Explain NTP Server IP. What NTP Server To Use? SNTP vs NTP

ntp server ip


In this article you will get some amazing knowledge about the NTP server IP address. You will be glad to know that your desired topic for what you ave been surfing through the internet will be found here. Some of the topics covered are listed below:

  • Stratum
  • SNTP
  • NTP Tiers
  • Which one to use

Clock Synchronization algorithms:

It means recovery. Clocks may differ from each other at certain pace. According to an algorithm, it is maintained by radio clock. Berkeley algorithm guides us when clock is not present. This algorithm put forward the idea that internal clocks may vary with each other in rate .In order to synchronise it, client must have their round trip delay. Round trip delay X is determined by :

X = (t3-t0)-(t2-t1)

Global Positioning System:

It is also used for clock synchronization. GPS system was introduced in 1973 to make navigation system more flexible.

NTP server IP address:

  • It’s used for clock synchronization.
  • Synchronizes the computer that participates in connection.
  • Shows high rate of accuracy in LAN.
  • This protocol uses client model. In 1988 came NTPv0 after that came NTPv1 and so on.
  • Has a semi layer system of line sources which are hierarchical. In this hierarchical structure, each level is termed as stratum.

 What is Stratum?

Stratum indicates the position which is determined from their hierarchy which will be synchronized to n stratum will be basically running in n+ 1 stratum. The one at the top is marked at 0 i.e. initial one marked as 0.

Stratum 0:

They have high precision level. The pulse per second signal that they generate are much accurate. For example: GPS clocks

Stratum 1:

They may peer with same category stratum for backups.

Stratum 2:

A computer having Stratum 2 may query with other having Stratum 1 and Stratum 2 .

Stratum 3:

Their peering algorithm is same as that of Stratum 2. A device having Stratum 16 is considered to be un-synchronized.

What is SNTP?

Simple Network Transfer Protocol uses the same protocol as that of NTP and is used on embedded devices and in those devices where high accuracy is not mandatory.


  • It works under Linux.
  • Introduced by Paul-Henning Kamp .

Network Timing Protocol server:

Network Timing Protocol server

Ping command can be used to find the IP address. It provides security also.

Tiers of NTP:

It has 2 tiers that may be seen on internet. They both hold equal importance.

first level :

  • They can provide mission critical services.
  • Some may have a restricted access policy.

Second level:

  • They mostly allow public access.
  • They are mostly used by people because they are on the closest network that has driving fast updates.

Google NTP IP:

They are public DNS. Their addresses are:

  • time1.google.com
  • time2.google.com
  • time3.google.com
  • time4.google.com

How to activate time servers on your windows?

How to activate time servers on your windows

To activate them on your windows follow these instructions:

  1. From the start menu type run.
  2. Then type cmd to open the command window
  3. Type net time /setsntp:[servername] in the command prompt.
  4.  Write name on the place asked.
  5. .Set the clock service, so that it may start automatically on startup

Which Network Time Protocol server to use?

Which Network Time Protocol server to use

Here a question may arise in your mind that how you may trust one that is randomly assigned to a device. The answer is quite simple. For this reason you use three at once. They protocol works very intelligently.  If you are pointing to only one, it is not possible for it to fail over to another one until and unless the DNS record time gets expired.

Which time server to choose?

  • They all strive to maintain the clock. The distance between you and the intervening network may affect some factors. One is latency. Another factor is jitter. It may be possible that not all may be available at once. So choose the one wisely from those that are available. ·
  • To know which one is better run a real client and compare their stats. You can get it’s correct synchronization if incoming and outgoing routes both have same delay between client and the device. ·
  • Thus best is one that is closest to you. It would be best for synchronization. Choose that one. In some cases it does not matter, you choose which one because all are backups of each other.

Public Network Time Protocol server’s IP address:

They provide you dedicated and secure synchronization in your network.

Microsoft windows time server:

This service is installed by default. Clock synchronization in windows is in a different way. It basically depends on the network implementation. Process to configure it is quite lengthy. I will discuss some min points here

  1.  First you will have to change your network type to NTP
  2.   Then you will have to set announce flags.
  3.   After that specify time resources.
  4.   Then select poll interval.
  5.   Then you will have to do time correction settings.
  6.   Then restart it.

It may happen that an error response may be given from opposite side, no need to worry, repeat the above procedure gain.

 How to synchronize computer clock?

So now you intend to have some knowledge about clock synchronization in your computer. Let me explain it to you. There is a special chip in your motherboard that holds the duty of maintaining your Pc clock and keep it running. When your battery slows down an error message will be displayed. Whenever you restart your PC , the clock will start working. There are many software that help you keep your PC clock synchronize. Some of them are discussed below:


It is a quite simple tool that checks the time and adjusts it automatically. The thing that makes it distinguished from others is its file size which is very small i.e. 10KB.  If one attempt fails it keeps on trying. This tool has been working for us since 2008 and is still working perfectly.


It is also a very popular tool. It is free for personal use but for commercial use you will have to purchase it. You will have to do some settings before clock syncing with dimension4.


Thus they synchronize your clock to accuracy. They are result of some researches and new and advanced technology. Remember one thing if you have a computer that has multiple network adaptors then you cannot enable windows time server selectively.