How to Upgrade RAM on Laptop For Free?

how to upgrade ram on laptop

If you intend to know how to upgrade RAM on the laptop for free without buying then this article will guide you completely in this regard.

To boost the performance of the computer, PC memory upgrade is sometimes essential.

Some of the main points discussed in this article are:

  • RAM computer definition
  • How Does it Work
  • It’s types
  • Adding and installing more Random access memory to the laptop
  • How to Upgrade Dedicated Video Random Access Memory on a Laptop

What is a RAM on Computer?

What is a RAM on Computer

Programs and data use it to hold the information that is accessed recently.

  • If you install more of it on your PC/laptop, you will see an improvement in data transfer between CPU, memory and hard drives.
  • If your PC doesn’t have much of this memory, then the OS makes use of the hard drive. It uses the hard drives as virtual memory.

What Does RAM Do in a Computer?

This memory is different from the mass storage devices like hard disk or SSD.

  • Although the information transfer occurs between these two there is some significant difference between these two.
  • The mass storage devices keep the data even when the power is turned off while Random Access Memory loses all the data in case of power shutdown.
  • No doubt it loses its contents in case of the shutdown still it is much faster than the mass storage devices.
  • Its speed is in nanoseconds while the rate of the mass storage device is in milliseconds.
  • Adding more and more Random Access Memory will make the OS more powerful.

To know which memory type your laptop uses, search in its manual.

You will find the right name there.

The memory upgrade is quite essential for a PC, so before upgrading it, you need to know how it works.

How Does RAM Work?

How Does RAM Work

  • Its data can be accessed randomly.
  • It consists of transistors that powered electrically.
  • They are bonded together.
  • This transistor configuration contains the binary data.

In this way, it allows quick data access.

To retain the data, it must be powered on.

When your computer does some work, it puts some data in the Random Access Memory and then do operations from there.

Different Types of Computer RAM:

These include:

1) SRAM:

It is used as cache memory in CPU and also as the buffer in the hard drives.

  • LCD screen also uses it as temporary storage.
  • It is integrated to chip.

No Periodic Refreshes:

  • Static Random Access Memory does not need to refresh periodically.
  • Refreshing of memory refers to reading the data from some specific memory area and then rewriting the information in the same place again.
  • Its architecture does not allow this refresh.


Synchrouound Dynamic Random Access Memory works in sync with the processor bus

The connection in between the processor and other motherboard contest is called processor bus is referred to as the processor bus.

  • DIMM module with 168 pins uses this memory.
  • The buses speed rates this memory.
  • For example, PC100 refers to 100MHz bus speed.


The SDRAM performed one transfer per block while this one shows two per clock.

  • 184 pin DIMM memory modules have this chips.
  • It is rated in MHz and MBps.
  • The second generation of the system with DRAM use this one.


Its speed is twice as compared to the speed of DDR SDRAM.

Thus it provides faster performance.


  • Its latency is higher than the DDR.
  • It uses 240 pin module.


  • Its speed is twice as that of the DDR3 and is eight times faster than DDR.
  • It has 288 pins.

Which Type is Most Commonly Used?

DDR1 is now obsolete and is not much used.

DDR2 and DDR3 are now mostly used as they provide better performance.

How Much Memory Do I Need For Laptop?

How Much Memory Do I Need For Laptop

If you intend to know how much memory s needed than have a look at the OS and requirements of other software that you plan to run.

Some laptops have integrated graphics controller which use RAM for graphics.

For such a system, it is best to have not less than 4GB of memory.

Memory Restrictions:

Laptops have more memory restrictions as compared to desktops.

This because they mostly have two memory slots available. While in desktop there are four memory slots.

If you intend to upgrade the memory then first check the maximum amount of memory in your laptop.

This will help you decide if the system has upgrade potentials or not.

Can You Add RAM to a Laptop?

Many laptops contain a small door in the system that can provide access to the memory module slots.

  • If your laptop has this then its memory upgrade is possible.
  • A system that doesn’t have any external door or a panel cannot be upgraded as it is sealed.
  • Sometimes experienced technicians can open it even if it does not have any external door.
  • This will be a bit more expensive.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop RAM to 8GB?

Yes, sure you can do it if your system allows you to do so. Check it from a memory finder first.

Laptop Memory Finder:

You can also use a laptop memory finder to know if your layout is upgradeable or not.

Crucial Advisor tool is a useful tool of this sort.

There you can easily search and then find the information you need.

In such tools, you need to enter your laptop’s, and you will get all the details required.

You will get the details of the maximum memory for your machine.

Actually, some laptops have a restriction regarding the memory to be installed on them.

Installing more of it can cause some issues too.

Some system has a fixed memory space and can’t be upgraded.

Adding More RAM to Laptop:

It might happen that the computer that you have been using for years starting working slowly.

Its performance decreases, and it feels sluggish now.

The issue might be with the memory. It needs to be upgraded.

Sometimes the issue is with the old hard drive.

Upgrading laptops memory is a bit difficult than the desktops.

Gazing at the components is more comfortable than removing the chips and replacing them.

It is a different ball game.

Performance Boost:

Sometimes upgrading it can inevitably result in a boost in performance.

  • You need to buy the memory stick with similar memory type, speed, width and the module voltage.
  • After upgrading although you might not witness any difference in performing day to day tasks on your laptop like browsing or watching movies.
  • You will see a performance improvement while playing games or doing any CPU intensive work.

How to Upgrade RAM on the Laptop For Free Without Buying?

To upgrade it, you will need to install more Random Access Memory cards on your computer.

This applies to both, i.e., a desktop computer and a laptop.

Well, some PCs do not allow upgrading it.

In such cases, you can use portable like a USB flash drive to increase the Random Acces MEmory temporarily.

1) Prepare Things to Install the RAM in a laptop:

a) Find Computer Information:

First, you need to find the information about your computer’s model.

The things you need to know are:

  • Computer type
  • Manufacturer name
  • Model number

To find this thing follow the steps below:

  1. From the start go to ‘system information.’
  2. Hee, you will quickly find the system details(Model, SKU, and Manufacturer).

b) Find Upgrade Details:

The next step is to know whether your computer model supports this upgrade, and if yes then which memory type is suitable in this case.

You can get these details from the Crucial Memory advisor website.

c) Searching For Computer Model:

  1. On the site mentioned above click the box saying ‘select manufacturer.’
  2. Click on the name of your PC’s manufacturer.
  3. Select the product name.
  4. Select the model
  5. Click on find update button.
  6. Check the results to see if an upgrade is possible.

2) How to Install RAM in a Laptop?

a) Turn off the Device And Remove Cables:

  1. Turn off your laptop by clicking the shutdown button.
  2. Wait for sometime, so it stops making any noise.
  3. Unplug all cables including the USB attachment and power cables and ethernet cables.

b) Removing the Bottom Panel:

Removing the Bottom Panel

Remove the bottom panel of the laptop.

In some laptops, a separate panel is specified for this memory while in some cases the need arises to remove the entire bottom case from the computer.

You can find these panels details in the documentation of your laptop.

c) How to Remove Old RAM From the Laptop And Insert the New One?

How to Remove Old RAM From the Laptop And Insert the New One

  1. You can use a lever to lift the RAM cards form its slot.
  2. Then remove the new one from there protective bags
  3. Touch the original card along their edge to avoid the contact with the circuitry.

c) The Installation Process:

How to Install RAM in a Laptop

  1. Line up the new card in the socket with the notch.
  2. Press the card firmly.
  3. Repeat the same process for the other card

d) Switch on the Laptop:

  1. Put on the bottom panel.
  2. Turn on your laptop.
  3. Open the system properties to check if the OS is recognizing the new card that you just installed.

e) Use USB Drive as an External RAM For Laptop:

  1. Plug the USB drive into the computer’s USB slot.
  2. From the file explorer, select your USB drive
  3. Mostly it is in the F drive.
  4. Open the flash drive’s properties.
  5. Click the tab termed as the ReadyBoost.
  6. Check the box saying ‘USe this device.’
  7. By checking this box, you are allowing the windows to use the maximum available space on this flash drive for the RAM.
  8. Wait for some seconds so that the ReadyBoost displays your drives’ information.
  9. Click apply then OK

When you unplug this USB, you will need to do the setting in the ReadyBoost menu again to use it a RAM.

How to Upgrade Dedicated Video RAM on a Laptop?

How to Upgrade Dedicated Video RAM on a Laptop

Are you having an issue in running graphics intensive programs on your PC?

Well if yes then you need to upgrade the VRAM.

What is Video RAM?

VRAM is a type of Random Access Memory that works with your PC’s GPU.

  • GPU is a chip on the computer’s video card that holds the responsibility of the displaying the images on your monitor screen.
  • VRAM contains the information that GPU needs, for example, the information about the lighting effect, the game texture, etc

In this way, GPU can easily access the information a user output the video on your screen.


You might be thinking why system Random Access Memory isn’t used for his purpose?

  • Well using VRAM for this specific purpose increase the performance and is faster.
  • This is because this memory is located just next to the GPU.
  • They both are in the graphics card.
  • VRAM is specifically built for such high-intensity tasks.

How Much VRAM I Have?

To know the amount of VRAM in your Windows 10 PC follow the steps below:

  1. Press windows key + I.
  2. This will open the settings menu.
  3. Click display
  4. Click display adaptor properties.
  5. From the panel that pops up, go into the adaptor tab.
  6. Then look under the section saying adapter information.
  7. Here you will get your VRAM details.

What is an Integrated Graphic?

The discussion we have done is by assuming that your PC has a dedicated graphics card.

  • Some laptops and PCs don’t have such cards, and they use integrated graphics.
  • In such case, the GPU and CPU share the system memory, and there is no separate VRAM for the GPU.
  • This solution is considered as a budget-friendly solution since it allows the laptop to output very basic graphic.
  • But such integrated graphics solution is not suitable for gaming and visual intensive tasks.

Basic Guideline for Choosing the Amount of VRAM:

Well there is no perfect solution in this regard, but some basic guidelines are discussed below:


  • Such cards although offer better performance than the integrated graphics solution but they can handle the modern games.
  • They aren’t recommended for the 3D work,


  • They are used mostly for moderate gaming.
  • With such cards, you can play the game with 1080p, but still, you will have to face some issue in doing so.


Such cards for the serious gamers who intend to enjoy the latest game without any issue at 4K resolution.

Why Upgrade the VRAM?

If VRAM fills up, then the system becomes dependent on the standard RAM.

In such case, you will witness the following issue:

  • Lower frame rate
  • Text pop ins
  • Games slowing down

Wel, this doesn’t mean that VRAM is the only factor responsible fo improve the system performance.

If you have a less powerful PCU, then video rendering will take much time also low system RAM will not allow you to run multiple programs at a time.

How to Increase VRAM?

The only way to do is to purchase a new graphics card.

  • There is no other way to increase it.
  • It is a monolithic hardware, therefore, no software will be able to improve it.
  • Well if you have an integrated graphics then upgrade it to a dedicated card will improve video output quality.

How to Upgrade or  Increase RAM in Laptop Using HDD?

You can do this by setting up a virtual memory in the OS by sung HDD.

  • If you enjoy multitasking, then you sang virtual memory allocation you will undoubtedly witness a boost in performance.
  • This virtual memory is termed as the paging memory.

How to Use HDD As RAM?

How to Use HDD As Random Access Memory in Laptop


Well, it is pretty much compelling.

To use your free HDD as page memory follow the steps below:

  1. From the windows properties open the advanced system settings.
  2. Click the advanced tab.
  3. Click setting. You can find it under the performance tab.
  4. Go to the advanced tab.
  5. Uncheck the option that says ‘Automatically manage page size.’
  6. Choose the drive that you don’t use mostly.
  7. Set the recommend page memory.

Final Words:

If you know how to upgrade RAM on a laptop for free then you can easily do this and boost your system’s performance.

PC memory upgrade sometimes becomes essential for a good system,


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