Reasons Why People Like Blockchain Technology Social Networks [Infographic]

blockchain technology based social media platforms

Do you know Blockchain technology is not limited to just cryptocurrencies?

We can achieve a lot more form it. It has revolutionized many areas and is bringing a significant change in social networking too.

Blockchain technology-based social media platforms are live online where you can socialize quickly, and your information will be kept secure.

In this article, you will know how blockchain has revolutionized such platforms.

How Has Social Networking Changed Our Lives?

For almost a decade, social networking has taken a firm grip over the internet users. They are preferred in many aspects of lives.

Social networking has changed our lives to a great extent. We spend daily a significant portion of our time on such social networks.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are among the widely used social networks.,

Researchers show that teenagers spent almost 9 hours per day on such sites. Thus they love socializing from the core of their heart.

Social Networking and Privacy:

  • Security is the most significant downside.
  • Privacy of data is quite essential.
  • Many such sites give you free access just because they get some data from you.
  • Your behavior, habit, and content are being accessed.
  • Its one more drawback is that although the content comes from various users, such platforms are centralized.

Blockchain Technology Based Social Media Platforms – Infographic:

It has moved ahead to revolutionize many things beyond just securing transactions and cryptocurrencies. It has transformed many industries.

The infographic below also explains a lot in this regard.

blockchain technology infographic

Social networks now have understood the demerits of a centralized system and thus are striving their best to improve security and user privacy.

Some such networks include:

  • Nexus
  • Obsidian
  • Steemit
  • Akasha
  • E-Chat
  • Golos

Benefits of Blockchain Technology Based Social Networks:

Making payments blockchain

Its some interests include:

1) Identify What The Real Product is:

Many such sites provide you free access and get you data about your behavior. They then sell this data to advertisers who can benefit from it by making better marketing strategies.

But the networks which are now based on blockchain are entirely different from these. Using such sites, you have much better control over the content you share online.

2) Decentralized System:

They have Eliminated the need for central servers. They use decentralized systems. Now a single entity won’t be able to have complete control over the data.

3) Make Payments on Blockchain Technology Based Social Platforms:

Users can quickly create payments and exchange coins though such social sites.

Thus such network will work like trusted networks.

It would be much easier to make contracts too.

Final Words:

It is just the beginning. A lot more can be achieved by this technology.

Using a decentralized blockchain technology-based social media platform, we can keep our data much secured than it was ever.

The quality of content also gets strengthen. Better privacy is the need of time.

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