This is How an Internet Troll Destroyed a Life

life destroyed


In this article, you will get to know why you should avoid being a part of any internet troll. They can be very much dangerous sometimes. They can be a cause of destroying someone’s life also. The thing you considered as a joke can mean to be very much expensive for someone else. You will get to know some strange facts about it in this article.Some of the points discussed internet trolls in this article are:

  • How a tweet destroyed all.
  • Business loss
  • Disadvantages of trolling.

The loss in business:

loss in business

An internet troll is capable of destroying a  well-reputed business also. As a result of bad reviews and trolling on the review sections, business lost a lot in the recent 3-5 years. Their customers do not trust them anymore.

A tweet that destroyed all:


We often use social media sites; we have no idea how our single troll on such sites can affect someone’s.’s Life or business. We consider it to be a part of the fun but believe me it is not only a part of the fun. I shall explain you this with a story

There was a writer in a well-developed country of a world. He got some interest in Twitter and started using it. He used to follow people online. He followed those also whom he did not know, some of his followers began to pass harassed comments on him on Twitter. He was very much worried at this.

In starting he just ignored such type of comments then after some time when this increased he blocked such people, but it didn’t stop, if he blocked one guy, another one would do that in his regard. He got worried. He thought that his and his family’s life was not safe, so he asked one of his friend who was a computer expert to figure out who was behind the curtains doing such trolls online with him.

With the help of IP addresses, his friend found the guy. He was a boy of 12-17 years, his father told him that he was habitual of watching a horror movie and after that, he used to tweet about them online. He thought it as a fun, but it was a source of a breathtaking moment for that writer.


That boy’s life got very much disturbed after this incident. He could not concentrate on his studies at all and remain silent. He then liked to be alone. He avoided meeting people. He just got disappeared after some time. Thus his life became miserable. He had never thought that this troll would make his life miserable in such a way.

He regrets a lot after it. There are any stories on the internet of this sort that occurred in real life and destroyed people’s life. Even it led to suicide also. Thus if you are a part of any such troll then get back from it immediately.

What this incident teaches us?


I read this story somewhere and thought to share it with you. I don’t know it so real or not. But the main thing which is the conclusion of this story is that you should avoid trolling online. You may consider it fun and joy. I know our  youth takes it as a part of their life, they enjoy doing such toll with their college and universities friends.

It is the role of our elders to stop our youth from such things. In this age we all we need is fun, but we don’t know how expensive it can be for us and others life also. Before replying to any online troll think for a moment what its outcome would be.

Be aware using other social platforms:



This was about only one social platform. On other platforms, the method is a little bit different. They may try to become your friends on such platforms, then follow you on your other social media site also. In this way, they get to know a lot about you.

Thus now it’s not hard for them to make you their next target for trolling online. In this way, they can severely damage your reputation online.

Cyber attacks:

Trolls may be done by cyber attacks, or it may also happen they give rise to some cyber attacks online.

Disadvantages of trolling:


By trolling you get a bad reputation online, people remember you with bad names. You create your bad impact on them; this is very thoughtful of you if you intend to do any your business online or need any help from people then they might not assist you in, this is because they have seen you getting involved in such trolls online.Thus people would avoid meeting you also because of such evil trolls.

Peace of mind:

The one who trolls and the one who gets trolled, both lose their peace of mind. They get to indulge in fighting with each other online and forget what peace and humanity is.


It gives rise to criticism. People begin to criticise each other by such trolls. Thus such trolls should be ignored.


They are mostly based on lies. To troll someone, online people mostly make false things viral about their haters. Their primary purpose is to humiliate them in front of individuals.

Wastage of time:

As time is money, so getting involved and replying to such trolls is completely a wastage of time. If you want to defend someone who has been trolled online then come with the real facts and the facts based on truth to reply to the haters. In this way, you can defeat the troll.

Final words:

One last advice which I want to give you is that avoid doing such things and if you are among those who consider this fun as a necessity of their life then do it within limits. A thing which is in limits is perfect By not crossing limits here I mean to say tat do it in such a way, it doesn’t cause harm to anyone.


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