What Is The Deep Web, Dark Web And Tor Web Browser?

what is the deep web.


So you are here to have some information about the part of internet that is hidden form us. You have questions in your mind what is the deep web, How to get into it and many more question like these. You will get amazing and quite informative knowledge about all the stuff you want in this article. Some of the points discussed in this article are listed below:

  • Levels of the internet
  • What is on the deep and dark web?
  • How to get on the dark web?
  • What is a tor web browser and how to use it?
  • How anonymous is tor?

Levels of the internet:

There are 5 level of internet. They are arranged in the ascending order with respect to the difficult in accessing them. The level 5 is quite difficult to access and the one at level one is easier to access.

There are:

  • Level 0- Common Web
  • Level 1- Surface Web
  • Level 2- Bergie Web
  • Level 3- Deep web
  • Level 4- Charter Web
  • Level 5- Marianas Web

Level 0 is not considered as a level because it is available publicly. You can access it anytime.

What is the deep web?



It is the part of WW (World Wide Web) whose contents are not indexed on search engines. It is the content of database. There can be many reasons for this. Some are listed be

  1. Use of dynamic content:

It also includes the content that is access only when a form is submitted.

  1. Presence of limited access web content:

These include pages with different access permissions.

  1. Private web:

These are sites which require a login /sign up to access.

The term opposite to it is surface web. Its contents are indexed on search engines. It was first used in 2001

How to get into the deep web?

its impossible to get access to it through your normal browser like Google or Mozilla. You can access it through tor browser. This browser will be explained in this article ahead.

how to access the deep web on iPhone?

In order to access it from your iPhone you will have to download the tor browser form your app store. Some websites may have problem while opening in this case. The security level will be quite different when accessing tor browser from your PC/laptop and when accessing it form an iPhone. Accessing it from PC/laptop is quite safer than this one. You should try for VPN for iPhone.

What is on the deep web?

It contains many websites. Some are shown here for you . Name of the websites of this forum are listed below:

  1. The Human Experiment
  2. Summoning Demons
  3. Cannibal Forums
  4. Stillborn Baby collection
  5. Aero plane crashes
  6. Human Leather
  7. Creepy links

What is the dark web?

What is the dark web

It is a network that exist between tor severs and their clients. it can be not indexed on search engines for some reasons. It basically refers to those websites that are visible but the IP addresses of their servers are hidden.

What is on the dark web?

You can access the websites of  it  but you can’t see who is behind the website. These sites cannot be found on search engines. People also use it to communicate with the outside world.

How to get on the dark web?’

It in not a difficult task. You should get a good VPN to get into the dark net. Your security should be the most important thing for you while accessing it. You will have to use a VPN app. You will get a fake IP address through VPN. You can also access it through tor browser.

How to surf the dark web?

You can surf the through it quite easily. While doing so don’t forget to:

  • disconnect your microphone
  • Block your camera, so no one could be able to track your activities.
  • Don’t use your real name and password.
  • Try not to download unnecessary things.

Tor the onion router:

Tor the onion router

Full form of tor is the onion router, that’s why it is also known as  tor onion router

What is a tor web browser?

Some of the common names of this browser are:

  • Anonymous web browser
  • deep web browser
  • Dark web browser.

People use this browser to hide their identities. You can search on web anonymously by using it.

What is a tor network?

It was a network of servers used worldwide to be on internet as anonymous. It can also be used as a privacy tool. No one can track you if you are using it .If you want to access the websites in dark net then you will also need to use tor tools.

How to use tor web browser?

In order to use it, you will have to download this browser form its website .It does not require any configurations. You will just have to use that browser and boom!!!

No one will be able to trace you. You data will go through many layers.  You can host websites through tor browser. There websites will be available  to tor users only. It will also slow you internet connection .You will observe a low speed internet connection.

How anonymous is tor?

Although it gives you access to surf the dark net anonymously but remember you can’t be 100% anonymous, special security teams can see you. So avoid doing bad activities using this browser. Be a good human being and give benefits to others.

Remember deep and dark web are not the same thing. Although they work on almost similar functions, but they are quite different. Deep net is content in a database. It includes dark web. While dark web is a network.


Thus what we see is not all. There is a huge part of internet not visible to us. There could be many things like these that we don’t know. There may be many people who don’t know about it and they may be asking what the deep web is and how to access the dark net? Although we know the secret to this but we should try not to use it for bad purpose and hacking. We should try to reveal such undiscovered things and let the world see what they can’t actually see



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