Know the Technology of Touch Screen Computer Monitors

large touch screen monitor

You might have seen the touch screen computer monitors at many shops and organizations.

Do you know how they work and the real technology behind them?

Such devices are so prevalent in our lives now, but many people are still not aware of the way they work.

This article covers this topic entirely. In this article, you will get to know a lot about the touchscreen technology.

Using a touchscreen is no doubt a faster and much more comfortable way to interact with your devices.

Some of the main points discussed in this article are:

  • Touch screen technology and its types
  • How do touch screens work
  • How to make a touchscreen
  • Multi-touch screen
  • What is screen mirroring
  • How to set up screen mirroring
  • Screen mirroring apps

What is a Touch Screen Computer Monitor?

touch screen computer monitor

This panel is a bit thicker than the non-touch panels.

  • It is a display screen that works as an input device.
  • It is easier than using a mouse.
  • It also requires more power.

Do you know what happens when we put the finger on such screen?

When we put the finger to it, it registers the event, and then that event is sent to the controller for further processing.

History of the Touchscreen:

This idea was the first introduced by E.A Johnson in 1965, and then in 1975 2 engineers at CERN Frank Beck and Bent Stumpe developed the first ever touchscreen.

Components of the Touch Screen:

Some common ones include:

  • Touch sensor
  • Controller
  • Software Driver


All of them do not have the same function. Some of the most common features included in such screens are:

1) Tap:

  • A single tap can be used to select an object.
  • Comparing it with the traditional PC, you can say it’s like doing a single left click with the mouse.

2) Double Tap:

It can have different functions.

It all depends on the place at which it is used.

For example, on the browser, you can double tap to zoom an object while in a text editor you can double tap to select a section of words.

3) Touch and Hold:

It is used to highlight an object. You can use to drag an object too.

4) Swipe:

  • It is used to scroll.
  • It can also be used to change the page.

5) Pinch:

You can use two fingers on different spots and then pinch them together will allow you to zoom out.

Transparent Touch Screen Computer Monitor:

Transparent Touch Screen Computer Monitor

Some big companies like windows and Samsung are heading towards the transparent displays.

These are the OLED ( organic light emitting diodes)

Such screens are a part of the gaming industry.

It gives an excellent artistic effect to the user.

User’s eye should be in the exact position to see the image. Otherwise, it won’t be appropriately displayed to them, and it would appear that the image that is projected is hovering in the space.


In the future, this technology is expected to be more and more developed.

You will be able to move the static object in 2D and 3D in future by this technology.

Well, the researchers are all set for igniting their minds to make more clever new users of this technology.

Wireless Touchscreen Computer Monitor:

  • The tablets with much more large screens lie in this category.
  • Such devices combine the wireless connectivity, high resolution, and the touch support into a single device.
  • You can use them for screen mirroring. These screens can provide you a good quickly.
  • These devices are portable devices and can be used quite easily.

What is Multi-Touch Screen Technology?

what is multi point touch screen

  • It enables input on multiple points.
  • This technology allows the user to expand the number of interface options.
  • It provides more flexibility to the users, which results in much better user experience.


Rotating an image by moving fingers in a clockwise direction

Advantages of Touchscreen Technology

  • The user can interact directly with the displayed screen.
  • Ther is no intermediate device required.

How Do Touch Screens Work?

It has different types, and each of them works a bit differently.

Types of Touchscreen:

These include:

1) Resistive Touch Screen:

how does a resistive touch screen work

  • They are the most common ones.
  • They are found at the ATMs.
  • Such display resists your touch.
  • Such screen can handle only one touch at a time.


On pressing hard enough on such screens, you will feel that the screen bends slightly.

Two electrically conductive layers are bending to touch one another. One of these is resistive, and the other one is referred to as the conductive.

They have separated a tiny dots that are placed at some gaps from each other.

These dots are referred to as the spacers. They keep the two layers apart until some touch the screen.

Electrical current keeps flowing through these layers all the time. On touching the screen, the two layers are pressed together and at the point of contact the electrical current changes.

There is a software that recognizes this change in the behavior of current at the coordinates of the touched area, and then a function is performed that corresponds to that spot.

2) Capacitive Touch Screen:

how do capacitive touch screens work

They work with the thing that holds the electric charge and not with the pressure.

They are built from the copper and indium tin oxide. Such material store the electric charge in an electrostatic grid of small wires.


The capacitive screen further contains two classes.

Surface and the projective touch screens.

  • Surface capacitive screen use sensors that are at the corner and are evenly distributed across the surface.
  • The projective ones use a grid of rows and columns consists of chips for sensing the touch.

How Do Capacitive Touch Screens Work?

The capacitive screen doesn’t work when touched with gloves.

The reason is that when a finger is touched, an electrical charge is transferred to your finger that completes the circuit.

As cloths do not conduct electricity so wearing, gloves would not work in this case.

Then the software does the further processing.


Capacitive ones are industry standard. One of a primary problem for such screen is building them for a more bigger screen.

As the electric field in case of the more widescreen interferes with the sensing capability.

3) SAW Touch Screen:

The full form of the SAW is Surface Acoustic wave.

This technology is based on two things that are placed on a glass surface. These two things are:

  1. Transducer
  2. Reflector


There are waves on the screen that are dispersed throughout the screen.

On detecting a touch, the waves are absorbed.

SAW produces more clarity on interacting with the stylus or gloves as compared to the other screens of this sort.

4) Infrared Touchscreens:

They are durable and have the capacity of detecting any touch.


It consists of a frame that surrounds the display which includes LED on one side. The phototransistor detectors are present on the other hand.

The phototransistor detects the light and sends a signal that finds the coordinates.

The touch is determined at the place where the LED beam interrupt.

5) Optical Imaging Touchscreen:

It uses infrared light.


  • It consists of 2 infrared imaging sensors that are present on the top.
  • The lights that are emitted are reflected back again to the imaging sensors which then becomes block at the contact of touch.
  • This¬†blocking creates a shadow to locate the touched area.

6) Acoustic Pulse Recognition Touchscreen:

Such screens are:

  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Scalable


  • APR screen uses glass overlay.
  • It consists of 4 transducer that detects the acoustic wave.
  • This wave is then transformed into the signal.

How to Build a Touch Screen Computer Monitor or a Laptop?

how to make a touch screen

The touchscreen is the most growing feature these days, but all desktops don’t provide this feature.

Do you intend to buy a touchscreen monitor or a laptop and cant afford it?

Well, they are a bit expensive these days!

What if I say you can quickly transform your laptop or any monitor into a touch.

It is quite easy now to do this.

Some devices are available that can help you achieve this goal.

a) AirBar:

  • This device is introduced by Swedish company Neonode.
  • It is a small plug.
  • It is attached to the bottom of the display of your machine magnetically.
  • By this device, you can quickly make your computer or laptop a touch screen in without doing any change in the hardware of your device.
  • It will detect the touch of gloves too.

How AirBar Works?

On connecting to your layout by a USB port, this device emits a beam of light that is invisible. This light is emitted from the screen and can track the touchscreen gestures and the movement.

These movements are then transformed into the input.

b) uTouch:

  • It is another method to use the touchscreen technology on a touch desktop or laptop.
  • It was introduced by a group of researchers belonging to the University of Washington.
  • It uses a sensor and software.

How to Clean Touch Screen Computer Monitor?

How to Clean Touch Screen Computer Monitor

Such screens get dirty quickly, so they need to be cleaned.

Although such screens are quite a high tech, to clean you need some simple tools and elbow grease.

First, you need to get a microfiber cloth. Such cloth mostly comes with the new glasses you buy,

If you don’t have this cloth, you can buy it from the computer store. It will not cost you more than a few dollars.

To identify the dirt on your screen, you need to have a white display on your screen.

To do this, you can open the Microsoft word or notepad and do not type any word on it. It has a white background.

This white background will help us to see the dirt clearly

  1. Wipe the screen
  2. Apply some pressure slightly.
  3. Don’t press hard.
  4. Do straight wipes horizontally across the screens
  5. If the original ones don’t work, then you can try doing the vertical wires on your screen
  6. If you still see the dirt on your screen, then you are in need of spray now.
  7. To make this fill half of the spray bottle with the water and then add some white vinegar into it. Close it and then shake the bottle.
  8. Electricity can be quite dangerous while cleaning. So shut down your device first.
  9. Then spray the above-made potion on to the cloth.
  10. Avoid spraying directly on your screen.
  11. Then wipe it as explained above.
  12. After doing this wipe again with a clean and a dry microfiber cloth.
  13. After the screen is dry entirely, you can turn on your device and then check it.
  14. If the screen is not dry entirely then don’t turn on the device until it gets dry completely.

What is Screen Mirroring?

What is Screen Mirroring

It is a wireless technology by which you can quickly switch the media that you are watching on a smaller screen (for example any android phone or an apple device) to any other device to enjoy a much better viewing experience.

This more great device is mostly a media projector. It can be a television too.

The protocol used in wireless mirroring is referred to as the miracast.

How to Set Up Screen Mirroring?

  • Both the devices have to follow some requirements in this case:
  • The device form which you intend to cast should support screen mirroring and have the ability to send the data out.
  • The device with the larger screen on which you need to intend to cast the media must support the screen mirroring too and should be able to capture the data and then play it quite quickly.
  • You can check these things in the documentation of both the devices.
  • You will also need to enable the miracast or any other screen mirroring feature on these devices.
  • That’s not enough for the screen iron that both the devices should be compatible with such setting. The device needs to be consistent with one another too.
  • Mostly the device from the same brand doesn’t encounter any compatibility issues.

Screen Mirroring Apps:

Some of the most favorite apps of the sort are:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Teamviewer
  • Google Home
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Pushbullet
  • HoeLoud PRO
  • Roku

All of these apps are free.

Final Words:

Thus touch screen computer can bring out the world of information on just a single touch.

Such devices are becoming more and more popular these days.

One of the main benefits of this technology is the interaction between the user and the device. and will undoubtedly be part of the coming future with more and more advancements

If you don’t have many devices attached to your PC, then you use screen mirroring for a better view.

Large touchscreen monitor provides more durability and accessibility.  Such Screens also help us in operating the device in the much more faster way.

Protection from any unauthorized entry is also its key benefits.


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