Top 15 Secrets About WiFi Only A Handful Of People Know

secrets about wifi


You use wifi almost day. You are dependent on it for many things still many people are unaware of many of its facts. We do not know many things about it. This article will introduce to such some secrets about WIFI that very few people know.

Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Wifi:

unkown facts about wifi

There are many things of the sort you are unaware of. Some of them are explained below:

1)Wifi protocols:

To establish communication between 2 devices, certain protocols are introduced. IEEE802.11 refers to the protocols that are proposed for communicating via WLAN. After 802.11 many more version was introduced. Some of them are:


With the introducing of each release. The speed of WiFi has also increased a lot.

Some olden name used for WiFi were:
b)Flank speed

These names were in use until the name that people loved was introduced.

2)Doughnut time:

You might be surprised by seeing the doughnut in between a discussion about WiFi. Believe me; this is the time for a doughnut. Well the thing that will amaze you is that the shape in router emits signal, is doughnut shaped

3)Wifi devices:

wifi devices and smart home

It is estimated that we would have around 23 billion wifi devices until the end of 2017. This means on average a person has around three WiFi devices. People are also looking forward to smart homes

4)Hotel WiFi:

Many hotel guests are interested in WiFi than any other thing in the hotel. They give it more priority. This is the reason that now more than 60% hotels provide free WiFi to their guests.

5)You are the main hindrance for WiFi signals:

As we all know that water is an excellent signal blocker. We are also aware of the fact that human body is 75% made up of water. This means we human are causing the primary interference in the wifi signals. To overcome this issue, you might place your router at some higher area.

6)WiFi vs. the internet:

Many people assume that WiFi and the internet are two Same things. While in reality, they are entirely different from each other. The Internet is extensive network while WiFi is a way of accessing the internet.
You might assume WiFi to be a synonym for the internet which is false. WiFi holds the responsibility of connecting devices. While the internet connects many networks.

7)Traffic by WiFi devices:

It is estimated that by 2020 mobile and WiFi devices will be responsible for more than 70% traffic online.

8)Be aware using public WiFi:

secure data

We all love to use free WiFi, but we don’t know how unsafe it is for us. The data you sent using this WiFi is not safe and can be hacked easily.

9)Microwave vs. WIFI network:


It is quite surprising to know that microwave emits more wave than a WiFi network. Thus they can inevitably cause a significant interference in your WiFi signal.



Around 50% of consumers are highly in favour of WiFi for large purchases. Thus WiFi availability in stores can lead to significant profit for the warehouse owners.

11)WiFi range:

Do you think that you can use WiFi only if you are in a range of about 50 meters? Well, you are wrong at this point, You can use it also if you are 250 far from the connection.

12)WiFi consumption:

WiFi consumption is higher n larger screens. Screens of about 4.5 inches and those that are large than this consume more WiFi data.

13)WiFi in the stadium:

In the US many football stadiums have more than 30,000 WiFi connections in a match.

14)Plants growth:

A study revealed that the plants do not grow in a place where there is strong  connection. The experiment was done by a group of students in Denmark. They got his idea after they realised that they were having difficulty in concentrating on their studies when they used to put their cell phones next to them while sleeping.

15)Health care issues:


Are you among the people who have a problem with not getting a good sleep at night? do you also have a habit of waking at a time after some time for no reason? Your WiFi is most probably the reason behind this issue.

Wifi also causes depression. Its rays are not good for health. It can affect your brain working functions. Thus you should not make a habit of using it for additional works. Its rays are harmful to your health.


Well by now I am pretty much sure this article would have increased your Knowledge about WiFi to a great extent, and you are now aware of many hidden things about it Just keep exploring things, and you will learn more in this way. Remember one thing, never stop learning.


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