What is an IP Address? Where Do I Find My IP Address?

Internet Protocol Address


Fellow Do you intend to know What is an IP address, what can someone do with your IP address, it’s configuration and some other conflict issues related to internet protocol address?

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Some of the points discussed in this article are:

  • IP address classes
  • How to change router IP?
  • It’s security
  • Static and private IP address.
  • Difference between public and private IP address
  • Spoofing

What is an IP Address?

what is an ip address

  • It works as an identifier.
  • Full form of IP is Internet Protocol.
  • It has four numbers which are separated by dots, and there are at most three numbers in between the dots.
  • The numbers are in the range of 0 to 255.
  • By using this unique address, we can share information on the internet.

Internet Protocol Address:

  • It works as a locator that locates nodes within a network.
  • The address is unique.
  • By using it, computers can communicate to the web.
  • It is used to differentiate between the devices that are found online.

What is an IP Address Class?

what is an IP address class

Classes tell that which bits are being used for the identification of a network.

There are five classes A, B, C, D, and E. They are assigned a particular range.

Class A, B, and C can also be used as host addresses.

  • Class A = 0 to 127
  • Class B = 128 to 191
  • Class C = 192 to 223
  • Class D = 224 to 239
  • Class E = 240 to 255

Where Do I Find it?

You can easily find it using IP config in command prompt.

Just type the command, and it will be displayed to you.

The command for this is different on Linux operating system.

You can also find it in control panel in internet and network category.

To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Open control panel
  2. Under network and the internet go to ‘view network status.’
  3. Then click on Ethernet.
  4. From there click on details and your desired information will be informed of you

Dynamic and Static IP Address:

If the address assigned is not changeable then it is termed as static, and if it can be changed, then it is referred to as dynamic.

VPN is an example of static.

Static addresses do not change that’s why they are easy to remember.

Security is the central issue in static ones.

Dynamic ones are not the permanent ones.

What is an IPv4 Address?

What is an IPv4 Address

It is none other than the fourth version. Its header packet has fourteen fields.

The Difference Between Public and Private IP Addresses:

The Difference between Public and Private IP Addresses

They are also termed as internal and external ones.

The public is the unique one and is assigned to connect to the internet.

ISP gives this.

By this address, computers can be identified online and share information and data.

The public one is readily available over the internet.

Thus it helps for direct access. It requires modem

The private one (also called internal ) is added to your router.

It is used to identify the device within a particular network. It is used in creating a Private Network.

The devices that are not on your network won’t be able to see the private address assigned to the devices within your network.

They are used in LAN. It requires a router.

Who Owns IP Address?

Do you want to find the owner of an internet protocol address?

Well, the task is not that much difficult.

There are many ‘who is‘ site available on the internet, you can find using them quite quickly.

Just enter the address, and the owner name will be displayed to you.

Self-Assigned IP:

In some operating systems, the self-assigned ones become a quite big issue.

Facing this problem you want to be able to connect to the internet and thus will be in great trouble but believe me the solution is not much complicated.

Just relax, the solution for this issue is described below:

  1. To solve this problem, you may need to reset the firewall and then restart your device.
  2. After that try connecting to the internet.
  3. If it is not resolved, then go into the settings and check the network preferences.

Windows Has Detected an IP Address Conflict:

When you are connected to any connection by ethernet then subnet mask, default gateway and other details are to be entered, when you plug it into some another device then this error appears mostly.

In this problem, there might be some issue with the DHCP server.

Some possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Restart the router
  • Use the ipconfig/all, ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew command at the command prompt and then check.
  • Go to the properties of the network you are using by right-clicking the network and then selecting properties. Later in the settings choose the option to obtain IP address automatically.
  • This issue might be because of IPV6 also.

How To Change this Unique Address?

There are many reasons to do.

It might happen that your address has been blocked by any website online or any game.

  • You can use a VPN for this purpose also.
  • You need to change the address on the router if you want to be seen online with a different address. For this switch it off, then turn it on again and open the ISP interface. Some settings need to be done here from ISP interface.
  • To change the address of a computer go to control plane. You will need to do some setting there.

IP Address Security Issues:

IP Address Security Issues

Its security is very much necessary. You have no idea what someone can do with your address.

Your location can be detected by using it. Some unknown stuff can be downloaded using your IP from the internet. Even your network can get attacked also.

So be safe follow the guidelines below:

  • Use a Virtual Private Network as explained above.
  • Keep updating your firewalls.
  • Keep an eye on your anti-virus and update it regularly.

 Spoofing IP:

It means to create address by some false sources.

You can be secured from it by packet filtering. In spoofing false data is added.

Final Words:

I don’t think now you will be asking people What is an IP address, it’s tracker, security, router, internet protocol address and some other networking Issues.

This article will have surely give you some value-able piece of information.

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