Unable To Start Debugging On The Web Server. Error Solved.

unable to start debugging on the web server


Suppose you need to start a web application. By using localhost you create an ASP.NET web application, then you make some changes in the IIS (Internet information services) then you get the error message saying, unable to start debugging on the web server and you are like: what to do now? How to solve it?

After working for a long time you create a web application and on running it if you get this error then you really get angry and don’t know what to do further. No need to worry now. In this article, you will go through some methods to solve this error and errors resembling this one. Some of the points discussed in this article are:

  • error: the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b
  • error: no symbols have been loaded for this document
  • Microsoft script debugger
  • how to reset IIS
  • win-word Exe application error

unable to start debugging on the web server, while trying to run your project:

If you get this error then no need to worry first check whether ALT server is correctly installed on the server or not. When you try to run the application, the debugger is basically not being able to send the actions to IIS due to which this message is displayed.

how to solve, unable to start debugging on the web server, while trying to run your project?

For example name of your web application is xyz

  1. Open the file named:  xyz.vbproj.webinfo file.

This is for visual basic. Users of C# may open the file named: xyz.csproj.webinfo file.

Find the following URL: http://localhost/

Note: xyz is considered to be the name of your web application; you may search by your web application name.

  1. Write the IP address of your computer on the place of localhost in the above URL.
  2. Then open internet explorer. From tools open internet option
  3. From security tab, under the setting of select web content click on the local internet then click sites.
  4. Under the local internet, box choose advanced
  5. There will be option saying adding this web… box. Type the URL of your project in that box.
  1. After that click add.
  2. Restart the applications i.e. close it and reopen.
  3. Then under the debug menu click start.

The application was unable to start 0xc00007b:

This is mostly faced by people who migrate from 32-bit Windows to 64 bit. Try following these methods; you will surely get your problem solved.

  • First of all, try to reboot your system
  • If you are running a game or any program and this error appears, close the program then try to run it as administrator. You can do it by right-clicking on the icon of the program/game, click Run as administrator.
  • If you are using a Microsoft.Net framework and you get this error then close it, then install the latest version.
  • Make sure you have all the required drivers installed; if not then you will have to reinstall your windows to get this issue solved.
  • Try refreshing your windows.
  • Try running windows update.
  • Sometimes you may get this error when Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable project is not perfectly configured. First, solve it.
  • You may need to download some DLL files.
  • For some applications and game, DiretcX software is mandatory. Try installing its latest version to get this headache solved.

Error retrieving information from server:

the cause of the error, unable to start debugging on the web server, while trying to run your project:

  • This issue is mostly caused when you purchase or download any app from a play store then try to run it. No need to worry now. You can get rid of this obstacle quite easily.
  • First, log out from your Google account from the particular device, clear downloads then log in and try to run the app again,
  • Try factory resetting option. But before doing that don’t forget to create a backup of your all data.
  • If you have 2 Google accounts linked to the play store. Try removing the secondary account.
  • Try clearing the cache from the application manager.
  • Check your date and time from settings whether they are correct or not.

error: No symbols have been loaded for this document:

You get this error when some modules of your program may not be shown because they are not loaded. Following are some of the solution for this issue.

  • Try rebuilding your project to solve it.
  • From the debug setting disable the option named “just my code” and try running the app /project
  • Try running visual studio as administrator
  • Go through your code again and again and check if any change is required in your code that may be causing this obstacle.
  • The main cause of this headache is that visual studio may be using any other file running at that time instead of using the current project file.
  • From the compile settings enable the option saying generate debugger info
  • Check whether the correct version of ASP.NET is installed or not
  • From the configuration manager check whether all settings are correct or not
  • Sometimes you may get this error when you are trying to compile a library that may not be mentioned in your code, so you may need to edit your code
  • Try installing the latest version of visual studio, run your code in it.
  • You may also need to check whether your solution is in release mode or not
  • Try restarting the visual studio and run the code.
  • Check the linker settings.

Microsoft script debugger:

It allows the user to debug the code by setting breaks point. Try running your code by setting breakpoints, then check at which line you get the error then edit that part of the code. Microsoft script debugger can also open and edit HTML pages.

Win-word Exe application error:

Window.exe is the file that is used to start Microsoft applications. This error stops running Windows programs. It may be caused by any virus; you can get rid of the problem by running an antivirus. You may also need to boot your computer to solve this issue.,

How to reset IIS?

For many of you applications that stopped working you many need to reset IIS. You can do it easily. From the start menu type run a then type cmd. The command prompt is opened for you. Then type the following command.


Then press enter after that type

iireset/ start

IF you type iireset /status then you may get the status of IIS.


Thus unable to start debugging on the web server, the application was not to work correctly and many other errors can be easily solved. The last problem to every solution is to try restarting your PC. It is the most common solution and 70%-80% times it works. Read more at What are servers?

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