Top 6 Funny Internet Videos That Will Make You Laugh Hard

funny internet videos


Do you want to enjoy one of the funny internet videos? Well, this article does contain the top 5 most entertaining internet video of this time. I bet you will laugh quite hard after reading the article and watching the videos present in this article.

Trolling gamers:

Some of the funniest scenes n this video are described below.

  • In this video, it is shown how funny it looks like when a player in the game is chasing the other player. The chase is very much fun. That player who is chasing gets many hurdles in his way. He collides with many people and things in his way of chasing the other player. He gets slipped also.Thus the scene that is created in front of the audience is very much fun in this case.
  • In another scene, it is shown that a player is coming from the other player and when he tries to get near to him, the sliding door in front of him gets closed. His expressions thus shown are much fun.
  • In one more scene, the audience laughs while seeing the football game in which a player kicks another player instead of football.
  • A scene makes us laugh by showing how a car get saved by not falling into the water. Instead of that car, some other car falls into the water.
  • A free kick scene of a football game also make us laugh a lot when a player who is not allowed to kick the ball during that free kick, kicks the ball,

Funny song:

Nowadays people have become quite addicted to social networking sites. Especially Facebook. This addiction is described in this song. The singer has targeted the social media addicts. In this song, it is explained how people post every day happening on social media sites and wait for likes, comments and shares. They have become habitual of sharing their daily life on social media.

After having it click from the camera People immediately post their pictures on social media sites. This addiction is shown amusingly in this song. People like to post content on social media sites for their appraisal. Also, the singer has combined all this and represented hilariously by this song.

Funny Internet Call:

This video depicts a very funny scene in which a guy wastes time of a tech support caller. He does some awkward things and waste the time on the call.

Parents and technology:

The world has changed a lot in recent years this shift is mainly brought by the advancement in technology.Our parents have some difficulties in using these modern technologies. This is shown amusingly in this video.

Our parents have difficulties in understanding modern apps that use in our daily life like whats app. They understand them in a very different way. Thus this makes the viewers laugh a lot. The video is filled with a lot of humour. I bet you will quite hard while watching it.

Old people and modern technology:

This is another video that funnily explains to us how much it ‘s hard to teach technology to people who haven’t seen it before.

Internet of things song funny:

  • One of the hilarious scenes shown in this video is how a guy’s dad used to see by a magnifying glass on his iPhone. He could not understand it easily.
  • Another funny moment shown is how a grandpa asked his grandson to fix his mobile. The fault in the phone will make you laugh a lot.
  • Another humorous scene is when a grandma called her grandson to fix her computer. The problem was that everything was moving backwards on her screen. The reason of this very much fun. Her mouse was not in the correct position.
  • One more funny moment is of hashtag
  • A scene shows how an iPad is used as a cutting board.
  • In a scene, a grandmother asked her grandson to whom a phone belonged. That phone was the scientific calculator

Well, much more funny moments are captured and are shown in this video. So keep watching and keep laughing.


I hope these videos made you laugh a lot. This shows that the internet has not been with us in solving complicated tasks, but it has also played a major laugh when it comes to humour and jokes. It has made us laugh when we are tired from our work. It has provided us with a lot of fun when we are bored online. Apart from this, there are much more useful things that you can explore online and learn a lot from them.


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