What Everyone Must Know About the Internet of Things [Infographic]

the internet of things

The Internet has been always of great importance for us. The number of internet users is increasing daily because of the information and ease that it provides us. The benefits that internet has provided to us are countless.

The IoT is and will always remain to be of great worth for us in the future. The infographic below explains how will IoT affect our lives in the near future.

The internet of things infographic

Advantages of the Internet of Things:

There are numerous benefits of IoT. The amount of data collected by IoT devices in the near future is quite unpredictable.

Wireless connections are also making the deployment of IoT solutions possible because of their flexibility.

Smart Devices:

IoT has given has many smart devices that perform valuable tasks for us. They are also much easier to use.

Some of the smart devices that IoT has provided us include:

  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Tv
  • Smart Appliances

IoT has also made possible the smart homes. In smart homes, smart lighting is used.

Benefits to Industries:

IoT is and will remain beneficial tot industries. Main industries that benefit from it are:


The task of monitoring the power meters is now much easier because of IoT.


It has helped a lot in diagnosing some very big disease. Also trackers quite useful during treatment.

In the next 5-7 years, the worth of IoT in healthcare would be more than $2 trillion.

Communication and Media:

Publishing the news now does not consume many resources. It is much cheaper because of IoT.

Social media companies are also taking a keen interest in this regard. Location tracking features have already been enabled in some social media apps.


They will get benefit from it in the following ways:

  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Making supply change more efficient
  • Introducing new services

Some other benefits that IoT has provided to us are:

  • Error reductions in data analysis
  • Energy conservation
  • M2M communication (Machine to machine communication)
  • Intelligent networking

How Many Objects Would be Connected by IoT in the Near Future?

Well, it is quite difficult to give an exact value but is estimated that almost 200 billion objects would be connected to it in 2020.

Artificial intelligence:

AI along with IoT can surely order so meaningful solutions. Data could be collected and then analyzed quite easily.

Self-learning and self-healing could be possible by these combinations of these two. Decision making for the analyzed data will also become easier.

Challenges for IoT:

The main challenge that it would face are:

  • Security
  • privacy
  • Compatibility
  • Connectivity
  • Standards

Final Thoughts:

IoT is refining the way how people connect and perform different tasks. It is also continuously providing solutions in this regard.

It has proved to be of greater value for individuals and society.