What Is SQL Server? Learn About Ms SQL Client And Oracle

what is sql server


So you are looking for the answer to the question what is SQL server and many others related to its versions and editions.In this article, you will get to know all about this topic. Some of the topics discussed in this article are listed below:

  • What is SQL and what does it mean?
  • SQL Server versions, editions and tools
  • Oracle

Intro to SQL:

Intro to SQL

It was designed for the purpose of manipulation of data. It uses concepts of calculus and relational algebra also. It was introduced in 1970 by IBM.

What does SQL mean?

  • Was initially called SEQUEL.
  • A programming language used for managing RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).
  • It consists of clauses, statement, queries and expressions.

What is SQL used for?

What is SQL used for

It is used to connect to the database. you can store, edit and save data/ information with it. You can also insert and retrieve data.

It consists of:

  • DDL(Data definition language)
  • DML(DATA manipulation language)
  • DCL(Data control language)

The queries are used. The commands included are:

  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Insert
  • Modify
  • Grant

Transaction controlling commands are:

  • Commit
  • Rollback

What is a server?

What is a server

A program that provides services to other programs. It works as a centralised computer that manages different services in a network. You can get more about them at What are servers?

What is SQL server?

It is Microsoft’s RDBMS.  This is used to store data. It was introduced in 1979. It supports and implements SQL and is known for its flexibility. It contains

  • T-SQL
  • SSMS

Its competitors are:

  • Oracle dB

MS SQL server version:

Many versions have been introduced keeping in front the demand of users and the software.  These include: SQL Server 2016,2014,2012,2008 and 2008 R2. It’s 2016 version works on x64 processors.

MS SQL Server editions:

It is available in many editions. I bet you will get tired counting them all. Some of them include:

  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. Express edition
  3. Web edition
  4. Workgroup edition
  5. Compact edition
  6. Evolution edition
  7. Fast track edition
  8. Personal Edition

There are much more than these.

What is SQL server express?

It ‘s hard to discuss all of these so let us explain it briefly. Most important thing about this edition is that it can be used to build applications that can hold data of up to 10 GB disk space and is free to use. You can download it easily. It has some hardware limits also. It includes several GUI tools which are helpful in database management.

MS SQL tools:

These are:

  1. SSMS
  2. SSDT

SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools):

You can easily work on a database project with the help of this tool. It helps you to maintain and debug database. You can quickly generate development reports with the support of these tools. It has made editing and creating tables much easier On installing, this tool is already included in the features. There are some more tools in database development. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Code navigation
  2. IntelliSense

What is SQL server management studio(SSMS)?

It helps you determine which version you are running. First, right-click on the instance name and then select properties. The general section will have the information of the version you are running. You can also determine the version by running a query in SSMS. First, connect then type in the following query

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(product version’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘product level’),  SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’)

And your version will be displayed to you.

MS SQL client:

It client was introduced in 2005 and is used to create a new application or enhance the working of existing applications. If you want to update a request, then you may need to use it to build new functionalities. It is used in creating an application that uses new features. You can download it from Microsoft’s website. This technology is used to access information stored in the database.

What is SQL server agent?

A component that schedules different tasks. Some of these tasks include:

  • Backup
  • Job scheduling
  • Database monitoring

It uses GUI wizards. After it plans the job, database schedules the execution frequency. It can be started in both ways; manually or automatically. It uses operators for alerts. By default is disabled. You will need to enable it. You can run the jobs in many ways.  You can run it according to a schedule or response to an alert.

For security purpose it uses,

  • SQLAgentUserRole
  • SQLAgentReaderRole,
  • SQLAgentOperatorRole

These are used to control the access of users. Who don’t belong to any of these cannot access it. It ALSO uses proxies to control security. Proxies can be creating DB the members of sysadmin.

What is it’s reporting service?

Software that helps in creating a database for facts analysis. It helps in creating and maintaining reports. It includes:

  1. Analysis Services
  2. Integration Services

It provides a unique interface. This service was first introduced in 2004 and then in 2005 second version was released.

What is Oracle?

What is oracle

 Oracle Corporation:

An American multinational corporation which provides database software and products. It was first named as Oracle System Corporation then changed to Oracle Corporation and is now officially called as Oracle. It also provides business applications.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Oracle E-Business Suite
  2. enterprise resource planning
  3. Human resource management.

For its product marketing, it has joined hands with Oracle certified partners. Some of the tools by Oracle Corporation include:

  1. Oracle Discoverer
  2. Net Beans
  3. Oracle Application Express
  4. Open Java Development Kit

Some of the Oracle services include:

  1. Cloud
  2. Consulting
  3. Financing

Oracle database:

It was produced by Oracle Corporation and is simply referred to as Oracle.  It is an object RDBMS (relational database management system). Physically it stores data in the form of a data file. The data is stored logically in the form of table space. Table are partitioned by key.

Oracle database consists of a real data file in which data is stored. It comes with a default schema called SCOTT. It relies on processes running in the background. Some of them are listed below:

  • memory manager process
  • memory monitor light process
  • queue monitor processes
  • monitor for Data Guard management
  • space management coordinator process

You will be quite amazed to know that it comes with more than 60 language versions.


By now you would have understood what is SQL server and sequel. You would have perfectly understood it’s databases, editions versions and tools. Thus they have provided users with facilities. It turns their applications into intelligent applications and is quite helpful in web based applications.




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