An Insect In Browser Can Stop You From Using The Internet

bug in browser


You might be thinking how is it possible to have any insect in the browser, and how can it stop people from using the internet? I bet you will laugh quite hard when you get to know the real story after reading this article. This article will remove all your confusion in this regard

Well, telling you the thing which was hidden up till now. Here insect is not any living insect. The word insect is referred to the bugs in the browser. Now I will explain to you how bugs in the browser can be harmful to you and how to get rid of this problem.

Browsers help us in surfing the web, but same browsers can be a source of a headache for us on posting content online and doing other work if there is any bug in them.

Most common bugs:


Some of the most common bugs are:

1)Layout bugs:

  • They are responsible for the problems on the layout of the browser.
  • They affect the user layout quite badly.
  • Good font designers can catch his bug; this is because they know how actually a font needs to be looked on the browser and if font doesn’t look the way then there is some bug,
  • They are also responsible for image invisibility and informal way of span tags.

2)Memory bugs:

They do nothing in the rendering of a web. The issue they create is that the browser doesn’t perform the function of memory allocation correctly.

3)The problem with touch and click:

It affects the input type badly. Touch input causes some problem. Sometimes there is an issue on mouse click.

4)Video bug:

Some of the video bugs are invisible, while some are visible, they cause a problem in playing the video.

5)Bug in hovering:

Hovering is considered to be good on the browser and is a real factor in attracting users, but a bug in it may be harmful. Some bugs cause the hovering not to end at all while some cause them not to respond.

6)Arithmetic bug:

You can consider this bug as dividing any number by 0; this would return you an error.

7)Cookies not opening:

Some bugs in the browser cause the cookies not to initiate, this can be very much irritating

8)Pages not opening:

Bugs in browser cause some specific pages not to begin. Thus you can’t get access to your desired page opened in this case,

9)Links were not opening:

Bugs may cause some links not to open in the browser. Thus you can’t go through links.

10)Browser invisibility:

Bugs may also cause the browser to disappear for some time. Thus it might be not visible to you if you have such bug. If you launch your browser and it doesn’t open then most probably you have this bug.


You might have experienced that whenever you drag something and move it to your browser and release it there, then some issues are seen with your UI  crashes, this indicates the presence of a bug


Have you ever tried to search, open up a site and it opens some other site I.e it redirects it to some other site, this may be due to the presence of a bug in the browser, the bug may redirect you any site that might be a cause of hacking also? Some add-on in it is also a cause of this redirect


Due to a bug,  you might also experience that some unwanted pop-up display in your browser, if you block them and they still continue to display the there is a bug in your browser

14)Unwanted tabs open:

If your browser opens unwanted tabs and continues to do so then there might be a bug in it.

15)Doc-type issue:

Using any incorrect Doctype will cause you to experience bugs, you might also face this issue if you did not use any Doctype in your code. you can correct it with a line of code quite easily. In this way, your site will work fine in the browser.

How to Check for a bug?

check for bug

This is how you can check for a bug in your browser:

  • Test your code across multiple browsers, if this issue is same across all of them then most probably there is some issue with your code and not with the browser this is because it is quite difficult to think that all of the browsers might have a bug at the same time.
  • You might find the bug if you feel that your browser is not behaving in the way you want . it might be showing function other than that you desire and perform
  • You can also take help from developer tool. You can check the issue with such tools
  • Check the server settings.
  • Check the code by using breakpoints. Insert breakpoints at every step and then go step by step to figure out the real problem.
  • There are many browser-based debugging tools, you can find the problem through them and solve them easily.

How to Fix the bug?

fix error

  • One of the possible methods of removing the bug from the browser is to restore the browser to its default settings.
  • Check the extensions of the browser to remove bug
  • Update your software regularly
  • Never ever install the software that you don’t trust or that software that seems to be of his sort
  • Install any good anti-virus in your system and make a habit of doing a complete scan of your device regularly.

if any of the above solutions don’t work then I suggest you uninstall your browser and then install it again. It so happens that when you start from scratch then many of your issues get resolved.

Final words:

Thus such bugs can be very much harmful to your and might not allow you to use your browser. Due to such bugs you might experience some unwanted things in your browser, you should fix them as soon as possible so that you may continue surfing the web from your browser quickly and without any frustration.


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