What is Computer Engineering About? Know its Career Path

What is Computer Engineering

Are you looking forward to opting for a computer field to secure your future?

But do you know what is computer engineering all about?

If you don’t know about it, then relax. You will get to know all about it here in this article.

Some of the main points explained in this article are:

  • Computer science vs. computer engineering
  • What is computer engineering all about
  • It’s history
  • It’s benefits
  • Education Requirements, scope, and career path
  • CCE – Computer and communication engineering
  • CASE
  • What is software engineering about
  • Software engineer vs. software developer

There are multiple computer fields available to get a degree you will also get to know the differences between these fields. In this way, it would be much easier for you to decide which one to opt as a career path.

What is the Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

What is the Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

It is quite essential to know about the difference between these computer degree programs as they are on the high demand these days.

In this way, you will also know better which one will be suitable for you and will provide the maximum knowledge of what you intend to study.

Well, it is not a high decision to choose a degree program just by its name.

Although the naming is becoming more and more standardized, you should know what degree program you are choosing.

In this way, you can secure the job you dream of after you graduate.

What is Computer Science?

What is Computer Science

It is the study of engineering that forms the basis for the design of computers.

The graduate of this field is a scientist and a mathematician.

  • It is the practical approach to the application of computations.
  • It involves the design of computational systems.


It includes the study of the following things too.

  • Processing, storing and communication of data and instruction by the computing devices
  • Algorithm for data processing.
  • Designing of instruction language for the data processing.
  • Writing quality software in computing platforms
  • Data communication protocols.
  • Security in data communications
  • Databases
  • Human intelligence
  • Statistical modeling of data
  • Authentication of data.

Computer Science Subfields:

It can be divided into many subfields. Some of these include:

  • Graphics
  • Programming
  • Computational complexity theory
  • Human-computer interaction


The three models in computer science are:

  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Main Areas:

This field covers four main areas of the computing.

These include:

  • Theory
  • Algorithm
  • Programming Languages
  • Architecture

What is Computer Engineering All About?

What is Computer Engineering All About

It focuses specifically on the hardware. It is an integration of computer science and the electrical engineering.

It also concerns with:

  • How microprocessor work.
  • Their design and optimization.
  • Commcunaitin of data among electronic components.
  • Designing the integrated system of electronic components.
  • Their operation to process the instructions.
  • Writing of software for the specific hardware platforms.
  • Microprocessor and embedded computing.

You can say that computer engineers are the electrical engineers who have specialties in software design and hardware design.

Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering:

Both of these engineers and scientists aim to solve the problem using the computing tech.

Considering computing tech regarding scale, we can say that computer engineer work at the microscopic and the macroscopic end of the spectrum while the computer scientist work in the middle part of this spectrum.

History of Computer Engineering:

Some of the remarkable people in the history of the computer hardware are:

1) Blaise Pascal:

He invented the mechanical calculator.

2) Charles Babbage:

He created the analytical engine.

3) Nicholas Metropolis:

He designed the MANIAC I.

4) William Shockley:

This great man invented the transistor along with his team at the Bells Lab.

5) Seymon Cray:

He is considered as the father of the supercomputing.

6) Steve Wozniak:

He is the co-founder of the Apple Computer along with the great guy the Steve Jobs.

Benefits of Computer Engineering:

  • This degree gets you a skill set that can move quickly to any career path.
  • The hiring managers are always in need of people who have good computing knowledge.
  • It provides you a competitive edge in the today’s technological era.
  • You get a deeper understanding of many devices that you use almost daily.
  • You get fortunate to get work for the cutting-edge companies.

What Does a Computer Engineer Do?

Computer engineers are responsible for the design and the development of computer system and the other technological devices of this sort.

Their job is to research, design, develop and test the system and its components like resistor, circuit boards, router and the networks.

The hardware part comprises of the folwing things:

  • Microprocessor
  • Memory chips
  • Data storage devices
  • Input devices
  • Output deviceS
  • Networking components

Engineer in this field integrates all these components into a network system.

To do this task, excellent knowledge of electrical engineering is required too.

Computer Hardware Engineer Education Requirements:

  • You need to have a bachelors degree to do this job.
  • Some companies also demand a certification of  PE. Here PE is the professional engineer.
  • You will need to do master for the promotion to the management area.
  • To keep up with the advanced technologies often ongoing education and training are also needed.

What is the Scope of Computer Engineering?

What is the Scope of Computer Engineering

Its scope no doubt has no geographical boundaries.

This field brings out the career opportunities in following big companies:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte
  • Samsung
  • Intel
  • Cisco

Computer Engineering Companies:

The top dream companies include:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • IBM

Some other ones are:

  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Oracle
  • Avanade
  • QLIK

Computer Engineering Career Path:

Computer Engineering Career Path

The specialization areas include:

  • Communication and wireless networks
  • Compiler and operating system
  • Computational science and operating system
  • Distributed system
  • Computer  networks
  • Embedded system
  • Integrated system
  • VLSI design
  • Image and speech processing

How Much Do Computer Engineers Make?

If they have interest and have a good knowledge of the domain in which they are working, then they can easily earn more than $101,000 per year.

Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering:

  • An electrical engineer designs, develop the electric equipment whereas the computer engineer is responsible for the test and repair of various types of hardware.
  • Computer engineers have to mostly work indoors while the electrical engineering involves working outdoors in the field.
  • If you enjoy creating useful and innovative products in business and residential setting, then electrical engineering is what you should go for.
  • The main drawback of electrical engineering is the danger of electrical security.

What is Case Computer-Aided Software Engineering?

  • The CASE refers to using the computer-assisted method to control the software development for the large and complex project.
  • Using CASE designer and manager can easily share a standard view of the project.
  • Different CASE tools support the structured programming concept.

Benefits of the CASE:

Benefits of the CASE include:

  • It makes the customer a part of the process. This is done by the market analysis and focus groups.
  • In this way, the development process easily meets the real world requirements.
  • The cost of securing the product is also reduced.
  • Thus in this way qualitative products are manufactured that undoubtedly provide a competitive benefit to the marketplace.
  • The CASE is a domain of software tools that are sued to design application and implement them.
  • Using such tools we can develop high-quality software.
  • This field offers a comprehensive career path in hardware design and software development.

What is Computer and Communication Engineering?

It involves the study of software development and electronic communication that focuses on the mobile communication and connection.

It covers subjects in the following areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Communication Networks
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data analytics

Communication part deals with the waves that are present in the environment

Computer Engineering vs. Software Engineering:

  • It emphasizes on software development process.
  • Software engineering is inherited from the computer engineering.
  • Computer engineering deals with the design, development of computer system whereas software engineering deals with building and maintaining the software system.
  • A computer engineer might not hold the responsibility of designing software, but he can surely tell the software engineer about the architecture that the software can be supported with and the requirement specification for that software to carry out the desired tasks.

What is Software Engineering About?

What is Software Engineering About

Software engineering is the application of engineering for the software development in a systemic approach

What Does a Software Engineer Do?

It is an engineering discipline that involves all the aspects of software production.

To become a software engineer, you need to have a  good command over the programming languages.

It is predicted that till 2020 the employment of these engineers will increase by almost 7%. This score is a bit lower as compared to other occupations.

The software will take most of the part.

The demand for software is undoubtedly increasing.


Some of the sub-disciplines of software engineering include:

  • Software requirements
  • Software design
  • Software construction
  • Software testing
  • Software engineering management
  • software configuration management

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer:

  • A software engineer is a person who uses the concepts of the fundamental education and applies scientific methods to analyze and gives the solution to the engineering problems.
  • The developer is a more creative guy who gets the knowledge by self-learning.
  • He read the book, blog and do extra courses to increase his knowledge.
  • The work of these two people in the team is also a bit different.

How to Become a Software Developer?

How to Become a Software Developer

Well, you will need to have immense dedication to be one. You will have to spend most of the time on self-learning.

Although you might be doing a job, your learning list should be increasing too.

Never stop learning. It is the real path to success.

Also, don’t get afraid of the hurdles in your career path. Learn from your mistakes too.

You need to have a passion for the thing you are working for

You will have to deal with the impossible deadlines too.

The job market is for software developer these days so if you work hard; then you will plainly see the fruit.

Extra Courses:

You can do some Extra course. Ther are many sites online from where you can do programming courses for free.

Some of these include:

  • CS50x
  • Hackerrank
  • CodinGame
  • FreeCodeCamp

If you get stuck at some point in the software development or any code, then you can get help from the following platforms too.

  • Quora
  • StackOverflow
  • GitHub

Final Words:

Thus before adopting computer engineering carer path, you need to know what is computer engineering all about.

You should know its perquisites, benefits and the type of jobs that you can do after having a degree in this field.

In this way, you can secure your future.

No doubt the software part is taking over most of the part, but advance in mobile technologies has increased the demand for the computer engineers too.


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