How much do you Know about Internet? Test Your Internet knowledge

internet test

Answer the question in this quiz to check how well do you know the internet!!

What are quizzes?

They are games that check your intelligence and knowledge. The scores tell you how much you are capable of solving problems. The word quiz was first used in 1791. The greatest quiz took place in 2010 with more than 2000 participant.

There are many types of quizzes. They all tell how good you are at something and how much you need to learn more. Most people don’t take the score of such quizzes serious. They think that they are nothing but just some questions. Just 10-20 questions can’t determine about someone’s personality. There is a lot more to consider in this regard.

It’s quiz time:

You spend your most of the time on the internet. You are dependent on it for getting information. The Internet is one of the best sources of getting knowledge and intelligence.

Now its time to do something different. The time to check how much you know about the internet. This will be done through a quiz.

How to play the quiz?

Open the quiz by clicking on the start button. Then answer the question. You will be asked ten questions. You will get the score of this quiz at the end of the quiz. That would be the time when you will get to know how much do you know about the internet.

Bad score:

If you get a score below 5, then you need to learn something about the web. You must now answer to some general knowledge questions asked in this category.

Keep learning and exploring:

So keep learning because learning makes you understand things, You will get to know about the things that you use daily but have no idea how they work. If you learn then, you will also get a chance to explore some awesome stuff. You will know much more about it that would help you solve complicated tasks of your daily life quite quickly.

Internet Knowledge Quiz

The first Search Engine Was:
This is not a search engine
Which country in the world had maximum number of internet users till 2016?
Who is said to be the 'father of the internet'?
VPN in terms of computer knowledge stands for:
128 Bits are Equal To _____ Bytes
The 's' in the https:// in URL of Websites indicate:
In Which Year Was Google Chrome Released?
The Country Code Top Level Domain For UAE is:
0000 0010 in Decimal is:
Internet Knowledge Quiz
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