10 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Social Networks

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Are you heading towards building your career? Then you must know some most important things about social networking sites. This is because the use of such sites is much common these days and your boss might also expect you to know about them to go ahead in profiting the company/organization.

In this article, you will get to know some of the things that your boss expects you to know about. These things would help you ahead in building your career for a successful life

1)Learn and teach through social media:

a)Learning Process:

learn social

When you are on social media, then do participate in educational talks and other things of the sort that help you learn something and increase your knowledge. Never feel shy in asking about anything that you don’t know and intend to know.

b)Teaching others:

teach social

If you are learning through social media, then it’s your duty to make others also learn you must answer the queries of people who question you regarding the issues they are facing in the field in which you have expertise. Don’t hesitate in sharing knowledge. Remember we learn more by teaching others.

2)Live conversations:

live conversation

If you are on any social networking site and someone comes to ask you something, close your phone and answer his queries. Helping others would make your road to success easier. Although social media Is much powerful, the importance of live conversations can never be denied.

3)Follow the experts of your field:


One of the best ways of learning from social media is to follow those people who have succeeded in the field you are working. By following them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will get a chance to learn a lot from them. Also, join groups that are relevant to your field.

4)Building trust:


Building trust online is one of the most challenging ways. If you are doing your work on social sites in the right way, then people will trust you and your work will get appraised by them. To build trust, work from the right way and work hard because hard work always bears fruit.

5)Don’t make it much time consuming:

 time consuming

Never make your social media life much time to consume that you may lag behind in completing your job tasks. Use it to some extent. Give equal importance to your work. Thus don’t waste your time. Make sure what you do online is beneficial for others also.

6)Avoid dishonest people:


Remember there is two kind of people in this world good and bad. Similarly, on social media sites, these both types of individuals are found. So avoid being trapped by fraudulent People. Before trusting anyone online think twice or thrice.

7)The way of working:

way of working

It may happen that the things that work for you and increase your business profit may not work for someone else. Similarly, the thing that used to work for anyone in increasing his business revenue may not work for you. So before doing anything for increasing your company’s profit try to learn about it thoroughly.

This also means that you need to work and find your method of getting succeed instead of following anyone’s path.

8) Clicking the right way:

clicking the right method

You might not know how useful and fruitful an approach is in increasing revenue through social media is until and unless it worked for you. Before that, you might be thinking that the method is just a wastage of time, but when it gives you what you desired for your business, you might be nearer in getting a right path. One more thing never follows the wrong path. Always follow the right track. The path which benefits other is the best one.

9)power of social media sites:

power of social media

You might have heard that what you do in your real life will get known by people the next day in the newspaper, The social media site show it differently. The thing you do right now will b visible to people on the social networking site the other minute. So always do good and refrain from any bad thing.

10)fruit of your deeds:


In your life, You always get what you sow. Similarly, on social sites, the appraisal you are getting is because of your good deeds. Thus avoid doing evil deeds as they will turn back to you to ruin your reputation online. Be kind and honest to other. Help people through social sites and make them smile this is what you will also get in return.

Final words:

Thus to expand your business and get more traffic through social networking sites you need to work hard and honestly. The Internet is a place of about 7 billion people, and many of them are on social sites. You can get your business to a great extent by working honestly. One more thing doesn’t forget to respond to the queries of people online. Through such sites, you can have real time communication with your customers and solve their issue.



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