly than its actual working speed.

 50-70 degree Celsius is regarded as the optimal temperature for a laptop.

You can use speed fan and core temp to get this information about your laptop.

Average and max temp (in ° C) for CPU  :

The maximum value in this regard is:

  • For core2 duo, the maximum value is 73.3
  • For core 2 quad this value is 71.
  • For Pentium dual-core and Core 2 Extreme, the maximum value is 100
  • Pentiums D and Pentium extreme edition have this value of 69.8
  • Pentium 4 extreme edition has the maximum value of 72.8

The normal temperature value (in ° C ) in this regard is :

  • For corei3-7350K it is 45-60
  • For corei5-7600K it is 45-65

how to stop the computer from overheating?

  • Your room temperature can also affect it.
  • Check the CPU fan. If it is blocked then your device will have to suffer. It can be cleaned using the compressed air.
  • Change the heat sink. This replacement can save your device from a big damage.
  • Change the place of your computer.
  • To avoid overheating you might need to install a case fan. Case fan refers to a small fan that you can attach on the front or back of your PC
  • Change the power supply.
  • Make use of a water cooling kit.
  • Use the phase change units.

How to find out what motherboard I have?

How to find out what motherboard I have

Before getting into the discussion of finding these details you must know what really motherboard is.

The motherboard is basically a printed circuit board. It is responsible for communication with different hardware peripherals. The motherboard has different components connected to it.

Well, the reason due to which people intend to know this information is mostly for updating their drivers. You can get this information easily from window utility information.

You can also get this information by using a software, CPU-Z is the most commonly used software in this regard. Belarc Adviso is also good software that you can use for this propose.


Thus you must know the method to get this information regardless of the OS you are using. You should know how to check the CPU temperature in Windows, Linux and Mac? This knowledge can be quite helpful for you.

In this way, you can save your devices from overheating. Overheating decreases the lifespan of your devices and damaged them badly.