How Social Media Helped a Mother Diagnose Her Son?


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In this article, you will get to know about one of the memorable things that Facebook did. It was helping a mother to listen to her voice. Social media is the best way of communication in the modern times. It has made us closer to each other.

The story of a mother and social media:


The story which I am going to tell you is about a mother who is much thankful for the social media especially the Facebook because it helped her child in his physical and mental development.

Mothers are great. They do much for us. in return they just want our happiness and nothing else. From the birth of the child, she starts keeping care of her son. She hides her children from the evil world and wants to have her children enjoy every happiness of the world.

Without this social media she would not have known about the issue that her son was facing, and because of that matter, he wasn’t able to hear. Thus if social media had not helped her, then she would have gone through great pain because when a child is hurt his mother feels more pain than her child.

The introduction of randi zurkberg and her children:

The story is about Randi Zurkberg, who is the mother of 2 children. She is an author. Her elder child’s name is Asher, and the name of younger one is Simcha.

She is among those people who have a habit of getting information and advice from social media. She used to rely on it for such things. She had never known that this addiction would help her diagnose the issue her son was facing.

Worried about Simcha:

Her elder son Asher was very healthy; He used to learn, speak and talk in the ordinary way like other children do. But she noticed that something was not right with Simcha.  Her younger son looked a little bit slow in learning. He wasn’t able to understand things. He could not talk. He was almost two years old but had not started talking and walking yet.This worried his mother a lot.

Seeking advice from Friends:

She thought to discuss it with her fiends and ask their advice on this issue. But she was a Little bit relieved when they advised her not to worry at all because Simcha was very young. He just needs some time, and every thing would be fine.  He could be bale to do all this after some time.

Social media routine check:

social media routine check

It was in her routine to open  the social media sites . So one morning n the moth of April she was surprised when she opened it. . It so happened that when she opened Her Facebook account, She saw a post. That was a post about some olden time. She opened that post.

The old Facebook post:

That post revealed some things that she had forgotten. That was about Asher. The things that asher use to do at the age of 18 months. She was a little bit shocked because her younger son could not do those things and could not hear, talk, learn in  away like asher used to do when he was of his age. She saw that asher used to speak clearly but simcha couldn’t speak a word at this age.

How that Facebook post helped her ?

This post made her realize that something was wrong. There was some issue that needed to be solved. She then took her son to an audiologist. Simch was diagnosed with his problem of hearing loss. Actually the issue was due to an infection in his ear. He had this from some time and could not recover from this infection before.

The surgery and the speech therapy:

Surgery was done to remove this infection.  He also went through a speech therapy. After that, he used to hear like normal people.

Thus after this surgery he could now live like normal children. He cold easily learn. Listen and talk like other children of his age used to do. This all brought a big smile on his mother face because her son could now understand things very easily.

Thankful to social media:


Randi zurkberg gives full credit to social media in helping her diagnose this issue.Without it she would have never gone through the real issue her son was facing and the infection would have grown with the time that could create many problems for his child when he grew up. It could create some more issue that the child would have to face for lifetime if wold not have been diagnosed at that time.

Thus social media helped this mom in a great way. She was a worried about the future of her child.  She used to fear a lot about he mental and physical development of her child.Not only Facebook but the whole social media helped her. Through social media she used to connect to other people who had faced such issues and tried to seek the solution form there.

Social media – a great blessing:

blessing of social media

Like other things social media also has both advantages and disadvantages . Randi here gives a message to all of us that if it is utilized in the good way then it can help us a lot. It can prove to be a great blessing if used int he correct way.

Final words:

Thus Facebook has proved that it is not only a way of communication . It also bring smiles to our loved ones. It has done a great work in bringing smile on the face of that mom. Thus this social media site is very value-able for us. We can discover a lot more through it. It has proved to be a great source of learning and communication, .We can also seek advice form the people of our fields  and get our issue resolved online by such social media sites.



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