Top 7 Photos That Give the Best Overview of IOT Based Devices


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Do you want to know about IoT-based devices? This article explains a lot about them. In addition to this, you will get a chance to check the photos of such devices also.

IoT-based devices:

Such devices enable network connectivity and a lot more for us. Some of the devices discussed in this article are listed below:

  • Kickstarter SAM Kits:
  • HomePod: Smart speaker with Siri
  • Bluesmart:
  • ring video door bell pro
  • Amazon Dash
  • Hapifork
  • Lockitron Bolt: Smart Lock

1)Kickstarter SAM Kits:

Kickstarter SAM Kits

It is a kit that helps in building some awesome projects. You don’t need to know much about coding to do a project with this kit. It is the equipment that will make you understand and work with IOT quite quickly. You can do an amazing project with it.

You can make games, models and many things with it. You can do a  lot more with this kit. You just need to have some talent, and you will end up building something great.

The sensor is also included in this module. With the help of sensors, you can detect many things. Sam Apps works with drag and drop options and programming. Thus this kit has helped electronic engineers a lot and received good reviews from its users.



Buesmart is a company well known for introducing some great IoT based products. World’s first smart suitcase was presented by this company.

  • This suitcase can be connected to your phone very easily. Thus you can use and control the suitcase from your phone. You can lock and unlock it with it and do a lot more. This suitcase helped travelers a lot.
  • You can lock and unlock it with it and do a lot more. This suitcase helped travelers a lot.
  • One more thing of your luggage gets lost then it will remain locked. You can allow some of your trusted people to have access to your luggage.
  • You can allow some of your trusted people to have access to your luggage.
  • It includes a digital scale that is built in. This can determine the exact weight. In this way, you can check by weight whether your luggage would be acceptable for traveling or not.
  • You can charge your phone through it also.

3)HomePod- Smart speaker with Siri:

HomePod Smart speaker with Siri

This smart speaker was introduced by Apple in 2017. The audio quality of this speaker is the thing that was much focused by the company developing it. It is seven inches tall and has a cylindrical shape. Much technology is hidden in this smart speaker. It offers you much more to do.

You can activate it using a simple command. You can ask it to play music and it will. A8 chip is present to control it internally. It can intelligently do the work of analyzing it surrounding and adjusting the sound according to it.

A Led waveform is present on its top. Privacy is the thing about which people care the most. Keeping this in mind, the speaker cannot record what you say in the room until you speak those command that activates and play it.

4)ring video door bell pro:


With this excellent doorbell, you can answer to those who rang the bell very easily. You can answer and hear to them from inside of your home. You must be thinking that’s not any interesting thing. Well, the thing which makes its different form is that you Can answer to those who rang the bell from your smartphone. Also, An Internet connection is also required in this case. You can also get a video of the view outside your house by this excellent device.

You will also get alerts on your phone. Thus you can make your home secured by using it. It has exceptional night vision also.

5)Amazon Dash button:

amazon dash button

This button helps you in shopping.It is a small button. You can press the button to shop your favorite items. It uses WIFI connection. You might be thinking about its working.

Well, it is not that much difficult. You will just have to purchase this button with any of your product and connect it to the app. From the app, you will choose the product that you need to buy when you press the button. The price of the product will not vary whether you order it from this button or online website.

When you press the button there will be a red or green light in it; The red light indicates that the order is rejected and the green one that it is accepted.



With this excellent device, you can keep track of what you eat and how much you eat. It consists of a sensor. If you are eating too fast, it will not be good for you. It will improve this habit in a way that it will vibrate when you eat fast. Thus it will help you improve your diet a lot.

It consists of a battery that You can charge from you PC. Thus people who intend to improve their health and lose weight should use it.

7)Lockitron Bolt- Smart Lock:

Lockitron Bolt Smart Lock

Do you expect to unlock your door without your keys, then this device will help you a lot in this regard. You Can use your smartphone to open it. You can also share the access to lock and unlock the door using this device to your family members Every time anyone opens your door you will be notified. Thus you can maintain your home’s security with this excellent product.

Have you ever thought what might happen if your Internet goes down? How will you lock and unlock your home in this regard? Well, no need to worry as you will be using Bluetooth in this regard.

Final words:

It Is rightly said that pictures are more powerful than words. I am pretty much sure these pictures have given you the best overview of the new IoT-based devices.

Pictures make us capable of thinking and understanding more and more. In this way, we look forward to exploring things. These devices are changing our way of living and making it much more secure and comfortable.


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