What is UPS Battery Backup Power Supply for a Desktop Computer?

battery backup for computer


Do you know that your computer can be damaged if its power source does not work perfectly?

A ups battery backup power supply for computer holds the responsibilities of the power source in as the primary power source fails. To save your computer from any big damage you must have a sound knowledge about its power sources and the entire system.

This article will let you know a lot more about it. Some of the points discussed in this article are listed below:

  • Battery backup system
  • Surge protector
  • Buying a surge protector
  • Battery Backup time calculation
  • Different Types of ups
  • Laptop battery backup

Battery backup for a desktop computer during the power outage:

ups battery backup power supply for computer

It provides the power source to the hardware components of the computer in the case of any primary power source failure.

You can plug different hardware components of your computer into the ups for power source when the power outage occurs. Mostly the computer’s main housing and monitors are plugged into this source.

Some common names that refer to the battery backup are:

  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Standby ups
  • Online Ups
  • Uninterruptible power source

 Appearance and Properties:

  • These UPS are available in different shapes and sizes. Mostly they are rectangular in shape.
  • Mostly they are rectangular in shape.
  • They are very much heavy. This is because they have batteries inside them. You can recharge them quite also. They can also be replaced.
  • UPS can be switched on and off by a power switch. Moreover Led is also present that show how much it is charged
  • You can recharge it.
  • It can also be replaced.

Battery backup surge protector for computer:

electrical surge protector

A surge protector is a device that limits the voltage supply to any device. It does this by grounding or by blocking the voltage that is not required. This device is also referred to as surge suppressor.

Thus its main job is to detect the excessive voltage. Then it diverts that excessive voltage to the grounding wire.

It saves your computer from getting the unnecessary power that may cause damage. It has power strips to which it passes the voltage. If it finds the voltage higher, it moves that voltage to the grounding wires.

In this way, your device remains safe from any sort of damage by this high voltage. The protection that is offered may vary depending on different condition. Protection is offered in joules. Joule is the measuring unit.

Some of the surge protectors also have USB connection. In this way, you can get your cell phones charged by them.

buying a surge protector:

Thus for really expensive devices, you need a surge protector. You might be thinking how to know if a surge protector is good to buy. Following are some of the things to keep in mind while buying one.

1) Indicator light:

If it doesn’t have an indicator light then how will you know that your surge protector is working well or not? So you must check this thing before buying it.

2) Clamping voltage:

It is the voltage after which the excessive voltage is redirected. So a voltage below 400 volts is a good one.

3) Energy absorbed by surge protector:

The high the energy surge protector is able to absorb higher will be its life span. Try to buy the one with joule rating of not less than 600.

4) Faster time to response:

The faster this time is the earlier it will detect the excessive electricity in your device. So try to buy the one with the response time of almost 1 nano second. The one with a faster response time than this would be an ideal one.

Other factors to check while buying it include the warranty and product detail.

where to use this surge protector in UPS?

The answer to this question is the bypass line. You must install it on the bypass line. In this way you will get two benefits:

1) It will increase the lifespan of the surge protection component

2) If the UPS gets offline, it will provide protection to the excessive voltage.

Thus it provides protection to the ups. In this way, it saves many devices.

4-hour battery backup for computer:

This means that it will provide support to your device for almost four hours in case of failure of the primary voltage source of your PC.

ups vs surge protector:

The difference between the two is that the surge protector protects your devices from excessive voltage while the other one gives protection in both the case i.e. insufficient energy and excessive voltage. This is very useful in order to keep your PC functional in case of any sudden power loss.

Ups battery replacement:

Ups battery replacement

You don’t need any expert technical support in doing so. You can do this very easily you will just need to some simple steps for doing so.

  1.  Find the model number of your UPS and get a new battery
  2. On the bottom of the UPS, you will see the battery cover, Open
  3. Get the old one out. But before removing its connections note down the connections. So that you may not get any difficulty in removing it with the new one.
  4. Also, check whether the new and old batteries are of the same size or not. Otherwise, you may get difficulty in replacing it.
  5. Then connect the new one with the ups.

Ups load calculation formula:

You can easily calculate it. Inverters of different capacity are available. Some are

  • 200VA
  • 250VA
  • 400VA
  • 500VA

You may choose among these on the basis of power usage at a time. Here VA refers to volt x ampere. You can convert into watt be multiplying with the power factor


Power factor x Volt x Ampere = Watts,

The maximum power factor is 0.8.

For running a 400-watt device you will have an inverter of 500 VA or more than this one. This is how the calculation is done:

400/0.8 = 500 VA

Thus the formula to calculate it is,

Backup time = 12V x (AH) x (Total number of batteries needed) x maximum power factor/ Load

Here the load is expressed in watt.

Here AH refers to the battery’s ampere hour capacity.

The inverter performance is related to the battery. You may have noticed one thing that we haven’t used the inverter capacity in this entire formula. This is because the backup time is not dependent on it.

Do you think it is Difficult to understand?

Ok, no issue. I will explain it to you by an example.

You have an 80 A battery and the load is around 130 Watts. Along with this, you have got one 12V battery. Now putting these values in the formula described above we get,

backup time = (80 x 1 x 12x 0.8/130)  = 5.9h

Thus the time we have got is 5.9 hours.

how to choose a battery backup for a computer?

This market is quite broad. Therefore you must know what things you should keep in mind while buying one. This task is not so much difficult. You can easily get a good one if you have some knowledge about them.

  1. You must check its power needs
  2. Check the amount of wattage.
  3. Check the runtime. This refers to the time length for a time the ups will act as a backup source to your PC in case of primary power source failure.
  4. Check about the battery failure. Here thing you need to check is that is that if the battery goes down then whether the ups will operate till the replacement of this battery or not. The ups will work as a surge protector in this case (when its battery goes down).
  5. Check the cost of replacement.

Types of ups:

There are different types of UPS. Each has its own features for which it is known for. The most common ones are listed below:

1)Line interactive UPS:

Line interactive UPS

  • This type of up is best for providing reliability to your home PC.
  • It uses AVR. AVR refers to automatic voltage regulation.
  • It first checks for the low voltage and when detected a low voltage, it boosts that voltage.
  • The primary power source is AC power line while the secondary one is served by the battery.
  • The inverter performs the function of charging the battery.
  • The inverter is in connection with the output of ups and is always on. This is considered as the biggest benefit of this type of ups.

2) Standby ups:

standby ups

  • It is named as stand by because here the inverter comes into action in case of power failure only i.e. they are in standby mode until they are not in use.
  • It is cheaper than others
  • It also referred to as SPS.SPS stands for “standby power supply”.
  • The battery is charged using the line power.
  • Its one disadvantage is that in the case of power failure the switching to ups occurs with a little bit delay i.e. switching to UPS doesn’t happen immediately in case of power outage. This time is referred to as switch time.

3) Delta conversion online ups:

  • It uses some new technologies
  • The load voltage is supplied by the inverter.
  • It offers a reduction in energy loss.
  • It consists of a delta inverter which performs the function of charging the ups battery and regulating the input power.

4) Stand by Ferro ups:

  • In this type, the transformer is equipped with a Ferro resonant capability which performs the function of voltage regulation.
  • It has a transformer with 3 windings. Windings are the power connections.
  • AC input serves as the primary power supply source which makes its way through a transfer which the transformer and finally to the output.
  • High reliability is one its main feature.

laptop battery backup:

laptop battery backup

The situation is pretty much tough when you are in a hurry and your laptop battery goes low. By following these simple steps you can overcome this dreadful situation to some extent:

  1. Turn on the battery saver. This will save your laptop battery and you will be able to use it for a longer time.
  2. Close all necessary apps running in the background to reduce power usage. Task manager can be helpful for you in closing such background processes.
  3. Turn of the WIFI and Bluetooth. Shutting down these power consumers will save your battery
  4. Disconnect the unwanted devices from your laptop. Make sure you didn’t disconnect any important device like hard drive or processor. You can do it easily from the device manager settings in the control panel.
  5. Avoid multitasking. Multitasking refers to doing different processes at the same time. For example, if you want to work on excel file then close all other unwanted processes and programs
  6. More heating will shorten the battery life. Avoid using the laptop on a pillow or any other thing of the sort. This is because it increases the heating of the laptop.


Thus from the above discussion, the importance of surge protector and battery backup for the computer during a power outage is much clearer. They are essential in improving the lifespan of your computer. Voltage changes can badly affect your computer. Your PC needs it in case you want your PC to work for a longer lifespan without any issue.