What is Broadband Internet Connection? How it Works?

What Is Broadband Internet


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Some of the topics discussed in this article are:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • It’s types
  • Working
  • Broadband vs. WiFi vs. dongle
  • Advantages of broadband internet connection

What is Broadband Internet Connection?

  • It is an internet connection with much high speed and provides much ease to the user.
  • It uses new technologies.
  • It is accessible all the time.
  • You can download and upload things online at breakneck speed by using this service.
  • It is now mostly used by online users because of the ease and good speed it offers its users.

What is Broadband Internet Definition?

By broadband, the thing which comes in our is ‘broad’ ‘band, what, ’ i.e., wide bands are available for sending and receiving information, that’s why it is much faster.

A single wire holds the responsibility of carrying the whole data.

What is Broadband Internet Speed?

Well, its speed is quite high as compared to others of the sort.

This is the main reason it is much loved by people.

Types of Broadband Internet Connection:

The kind of technologies it uses are:

  1. Fiber
  2. DSL
  3. ADSL
  4. Cable modem
  5. Satellite
  6. Wireless

1) Fiber Broadband:

  • It uses fiber optic cables and offers much faster speed for downloading than others of this type.
  • It is safe from interference.

Its certain kinds are commonly in use.

These are:

a) FTTC:

  • Its full form is ‘fiber to the cabinet’.
  • The download speed offered by it is about 70 Mbps-75 Mbps

b) FTTP:

  • Its full form is ‘fiber to the premises’.
  • It provides an impressive download speed of up to 330 Mbps.
  • It is best for devices that are not near, i.e., are at some distance from each other.

c) FTTN:

Its full form is fiber to the node.

2) DSL:

  • Its full form is digital subscriber line.
  • It transmits data on telephone lines.
  • The speed is dependent upon the distance of your phone company from your house or organization.

3) ADSL:

  • Its full form is asymmetric digital subscriber line.
  • It is better for transmitting data downstream and provides good speed in that area.

4) Cable Modem:

Cable Modem

  • It uses coaxial cable to transmit data.
  • You are allowed to enjoy your cable TV while using this service

5) Wireless:

  • It provides services in remote areas also.
  • Mobile customers also use this service.
  • The speed is much good.

6) Satellite Broadband:

It is a form of wireless broadband.

As we know that satellite orbiting around Earth provides different services.

In the same way, it provides internet services also. The speed is a little bit slower than the cable and DSL.

How Does Broadband Work?

How does Broadband Work.

Its need arose with the increasing number of internet user.

As the online users increased, the dial-up connections were unable to fulfill the needs.

This connection allows transmitting a greater amount of data quite quickly.


It uses telephone lines.

It is connected to your house by wiring. A micro-filter is used to separate phone lines from internet lines.

In this way, you can enjoy both the services at the same time without any resistance.

Mobile Broadband:

It uses the latest technologies for exchanging information. These are 3G and 4G.


In the case of wireless one the data is received by router first then the signal is picked by a wireless card in your PC.

Fiber Optics:

Fiber Optics

In this case, a light pulse is transmitted.

As we know that the speed of light is the fastest one, thus this connection offers a high speed.


The data is transmitted through the same wires that give television signals.

Broadband vs. WiFi vs. Dongle:

broadband vs wifi vs dongle

Each one of them has its benefits.

  • The first one is best for desktop users or home users.
  • The cost, as well as downtime, is quite small.
  • WiFi is best for Mobile devices and other wireless devices. Nowadays WiFi is the most common one because of use of new smartphones and their portable devices.
  • The dongle comes with uses when neither one of the above-discussed services are available. It is mostly used by travelers as they have to face connectivity problems.
  • The services offered by these three also depend upon your geographical location. Thus I would suggest to you to choose the one that is according to your needs, don’t go beyond it neither ahead of it. Because having anything extra that is of no use would be entirely useless.

Advantages of Broadband Internet Connection:


  1. High speed is its main advantage.
  2. You can use both telephone and internet at the same time.
  3. The new email on the server update automatically, you don’t need to check for new emails manually.
  4. Many users can work at same time and enjoy good speed.
  5. The downloading speed is much fast. You can download more significant amount of data quite easily and in less time.
  6. The service is available 24 hours.
  7. Excellent for portable devices also.
  8. You have unlimited access.
  9. The bill you get is not dependent upon the duration of Internet usage.


  1. As it’s speed is high. Therefore the cost is a little bit high also.
  2. There is some security risk. However, work is being done on improving such security threats.
  3. The server speed may slow down the connection.
  4. It is not accessible for everyone.
  5. There is some maintenance issued with this connection. Any cable breakage is dependent upon your ISP, and you won’t be able to use the service until it is repaired by your ISP.

Future of Broadband:

  • Its usage has changed the way how people used to be online in olden times.
  • South Korea is considered to have the fastest connection of this sort in the whole world.
  • By its modern usage, we can predict how much it will prevail in the upcoming future.
  • It is estimated that by the use of this technology in the coming years more than 40% people of this world will be among online users.
  • Thus the traffic will increase at a tremendous rate.
  • Also, new technologies will be used to make it more secure and much more flexible for its users.


This connection has made the life of online users much more comfortable.

This was the main reason for which it was introduced, and it has acted upon the expectations created by it quite successfully.

By now I am pretty much sure you have got some good knowledge about what is a broadband internet connection, it’s type and working by reading this article.

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